Chapter 1505 - A Proposal

“Ye-zi!” This had come out of the blue, so even the Great Sage was blushing in a rare display of embarrassment. 


The other Zi Clansmens’ eyes widened in shock and confusion. Only then did they notice that Zi Xia and the Great Sage were wearing matching clothes.


Ye Zichen tittered and, without any regard for his friend’s embarrassment, he turned to the Zi Family Head. “Perhaps most of you don’t recognize him, but you ought to have seen that this shy fella is my good brother. Don’t let his bashfulness fool you; as I said earlier, he is indeed a divine sovereign-level expert. Wait, that’s not right: in the Yao Realm, you don’t say ‘imperial-level’, do you? Based on how you rank experts in the Yao Realm, I ought to call him a ‘Yao King.’”


The gathered Zi clansmen were too shocked to even speak!


In the Yao Realm, even the kings of the four kingdoms had to treat an expert on that level with respect. In Jadewave City, even diviners were considered experts. There were less than three rulers in the entire city!


A Yao King!  

They didn’t even dare imagine it!


To their surprise, the Fairy Zi Xia’s face reddened too. She stood shyly by the Great Sage’s side, too embarrassed to even meet her family’s gazes. 


Ye Zichen, meanwhile, had made up his mind. If he was going to play the good guy, he’d see it through until the end.


Whatever anyone said, he had to make sure these two wound up together.  That way, they wouldn’t have to sit around and pine for each other.


“My bro and Fairy Zi Xia’s love is mutual, and although they’ve run into obstacles along the way, they’ve long since given each other their hearts. Senior, having an imperial sovereign for a son-in-law makes you look quite good too, doesn’t it? Don’t you think my good bro is a far better choice than the son of that city lord?”


A Yao-King son-in-law? Nevermind their Zi Family; even Jadewave City’s city lord wouldn’t dare imagine such a thing.  


The Zi Family head couldn’t deny it; the Great Sage’s cultivation left him stunned. But he soon recovered his senses, then sighed. “I see. Zi Yun, this is the ‘Supreme Treasure’ you told me about, isn’t it?”  

“That’s right, Father.” Zi Yun nodded.


“I’m the one who interfered in my daughter’s happiness,” said the family head, his eyes filled with bitterness. “I won’t lie to you, either: keeping Zi Xia and Supreme Treasure apart was always my idea, and Zi Yun did it at my orders. In private, however, he tried to convince me to relent more than once. I always refused.”  

“Father.” Zi Yun knit his brows.


“Zi Xia, Zi Yun, don’t let my mistakes ruin your relationship. The future belongs to the young.” The family head smiled. 


“Brother…” Zi Xia’s eyes brightened, and she turned to look at her brother.


At the same time, the Zi Family head grimaced, then turned to face the Great Sage. “You don’t blame me, do you?”


“I wouldn’t dare,” said the Great Sage.


“For you to put it like that says your heart contains resentment. But that’s fine; I can understand why.” The head of the Zi Family let out a long sigh.


The atmosphere suddenly grew tense. Ye Zichen was inwardly frantic. I can’t let them go on like this!


“Why bring up all that? Why fuss about a happy ending? All’s well so long as this ends well.” Ye Zichen laughed, then pointedly changed the subject. “I trust that you are a doting father, but that there is a heavy burden on your shoulders, and you acted on behalf of your clan. It’s inevitable, and understandable, that a man in your shoes would have to make hard choices. But now, you’re in the God Realm, and you don’t need to fear for your clan’s future. The burden on your shoulders has lightened, so I trust you won’t interfere in Zi Xia’s love life any longer, yeah?”


“Indeed.” Zi Xia’s father let out a hearty laugh. He was keenly aware that Ye Zichen was trying to give him a way out of this awkward situation, and he happily seized the chance. 


Zi Xia and the Great Sage’s eyes lit up. Ye Zichen immediately seized the opportunity, saying, “Since all that’s in the past, and you no longer wish to separate Fairy Zi Xia and the Great Sage, let me take this opportunity to propose marriage on my good brother’s behalf.”


Ye Zichen waved, and suddenly, multicolored lights filled the courtyard. “Here are three thousand sets of demigod battle armor, as well as one thousand sets of divine artifact armor.”


“Here are twenty thousand bottles of recovery pellets, spirit nourishing pills, and other assorted medicines.”


“Here are talismans…”  

“And here...


Soon, several hundred spatial rings hovered in mid-air. The Zi Family listened in a daze as Ye Zichen explained the treasures stored within.


“These are betrothal gifts. I’m offering them to you on my good bro’s behalf, so please, accept them.”


The head of the Zi Family stared at the spatial rings in a daze, but after Ye Zichen urged them on, the hovering rings flew right up to him. 




“Although I don’t have much, consider this a show of my sincerity.” Ye Zichen laughed.


Did he just say he doesn’t…


Have much? 


When the Zi clansmen heard that, they felt as if their hearts were about to explode. In Jadewave City, these resources would have been enough to turn them into a top-rate family clan.


With these resources in hand, they could multiply their comprehensive strength in just a hundred years.


Yet in Ye Zichen’s eyes, this “wasn’t much.”


“My brother has endured much suffering by my side. When they get married, I’ll give them a wedding present personally. Senior, please consider these betrothal gifts and accept them.”


The Zi Family couldn’t even speak!


The Zi Family Head was the leader of his clan, in charge of the entire clan’s resources, but compared to Ye Zichen, he was nothing but a beggar.


Zi Yun gulped and fidgeted with his ceremonial blade. He was at a loss, and had no idea what to say.


“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Ye Zichen arched his brows. “If you don’t object, I’ll just take your silence as agreement.”


Ye Zichen glanced pointedly at the Great Sage and Fairy Zi Xia.


“Thank you, father!”


“Thank you, uncle!”  

“Alright!” Without waiting for the family head to speak, Ye Zichen agreed on his behalf. He laughed, “Now, our star-crossed lovers will finally have their happy ending. As for the Zi Family, you’ve only just arrived in the God Realm, and many of you are still injured, so I won’t disturb you any longer.”

 “Ye-zi, I’ll go with you!” said the Great Sage.


“Come with me? What are you talking about? You sit tight. Your father-in-law has a mountain of work to attend to. As his son in law, shouldn’t you stick around to help out?” Ye Zichen glared at the Great Sage, then left, laughing all the way.


After leaving the Zi Family’s new home, Ye Zichen was in high spirits. He’d helped Supreme Treasure and the Fairy Zi Xia get together. This wasn’t just for their sake; he’d wanted to do this for a long time. 


Ye Zichen hummed a tune and pulled his phone from his pocket, then sent the group a message.


Only Idealism: Heh, you might not know this, but I just did something huge. 


Only Idealism: Are you back in Heavenly God City yet?


Invincible Adorable Beauty: Yes, we’re back.


A long time passed, but they sent no more messages. Ye Zichen was baffled; based on his understanding of Pu Jingwan, this meant she was in a bad mood.


Only Idealism: @Invincible Adorable Beauty, why are you in such a bad mood today?


Invincible Adorable Beauty: I’m busy!


Only Idealism: With what?


After sending that message, Ye Zichen started a private chat with Xiao Yumei.


“Yumei, what’s going on? Why does Pu Jingwan seem so upset?  

Roughly a few minutes later, Xiao Yumei sent back her response. “It’s not that she’s upset; we really are a bit busy.”


“What happened?”


“Do you still remember Spirit City?”  

“Of course!” said Ye Zichen.


“The Four Direction Palace’s Third Highness stayed behind to clean up the mess, but he’s since disappeared, and all the subordinates he brought with him are dead. Furthermore, their souls have been sucked dry!”

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