Chapter 151 Collapsed World

Chapter 151 – Collapsed World

Liu Qing was the one that found out Ye Zichen’s secret the earliest. Although she was surprised about the Great Sage’s appearance, she wasn’t too shocked.

The moment they walked out of the hotel lobby, Ye Zichen saw a familiar Jeep stop in front of the door. The man beside the Jeep was Su Yan’s father, Su Qihu.

“Father-in-law, you came to get me?”

Ye Zichen walked with me a smile and raised eyebrows, causing Su Qihu’s expression to darken. Yet, what surprised Ye Zichen was the fact that Su Qihu did not deny it.

“The old man told me to come and get you. Get in the car.”

“Oh wow, the old man wants to see me. Did he finish his wine?”

“Stop bullshitting. Hurry up and get in.”

Ye Zichen glanced at Su Qihu speechlessly, why is my father-in-law so cold all the time?

It was like he could scold people any time.

Ye Zichen shrugged, then opened the car door, bent down, and got into the car.

Neither of them spoke during the journey.

Ye Zichen nearly fell asleep by the time they arrived at the Su family.

“Get out.”

Su Qihu opened the car door. Ye Zichen gulped, then slowly got out of the car.

“I’m not a criminal, can’t you speak nicer?”

“Say that again!?” Su Qihu glared at him.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, “Fine, you’re amazing. I’m not going to mind. When you’re old, don’t blame me for not supporting you or sending you off.”

“Little bastard, see if I beat you to death.”

“Old Man Su, help… Your son wants to beat me to death!”

Ye Zichen ran into the courtyard as he shouted, while Su Qihu chased after him with a belt in his hands.

“Old Man Su, quick, manage your son,” said Ye Zichen with a heavy pant as he pointed to Si Quhu, who was behind him, when he finally ran beside Old Man Su’s stone table.

“Qihu,” Old Man Su slammed down on the table, causing Su Qihu, who was really angry just now, to immediately calm down.

“Dad, this little bastard…”

“What little bastard? I think you’re asking for a beating.”

Ye Zichen sat opposite Old Man Su and kept indicating towards Su Qihu with his eyes.


Since Su Qihu could not get angry at Old Man Su, he only snorted helplessly and coldly before leaving.

“Father-in-law, take care!” Ye Zichen waved and called out loudly.

Su Qihu suddenly stopped for a moment, but he still left without turning his head back.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but find it funny when he thought of the look Su Qihu had when he was troubled.

“Old Man Su, you’re nice enough. Here’s some monkey wine for you.”

Ye Zichen withdrew a gourd of monkey wine from his WeChat. That was his last gourd, but he didn’t feel pained about it at all. With Monkey Bro here, getting monkey wine wasn’t an issue.

Elder Su’s eyes brightened when he saw the gourd.

“Lil’ Ye, not bad. You know how to respect your elders.”

The two chatted happily for a while, before Ye Zichen suddenly retracting his smile, and tapped onto the stone table with his fingers, “Old Man Su, you have some business with me, right?”

Old Man Su nodded with a smile, “You got into contact with someone from the Di family.”


“My granddaughter isn’t hurt, right?”

“How could I let hurt get hurt when I’m here,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile. “But since you know she got into danger, then why didn’t you go and save her?”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s that I couldn’t save her,” Old Man Su’s revealed a sad expression. “The Di family is one of those half hidden families, they have an extremely high position in the capital. They are a monster even in the capital, so we don’t dare to just easily move against them. Since both of you are from that place, you should have some understanding of the Di family, right?”

Ye Zichen struggled in his heart. Old Man Su clearly treated him as someone from a certain place.

However, he was…

Especially since he has started to come into contact with people from that place, if this continues, then he would be found out.

What Spiritual Body…

What Earth Immortal…

He didn’t have any idea of what those were at all.

When Elder Su saw Ye Zichen’s change in expression, he thought that he said something that he shouldn’t have, and quickly apologized, “Lil’ Ye, Grandpa Su doesn’t know about the rules at your place, if I’ve said too much, then don’t take offense.”

Ye ZIchen looked up at Old Man Su…

Old Man Su should be one of those people that he can trust.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth, then loud out a sigh, “Old Man Su, actually I… Actually I’m not from that place like you think. I’m just a normal person.”

Old Man Su froze upon hearing that.

He had always treated as Ye Zichen as someone from that place since the beginning, since Ye Zichen’s miracles could only be explained by him being someone from that place.

However, when he saw Ye Zichen’s slightly struggling expression, he was certain that…

Ye Zichen didn’t lie to him.

“I’ll tell you the truth, actually, I was still a normal university student a month ago. The reason I had such change was actually…”

Ye Zichen made the determination to explain everything in one go, but when he reached the main point, a roar suddenly sounded out in his mind.

“If thou darest to speak too much, die…”


A large area of clear sky suddenly became covered in black clouds. Terrifying lightning sparkled within the clouds, while thunder continuously sounded out.


Ye Zichen forcefully swallowed his words, and roared angrily in his heart.

“Who are you!”

“This lonely one [1]. This lonely one knows that thou has thousands of questions, after a while, someone will search for thee in place of this lonely one in order to help thou answer them. During so, if thou dare to say too much, then thou shalt be killed! Remember, remember…”

Then the black clouds were dispelled.

That Great Emperor Qingming’s words continued to echo in Ye Zichen’s mind.

Who was he!

Why did his words appear in my own mind?

Am I able to get into contact with people from the Heavenly Court and Underworld due to the organization of that person?

“Lil’ Ye, Lil’ Ye…”


Ye Zichen opened his eyes and looked up to see Old Man Su sitting beside his bed with a worried look…

What exactly happened?

I was clearly chatting with Old Man Su at the stone table, and then I  saw the sky…

Just what was going on!?

“Lil’ Ye, you finally woke up. This pile of old bones can’t bear such shock.”

Ye Zichen pushed himself up from the bed and looked out the window, only to see that the sky had already darkened.

“Why was I lying here…”

“You’re still saying that,” Old Man Su revealed a worrying expression. “We were outside just now. Then you suddenly revealed an expression of determination and said something like ‘actually I…’ However, you just fainted without finishing your sentence. Look how much you scared me…”


Ye Zichen was shocked.

He clearly remembered revealing everything to Old Man Su, why did this happen…

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen thought of that Great Emperor Qingming.

His eyes suddenly revealed a hint of fright and anxiety.

Just what was all this. For some reason, Ye Zichen suddenly felt like the world that he knew collapsed!

  1. It is also a manner for emperors to address themselves] is Great Emperor Qingming [2. Qingming (清明) literally means clear and bright] of the Rogue Immortals.

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