Chapter 1519 - We’re Even Now


Yang Jian’s transmission left Ye Zichen utterly stunned. Never mind Xiao Ting’s character; whatever else you said about him, he was one of the God Realm’s top experts, his cultivation practically unrivaled.


Even the three Realm Emperors wouldn’t have absolute confidence of suppressing him in battle. Furthermore, at Xiao Ting’s cultivation, there was no way he didn’t have divine artifacts protecting his consciousness. How could the demons’ Holy Maiden possibly control Xiao Ting? Anyone else who heard this would take it as the biggest joke they’d ever heard.


“Are you kidding me?”


“She’s not controlling his spiritual sea directly, she’s…” Yang Jian’s transmission trailed off.


Before long, Bai Haoyu’s transmission took over. “It’s phantom fruit!”


“What’s that?” asked Ye Zichen, and Bai Haoyu quickly filled him in, repeating his earlier explanation of its effects.


After hearing it, a single word rose unbidden in Ye Zichen’s mind.




Phantom fruit sounded awfully similar to drugs of the Modern Realm. Taking it over an extended period of time would result in dependence and wear away the user’s spirit and willpower.


Ye Zichen was stunned. I didn’t realize the Upper Three Realms had products like this too, and moreover, ones strong enough to affect even someone of Xiao Ting’s cultivation! But if she’s using something like this to threaten him, I can kind of understand why Xiao Ting did all this!


In order to obtain more phantom fruit, he had no other choice. 


Under the torturous effects of phantom fruit dependence, the once glorious Lightning Punishment Emperor had become nothing but a dog. Xiao Ting’s behavior served as a warning to everyone else; they should never, ever touch phantom fruit or anything like this.


“Holy Maiden, Your Excellency, why are you here so suddenly? You can just leave Heavenly God City to me. I can open the door to the Demon Realm very soon, giving the warriors of the Nine Li clan direct access to the heart of the God Realm.” 


Even after she praised him, Xiao Ting lowered his head and smiled appeasingly. “Is it that you can’t quite bear to wait any longer? The people behind me can serve as sacrifices to open a portal to the Demon Realm. Just give the word, and I’ll have them die for you immediately.”


The members of the Xiao Family inner sect immediately felt their hearts sink. They’d already known Xiao Ting was cooperating with demons.


Mere moments ago, Xiao Ting had forced them to make a choice, just like he had the elders. Those still alive were only those who’d agreed to join him in betraying the God Realm. As for those who’d refused….


They were all already dead!


That was why, even when they saw Xiao Ting slaughtering the outer sect, they merely clenched their fists and did nothing to stop him. They didn’t even voice their objections.


But now, Xiao Ting was saying he wanted to use their blood as a sacrifice to open a door to the Demon Realm. The remaining experts’ hearts filled with terror. Suddenly, they were envious of the women and children Ye Zichen had pulled into the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.


“Forget it,” said the Holy Maiden.


“Holy Maiden, Your Excellency!” Xiao Ting’s eyes filled with terror. “Surely you don’t think I’m trying to delay the Nine Li’s invasion? I can….”


“I already understand your loyalty, but forget about the gate.” The Holy Maiden shook her head. “My clan’s old fogies made a choice without first seeking my approval. When I went back, I disposed of them accordingly. My Nine Li Clan has no interest in participating in this war. If they want to get involved, they can go off and play on their own.”


“Then you….”  

“I’m just here to take you back to the Nine Li with me. I know there’s no way you can stay here any longer, so the lands of the Nine Li are your only remaining refuge.” 


She smiled, then hooked her finger at the blood pooling on the ground. It fused into rivers and converged in the sky, forming a scarlet gate.


“Go on in. After you go through the gate, you’ll reach Nine Li territory. I already sent someone to arrange a sufficiently large space to house you all.”


Xiao Ting didn’t suspect a thing. He simply turned around and stared threateningly at the inner sect members and elders.


They surged in without pause, and in but a few breaths of time, the Xiao Family Estate was uncharacteristically empty. Only the Upheaval Alliance rulers and the outer sect members, who Xiao Ting had clearly abandoned, remained.


After Xiao Ting left through the gate, the Holy Maiden of the Nine Li turned and smiled at Ye Zichen. “The Nine Li won’t be participating in this invasion. As such, I no longer owe you any favors. We’re even now, but I wish you good luck!”

 With that, the Holy Maiden followed the Xiao Family through the gate, and the portal to the Demon Realm formed of fresh blood collapsed.


The blood spattered against the ground once more. At the same time, there was an undulation overhead. The leader of the god race, God Emperor Zhou Wu, had arrived, but it was already too late.


All he saw was the wreckage of the Xiao Family estate and blood-soaked ground.

 The Great Sage and Yang Jian’s expressions instantly grew solemn. They watched Zhou Wu on high alert, and the other Upheaval Alliance rulers readied themselves for battle.


However, when Zhou Wu looked at Ye Zichen, he showed not even the slightest trace of enmity. After seeing about the Xiao Family’s situation, he turned to Ye Zichen, smiled, and asked, “Alliance Head Ye, might I ask…”


“You’re late. The Xiao Family had already left the God Realm. They’re headed to the Demon Realm’s Nine Li Clan,” said Ye Zichen.


“They went to join the Nine Li?” Zhou Wu knit his brows.


“Don’t tell me you don’t know?” Ye ZIchen laughed dryly. “Xiao Ting was working with the demons to betray the god race. The yao and demons are currently planning…. No, they might very well have already started to fight their way into god race territory. You’re the esteemed God Emperor, the leader of the god race. Don’t tell me you didn’t know any of this?”



 From the looks of Zhou Wu’s expression, he really wasn’t faking; he’d had no idea.


He immediately turned toward the Divine Arbiter, who disappeared from his side. When she left, several others cut through the skies and arrived before them.


These new arrivals were none other than the Profound Pavilion’s Xuan Ji, as well as a few of her Divine Generals.


When she saw the ruins of the Xiao Family Estate, Xuan Ji knit her brows.




“A few of the great emperors already sent you friend requests, so why haven’t they gone through yet?” Xuan Ji immediately chastised him, then changed the subject. “Where is the Xiao Family?”


“They went to join the Nine Li,” said Ye Zichen. Then he recalled all his new friend requests. At the time, he’d been in such a hurry to save Yang Jian that he dared not let anything distract him. As such, he hadn’t confirmed their message and friend requests. 


But now, Xuan Ji had shown up in person, so he asked, “What are you here for? So many great emperors sending me friend requests all at once left me a bit flustered.”  

“The yao and demon forces made their move, and the Nine-tailed Foxes took devastating damage. The dragons, vermillion birds, and other Saint Beast clans sent reinforcements, but the Southern Kingdom has already started their offensive against the River Styx.”  

“This….” Ye Zichen instinctively glanced at Yang Jian. Just now, he’d said they were on the verge of attacking. Not much time had passed. Why had it changed so suddenly?


God Emperor Zhou Wu’s eyes filled up with shock. “Xuan Ji, what did you say just now?”


“I said, the yao and demons have already joined forces to attack the gods, and the Yao Realm’s Southern Kingdom has already started their offensive against the River Styx. At this rate, you won’t be able to keep your throne much longer.”


Xuan Ji looked at Zhou Wu and shook her head, her eyes full of disdain. “The great emperors of the various Divine Mountains all know of this already. Yet only you, the lofty God Emperor, remain completely in the dark. God Emperor, you…. Sure take your job seriously!”

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