Chapter 150 How many reincarnations?

Chapter 150 – How many reincarnations?

Ye Zichen scratched his head as he looked at Zhuge Kongming who had fled.

In the end, he didn’t speak about Xia Keke’s family, nor did he speak about his reason for coming there. He merely ran away after saying that he forgot to lock the supermarket door.

“Why is that kid so bizarre?” Ye Zichen revealed a confused expression, then turned back to look towards Xia Keke.

“He’s insane. Just ignore him,” Xia Keke twitched her mouth. “How did you meet him? Don’t come contact with him very much from now on.”

“Then contact his family to come and take him away, I do feel like it’s rather troublesome.”

Xia Keke spoke the truth, if Xia Keke could truly contact his family and take him away, then that would be so much help to him.

“I can’t help you with that at all,” Yet, Xia Keke not only did not help him, but dragged Su Yan to the roadside and left in a taxi.

What the hell.

I spent so much effort and risked my life to save these two girls, yet they just left while I didn’t get anything.

Under normal situations, they would at least leap into his arms and sob a bit.

Also, he still didn’t explain about the Great Sage to them!

“Bro, what treasure was the passing thing just now?”

The Great Sage couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in confusion as he looked at the passing cars.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen felt a bit of a headache once again. He hadn’t handled this master yet.

“This is the mode of transportation in this secret location. This is part of the mortal realm, they are unable to ride the clouds like the deities in the Heavenly Court. However, the people here are very intelligent, they managed to create this sort of technological item after several thousand years of civilization.”

“So that’s what it is. It’s just like the phone being introduced in the Heavenly Court recently.”

With that, the Great Sage took out a thing that was similar to a modern phone from an unknown place.

“Yeah, more or less.”

Ye Zichen nodded.


Ye Zichen’s stomach rumbled.

“Great Sage, when are you returning to the Heavenly Court?”

Before heading out to eat, Ye Zichen was going to sent this master away first.

“I, Old Sun, am not going back. I, Old Sun think this secret location is pretty good, so I’m going to stay here for a while.”


Ye Zichen felt a bit frantic, this lord wasn’t leaving.

“Bro, what’s with the expression that you have?”

Great Sage scratched his face.

“Nothin’…” Ye Zichen quickly sorted out his expression and revealed a faint smile. “This sovereign should naturally welcome the Great Sage for coming here. How about Great Sage letting this sovereign sort everything out for him while he’s here?”

“No need,” the Great Sage waved his hand without care. “I, Old Sun, have always travelled alone, and don’t trouble anyone wherever I go. With I, Old Sun’s ability, ha… There’s no need for bro to worry.”


Ye Zichen smiled.

F*ck, if he really allowed this monkey to run all over the place, god knows what trouble this monkey will cause with his delinquent-like personality.

“Great Sage, just come with me. If you follow me, I promise you will have endless Wahahas.”

“Is that for real?”

The Great Sage’s eyes shimmered.


“Then I, Old Sun, will follow you.”

The Great Sage nodded without any hesitation.


That’s some good treasure!

Due to Ye Zichen being dressed poorly, he ran back to Di Tian’s mansion once again before they left.

When he returned to the mansion, everyone else in the mansion acted like a major enemy had arrived.

Luckily for them, he only found a set of clothes and left.

Then took the Great Sage to a restaurant.

The entire meal cost him several thousand yuan. It wasn’t because the restaurant was so expensive, it was because the Great Sage could eat so extremely much.

During the meal, the Great Sage had continuously praised the food there, saying that the food was so much better than the food made by the Kitchen God and God of Food.

Ye Zichen didn’t know how those two deities would feel if they heard that.

The moment they left the restaurant, the Great Sage couldn’t help but exclaim, “Bro, this secret location is truly a blessed place.”

“It’s not bad.”

Ye Zichen didn’t feel that, if it was him that was talking about the negatives of this place, he could say several hundreds of them.

However, for someone like the Great Sage, who had never been in contact with this environment and didn’t know the troubles here, he would indeed feel like it’s pretty good.

“Oh yeah, bro, I have always wanted to ask a question. What’s the little girl doing following you?”

As he expected, the Great Sage could see Liu Qing.

“She-She is my little sister. She died before her time, I’m preparing to revive her.”

“That’s really troublesome.”

The Great Sage clearly knew the method of revival. Ye Zichen was indeed troubled by the things needed for revival.

The Great Sage was really capable in the Heavenly Court, he might…

“Great Sage, I wonder if you can help me.”

“It’s hard,” the Great Sage frowned. “Everybody knows about my relationship with Old Lord Taishang. I, Old Sun, still bear the grudge of him refining me. As for the Eight Immortals, I, Old Sun, am not familiar with them. The only thing I seem to be able to help with is with Fairy Chang’e, but the Soul Pearl Yiyuan…”

“Then never mind,” Ye Zichen felt rather disappointed. He had finally met a tough guy, but the person was unable to help.

“Oh yeah, bro, I, Old Sun, am confused about one more thing.”

“Say it.”

“Why are you not of a Celestial Spiritual Body!”

Ye Zichen’s heart leaped. I can’t be found out here, right?

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes for a long while without saying anything, while Liu Qing also floated worriedly beside him.

The Great Sage scratched his face once again and chuckled as he looked at Ye Zichen, who had a troubled expression, “I, Old Sun, understand!”


Ye Zichen gulped.

“Bro, are you going through the cycle of reincarnation? Although I, Old Sun, don’t really like that geezer, Taibai Jinxing, but he definitely has a really high position in the Heavenly Court. The fact that you can live with him…”


Ye Zichen let out a sigh in his heart.

It was fortunate that this monkey wasn’t very bright.

Although Ye Zichen didn’t know what the cycle of reincarnation was, he’ll just get it over with first.

“Yes, this sovereign is indeed going through the cycle of reincarnation.”

“Haha, I, Old Sun, knew it! Do you dare to tell I, Old Sun, how many lives has it been?”

How would I know?

Ye Zichen revealed a troubled expression once again.

The Great Sage squinted his eyes and pursed his lips in disdain, “You’re still not saying it? Petty. I, Old Sun, is merely curious about whether you’ve reached half a step towards being an Immortal King, or what. Never mind, I, Old Sun, will just not ask.”

“Thank you, Great Sage, for understanding.”

“Sure, but…” The Great Sage reached out his hand and licked his lips with his eyebrows raised. “I wonder when you can buy Wahaha for me, Old Sun. I, Old Sun, have waited here for a long time.”

“I’ll go to buy it for you now.”

Ye Zichen found a hotel for Great Sage Sun, then bought him ten-odd bottles of Wahaha.

Before leaving, Ye Zichen had repeatedly reminded the Great Sage not to run around, and WeChat him if the Great Sage wanted to go anywhere.

When Ye Zichen finally settled the lord down, he wiped his sweat and left the hotel.

“Ye Zichen, why did Sun Wukong come over here?”

Liu Qing floated in midair, still in shock.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and said in annoyance, “How would I even know!”

Ye Zichen did feel a lot of headaches when the Great Sage randomly came over.

Someone from the Heavenly Court came to the mortal realm! Wasn’t this like a joke!

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