Chapter 1502 - Cyan Command Medallion

As that voice transmitted from above, Gu Li’s jeering smile froze in place, and he fell silent. 


He glanced at the Left and Right Special emissaries, but they were frowning too. Despite their cultivation, they couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from.


“Holy Lord, this new arrival is an expert.” The Right Special Emissary whispered in Gu Li’s ear.


“Where is he?” Even if he was an expert, they had to ascertain his location to talk to him. 


In the face of this question, the emissaries shook their heads. When they first heard the voice, they tried to discover its source, but even now, they saw no trace of the speaker.


Gu Li felt a sudden chill, and when he looked at Ye Zichen, his gaze was even more resentful than before. “You’re really something, huh?”


Gu Li had already forgotten how many times this had happened. Just when Ye Zichen was on the brink of death, some ill-advised fool always showed up just in the nick of time. Even more infuriatingly, Gu Li was always helpless to stop these experts determined to save his hated rival. 


Ye Zichen didn’t disappoint him this time, either. Someone had come to save him! Again!


However, Gu Li was different than before. In the past, he’d relied on himself, but now, he had the Demon Emperor’s support, and the Left and Right Special Emissaries were Demon-God-level experts.


They were peak-level experts in the Upper Three Realms. Gu Li refused to believe he’d let Ye Zichen slip through his fingers this time.


“Out of respect for the person who arrived to save you, I’ll let you live a little longer.” Gu Li smiled coldly, then looked away. Next, he looked up into the sky and let out three hearty laughs. “I let him go out of respect for you, so you ought to show me a little respect too, right? Don’t just hide up there. Since you’re here pleading for mercy on his behalf, you ought to come down and show yourself!”


The Left Special Emissary still clenched Ye Zichen’s shoulder, and he added several additional seas to Ye Zichen’s spiritual sea.


The Great Sage had knives aimed right at his vitals, but he couldn’t help himself; he turned to look at Ye Zichen. Ye Zichen sensed his gaze, then glanced at him and shook his head.


Ye Zichen could read the silent question written in the Great Sage’s gaze: he wanted to ask if this new arrival was the Hermit Emperor or not.


Ye Zichen shook his head, not to indicate that it wasn’t, but to say that he wasn’t sure either. That voice just now clearly didn’t belong to the Hermit Emperor, but at the same time, who else could it possibly be? Ye Zichen couldn’t think of any other possibilities.


He glanced up into the sky. He wanted to see if this was the Hermit Emperor or not too. However, unexpectedly….


“I’m afraid that would be rather inconvenient,” said the voice, emanating from all directions.


Gu Li immediately laughed. He didn’t even know which direction he should look in. He picked one at random and looked into the sky, his eyes glinting with amusement. “Brother, your words sure are interesting. You’re hiding yourself in the clouds, using your voice alone to demand that I release Ye Zichen. You won’t even show yourself? Do you think I’m so easy to intimidate that acting a little mysterious is enough to scare me out of my wits?”


This argument temporarily silenced even the voice in the sky. A long time passed before they heard the voice sigh. “You demons have invaded the Northern Kingdom in such numbers, bringing discord to Jadewave City, as well as every city in the surrounding area. I won’t fault you or pursue this matter, but I want you to realize what you’ve done and whose territory you’re in.”


The king of the Northern Kingdom!”


Ye Zi Chen stared. Based on what the voice had just said, it most likely belonged to the king of the Northern Kingdom.


He wasn’t the only one who thought that way; Gu Li assumed the same thing, but at the same time, he didn’t quite believe it. Instead of backing down, he jeered. “So, are you trying to tell me you’re the king of the Northern Kingdom? How interesting. You think a few words are enough to pass yourself off as the king? If you’re really the king of the north, show yourself! Why hide amongst the clouds?”


“Ignorant!” Suddenly, a bowl-sized hole appeared overhead, penetrating right through the clouds.


A streak of cyan light descended through the skies.


Not even the Left and Right Special Emissaries could tell what was hidden in the light, but they could tell from its momentum that it was flying straight towards Gu Li.


“Holy Lord, be careful!” The right special emissary roared, furrowed his brows, and stepped forward. His demonic power surged out of his body.


Instantly, everything within a hundred meters transformed into a purple demonic domain.


Shockingly, when that cyan light collided with the domain, it didn’t slow down in the slightest. The Left Special Emissary’s pupils constricted, and the Right Special Emissary furrowed his brows.


They wouldn’t make it in time!


The cyan light was just too quick, and it compressed and distorted the very space around it.




Fragments of rock scattered about.


The deafening blast stung their ear drums. The Right Special Emissary immediately pulled Gu Li behind him, but perhaps because the owner of the voice never once planned on killing Gu Li, the streak of cyan didn't so much as touch him. Instead, it stopped about half a meter away from him.


The light dispersed, revealing a cyan command medallion.


After confirming that Gu Li was uninjured, the Left Special Emissary frowned and pulled the medallion towards him. It had embedded itself in the ground upon impact, and it shook as it flew into the emissary’s hand. 


He examined it, and when he saw the marks and characters on its surface, his pupils constricted. 


The Right Special Emissary noticed the change in his expression. He was the most stunned of all; although the two emissaries hadn’t grown up together, they’d worked together for over ten thousand years.


The Left Special Emissary was unsmiling and a man of few words, but he was almost unnaturally calm and composed. The Right Special Emissary had almost never seen him so astonished.


He pointed and hooked his finger at the medallion in the practically-frozen Left Special Emissary’s hand, pulling the medallion towards him. When he examined it, he, too, instantly knit his brows.


Then, the medallion shook and shot back up into the sky. Gu Li looked at his bodyguards’ furrowed brows and asked solemnly, “What was that?”


“Holy Lord, let’s retreat.” The Right Special Emissary knit his brows.


“What exactly was that?” Gu Li glared. The Right Special Emissary then narrowed his eyes and sent Gu Li an explanation through his divine sense, explaining just who this new arrival was.


Gu Li froze involuntarily. “You’re sure?”  

“I’m sure!” The Right Special Emissary nodded.


Gu Li’s fists clenched in his sleeves. He took a few deep looks at Ye Zichen.




Whenever Ye Zichen found himself in danger, someone always came to save him!


Time and time again!


Gu Li was unwilling!


Gu Li viciously bit into his lip, squeezing out drop after drop of purple blood.


“Die!” Unexpectedly, Gu Li suddenly steeled his gaze and aimed straight for Ye Zichen’s chest. His two bodyguards were stunned.


The voice overhead let out a cold snort. “I gave you face, but you threw it away.” A streak of cyan light shot down from above, exploding Gu Li’s outstretched right arm into bits.


“Holy Lord!” 


The special emissaries rushed to Gu Li’s side, then sealed off his blood vessels. The Right Special Emissary then looked up into the sky and shouted, “Please, calm your fury! We’ll take him and go, so please, have mercy and spare his life!”

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