Chapter 1500 - The Profound, Inscrutable Hermit Emperor

The Sea of Innocence.


After the God Emperor used various methods to pull the remaining Divine Mountains’ great emperors into his camp, their group no longer bothered hiding their intentions. They openly made the Sea of Innocence and the Northern Divine Mountain their meeting place and headquarters.

 Why? Their reason was so simple, hearing it left one speechless. They chose to set up here simply because, after Xue Mu got injured, they’d all gathered here.


They’d grown accustomed to this place!


Xuan Ji clutched a cell phone. After seeing the message Hu Bazi sent, she turned to the other great emperors present in the plum garden and said, “You ought to know already, but the demons and yao are currently deploying vast numbers of troops to the borders. It seems they can’t hold back much longer.” 


Although, in private, they were already enemies with the God Emperor and Heavenly God City, at least on the surface, all was normal. The God Emperor seemed disinclined to openly oppose them.


Given that was the case, Xuan Ji naturally wouldn’t offend or openly defy him.


A few days ago, she’d sent soldiers of the Profound Pavilion back to Heavenly God City to carry out their various tasks, just like usual.


Under the Hermit Emperor’s care, the wounded Divine Generals had about half-recovered, with the notable exception of the God of Wine. His injuries were comparatively severe. He’d woken up, but he couldn’t get around like a normal person, and he spent more than half his time in bed.


 “Their intentions are becoming increasingly obvious. In the past, they’d at least try and hide it, but now, they’re not even bothering with that. They’re openly bearing down on our borders,” said Zhao Qianling flatly. She, too, held a cell phone. 


It wasn’t just her. Every great emperor in the garden had their own cell phone.


After Zuo Mo ascended to the God Realm, they were among the first to obtain cell phones. That cell phones had spread so far through the upper echelons of the God Realm was largely thanks to Ye Zichen.


The people present were, after all, all in Ye Zichen’s camp.


Zuo Mo and Ye Zichen hid their relationship from outsiders, but there was no need to keep it a secret from these great emperors. Besides, even if they wanted to hide it, they couldn’t.


Which of them couldn’t tell that Zuo Mo was Ye Zichen’s Fated Star? 


“How are things at the River Styx?” asked Ye Rong.


“Naturally, their situation is at least a hundred times more serious than at the borders,” said Xue Yang. “My true body contacted me just now. It seems Emperor Hades has entered his low ebb, and is currently in seclusion. In the meantime, his apprentice, Su Yiyun, is responsible for all of the River Styx’s affairs.”


“The one that’s one of the Four Great Auxiliary Stars?” asked Bi’an.


“Yes, that’s the one.” Xue Yang nodded. 


“Oh? This little game is rather interesting.” As the others were busy discussing serious matters, the Hermit Emperor sat off to the side playing a phone game.


“Senior Hermit Emperor, don’t tell me you’re not interested in the demons and yaos’ movements?” asked Zhao Qiang.


“I’m not. Does that have anything to do with me?” The Hermit Emperor didn’t even look. “Even if they fight their way past our borders, that’s a problem for you and the God Emperor to worry about. I’m from the Western Divine Mountain’s Hermits Palace. We’re just a bunch of doctors. At most, we’ll have more patients to treat when war breaks out. What? Surely you aren’t expecting this old man to lead my doctors into battle?”


“No, that’s not what I’m saying. I just mean… Nevermind. Forget it.” Actually, Zhao Qianling’s point was rather simple: the Hermit Emperor was a lofty figure in the God Realm, the oldest of the current emperors, and the leader of a faction that oversaw an entire Divine Mountain.


Despite what he said, he ought to at least care a little about foreign races’ invasion.


But after hearing the Hermit Emperor’s response, Zhao Qianling fell silent, and she bit her tongue. She didn’t bring it up again.


“All of you keep overthinking things. I used to be the same way, but after all these years, I’ve learned better. What good is all this worrying? You can’t stop the inevitable, no matter how you try. All you’ll do is create unnecessary trouble for yourselves. Besides, I’ve long since stopped paying attention to worldly affairs. Whether they fight or not has nothing to do with this old man whatsoever. Besides, if you want to talk about worry, Zhou Wu is even more concerned than you.”


The old man laughed, then went back to his game. Suddenly, the hand holding his phone froze. Then, he let out an exasperated sigh and put his phone back into his spatial artifact.


“I can’t get even a moment’s rest. See? Weren’t you just complaining that I’m not paying enough attention to what’s going on with the yao and demons? I’m going to get involved now, aren’t I?”


“Has something happened to the Emperor Star?” The great emperors were instantly solemn.


They all knew that the Hermit Emperor had given Ye Zichen a talisman. Actually, they’d each planned to give him one, but the Hermit Emperor rejected the idea.


“Didn’t you say that nothing would go wrong on this trip to the Northern Kingdom?” Ye Rong knit her brows.

 Although she was extremely thankful for the Hermit Emperor’s guidance, she still had some reservations. The Hermit Emperor was inscrutable and profound; even the likes of these great emperors felt that way. They’d only refrained from giving Ye Zichen protective talismans because the Hermit Emperor insisted it wasn’t necessary, and Ye Rong had agreed only to keep the peace.


But now, it seemed the Hermit Emperor planned to rush to the Northern Kingdom!


“Shouldn’t the Lady Providence, who is privy to the destinies of everything in creation, know whether someone unexpected has happened or not?” The Hermit Emperor laughed without concern. “Lord of the Big Dipper, you needn’t worry. Although the Emperor Star shattered my talisman, there’s no way anything will happen to him. I’ll go over, but I’ll at most wind up clearing up his questions. Someone will naturally rush over to settle this for him, with or without me.” 


“What do you mean?” asked Ye Rong. 


“Think about it. What exactly does the Emperor Star have on him?” The Hermit Emperor laughed.


The other emperors knit their brows, but before long, they realized what he meant. Their eyes widened with shock. “Are you saying that he’ll get involved?”


If it were really him, then nothing would happen to Ye Zichen in the Northern Kingdom. After all…. That was his territory!


“Isn’t it inevitable that he’d intervene? The Emperor Star will break through and become a ruler before long. It’s natural that he’d want to establish friendly relations before that. Why all the shock?” The Hermit Emperor chuckled, then turned to Ye Rong. “You’re still too young, and when problems arise, you’re too easily flustered. If things go on like this, how will you serve the Emperor Star? When you have some time, go chat with the last Lord of the Big Dipper. Don’t tell me you can’t contact him.”


The Hermit Emperor stretched, then beckoned to Xue Yang and Bi’an. They both followed him away, and from a distance, no one could tell what they were talking about. However, anyone could see that Bi’an and Xue Yang’s expressions were utterly solemn.


When the Hermit Emperor shot through the skies, parting the clouds, the others gathered around Xue Yang and Bi’an. “What did the Hermit Emperor say?”


“The Hermit Emperor just said we can start preparing to ward off our enemies!”  

Instantly, the great emperors’ expressions turned solemn.


“Enemies” naturally referred to demons and yao. For him to say that, didn’t it mean that fighting had really broken out? 

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