Chapter 1492 - A Foolproof Trap

Time flew like an arrow, and in the blink of an eye, it was dawn the next day.


The wedding at Violet City had turned into an enormous farce. People were already laughing about it throughout the Yao Realm. Even so, City Lord Hui showed the visiting members of the Zi Family his full hospitality.


All of this was due to the Great Sage and his terrifying Yao King-level cultivation. Nervermind Hui Liu; even his clan’s elders had to look up to an expert like that!


The time Gu Li designated for their meeting was quickly coming up, so their group didn’t linger in Violet City. Furthermore, they were sure that Hui Liu was eager to see off his unwanted guests. And indeed, when they announced their imminent departure, the city lord fired off a few insincere compliments, but he made no real attempts to keep them.


Before the eastern city gate.


The Great Sage and Fairy Zi Xia were in matching purple and white robes. Zi Xia’s gaze never left the Great Sage. Her hands were on her jaw, and her eyes glittered with infatuation.


Zi Yun wore his armor, as usual. All of them hovered around ten miles over the city.


Ye Zichen wore brand-new, long black robes. He was here too, but he stood a ways away from the others. From time to time, notifications popped onto his screen.


A hundred breaths of time later, he put his phone away and walked back to the group.


“How’d it go?” The Great Sage hefted his staff and narrowed his eyes. He knew Ye Zichen had just gone to contact


“There’s no point hoping they show up. There simply isn’t enough time,” said Ye Zichen.

 That was for sure!


He and the Great Sage reached the Yao Realm quickly, but that was because they’d gone through Heavenly God City’s transfer array. However, the Northern Kingdom possessed no such spiritual formations. That was why they went first to the Southern Kingdom, then made their way north on their own. Even with Ye Zichen and the Great Sage’s power, it took a full day of travel.


Moreover, Gu Li had designated Jadewave City as their meeting place. Even if he’d contacted the God Realm the night before, there just wasn’t enough time.


“At most, they can meet us in the Yao Realm’s Southern Kingdom, at the edge closest to the north. Once we’ve saved the Zi Clan, we can simply rush towards the meeting point. However, whatever happens here in the north, we’ll have to handle it ourselves.”


This was the result of Ye Zichen making contact with Xiao Yumei and the others. They’d only just reached the Southern Kingdom. Even if they rushed north, at best, they’d at most make it to the border between the two kingdoms in time.


Furthermore, that was only if things went well!


The Southern Kingdom wasn’t as hospitable or friendly to gods as the north. Of the four kingdoms of the Yao Realm, the Southern Kingdom was the most warlike, and their relationship with the God Realm was the tensest.


If Xiao Yumei were to lead a group through the south, she’d have to proceed with the utmost caution. Furthermore, she’d only be able to take so many people with her.


Worse, if she led too many rulers into the Yao Realm, the Southern Kingdom might take it as an act of war. They might even use it as an excuse to attack god race territory.


“That will be enough.” The Great Sage nodded. He’d already planned for the worst. Now, Ye Zichen was telling him that he could arrange for allies to meet them at the border. The way he saw it, that was already excellent news. Now, his biggest concern was how to save their targets. So long as they saved the Zi Family, the rest wouldn’t be as difficult as he’d first imagined.


“Then let’s head out right now. We’d be better off getting there before noon, and Jadewave City is a ways away from Violet City,” said the Great Sage.


“Gu Li isn’t just sitting around waiting. He has definitely set some kind of trap for us.” Ye Zichen furrowed his brows, then turned to the Zi Siblings. “I already told you the details of our plan last night. When the time comes, you just have to act in accordance with what we agreed. As for the safety of your family members, leave it entirely up to me and the Great Sage.”


“Alright.” Fairy Zi Xia nodded gleefully. There was no sign of anxiety in her expression at all; she’d been smiling non-stop ever since the Great Sage reappeared at her side.


In stark contrast with her lively cheerfulness, Zi Yun was somber and solemn. 


When Ye Zichen gave his orders, he simply nodded heavily and clenched his fists.


“You’d best be mentally prepared for the worst.” Ye Zichen turned to Zi Yun, who nodded. He knew what Ye Zichen was trying to say: it was entirely possible that Gu Li had already killed all his captives.


Given how demons had behaved in the past, it wasn’t even unlikely that they’d take this that far!


“And don’t forget our earlier agreement!”  

“You don’t have to worry about that. Since I agreed to give it to you, I’ll give it to you. There’s naturally no way I’d renege on our agreement. Besides, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t, now could I?”  

“That’s the right attitude.” Ye Zichen nodded. “Let’s go, then.”


Jadewave City.


In order to obtain the Divine Mausoleum key fragment, Gu Li hadn’t stopped at seizing control of the Zi Family; he’d taken the entire city.


Although the city lord’s manor was still running the place, in truth, Gu Li was the one giving orders behind the scenes. 


“What time is it?” Gu Li sat in a wicker chair, his fingers interlaced and his eyes closed. He faced the sun directly.


“Almost noon,” said the attendant on his left.


“No one in the city lord’s estate has been up to any tricks, have they?” 


“They haven’t!” said the attendant on the right. “The city lord is currently in our hands, and his subordinates are all soft and easy to control. The city lord’s estate is now our puppet, and the city’s defenders have been completely replaced with our subordinates. Furthermore, they’re all New Demons; their auras are indistinguishable from yao.” 


“I beg of you, let my wife and daughter go.” He’d kept silent all this time, going unnoticed, but there was a salt-and-pepper-haired old man kneeling prostrate before Gu Li. This was none other than the current lord of Jadewave City.

 “It seems you’re quite concerned about your family,” said Gu Li with a cold laugh. “But then, that’s to be expected. You’re so old, yet you have such a young, pretty wife. It’s only natural that you’d worry about her. But you needn’t fear. So long as you obediently do as you're told, I guarantee that your wife and daughter will return to your side without so much as a scratch.”  

“What are you trying to do? I’ll whatever you say, so… so please….”


“Silence!” Gu Li’s eyes glinted coldly. “Unless you wish to see your beloved wife and daughter die, shut your mouth!”


When he heard that, Jadewave City’s city lord dared not utter another sound.


Gu Li’s eyes remained closed as he basked in the sunlight and its warmth.


He was sitting here, looking at the sun, in large part because that made it easier to gauge the time.


In truth, internally, he could hardly wait. He’d been counting down the hours ever since designating when and where they’d meet. 


He’d laid a foolproof trap, all for the sake of “welcoming” Ye Zichen. 


“Whatever you do, don’t you dare disappoint me. You have to come!” Gu Li muttered to himself, a hideous smile tugging at his lips.


A crisp breeze blew past, rustling the leaves. Time went on, just like that, until finally, noon arrived. 


“It’s time.” Gu Li suddenly opened his eyes and cracked his neck. “Go. See whether they’ve come or not.”


He grinned, and his eyes filled with cold light. The attendant on his left nodded, then left the courtyard. Just a few breaths of time, he returned to his place by Gu Li’s side, then said with the utmost respect, “They’re already here!”

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