Chapter 149 You! Me! Her!

Chapter 149 – You! Me! Her!

Ye Zichen walked to the side of the Great Sage, while rubbing his hands, then wrapped his arm around the Great Sage’s neck.

“Great Sage, can you teach me your Seventy-two Transformations?”

“You’re troubling me now,” Great Sage scratched his head. “This unique talent of mine was learnt from Master Subhuti. You should know this as well. When shifu sent me away, he had mentioned…”


That means it’s no good.

“Then never mind…”

Ye Zichen shrugged disappointedly. At that moment, a taxi stopped in front of the mansion, and Zhuge Kongming jumped down from the car.


The Great Sage roared, then reached his hand to take out the Ruyi Jingu Bang from behind his ear, before smacking it down towards Blackie, who was behind Zhuge Kongming.

“Aiya, f*ck, can’t I be a normal ghost anymore? Why can everybody see me?”

A north-eastern accent sounded out from Blackie’s mouth. The moment Blackie saw that the Ruyi Jingu Bang was going to hit him, he immediately flew upwards.

“You still want to run after meeting I, Old Sun?”

Seeing that Blackie wanted to escape, the Great Sage immediately stomped the ground.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I fly here?”

At the Heavenly Court, the Great Sage was able to fly whenever he wanted. Thus, when he found himself unable to fly, he became really confused. At the midst of the confusion, he turned his head back and saw Zhuge Kongming and Ye Zichen grabbing hold of his leg.

“Bro, what are you doing?”

The Great Sage looked at Ye Zichen in confusion. All monsters were on his list to be eradicated when he met them.

His hands would get itchy the moment he saw a ghost like Blackie, making him want to smack Blackie with his staff.

That was especially the case when he saw Blackie follow the boy down. The fact that a ghost was following a live person, and the fact that the Great Sage didn’t see any link between them meant that the ghost was definitely consuming the person’s living energy.

If he didn’t take care of this ghost, then was he still worthy of being called the Great Sage!

He’ll just beat it to submission, then throw it into the Underworld to be re-educated.

Then everything will be perfect.

“That’s a ghost that’s following me.”

Ye Zichen held the Great Sage’s leg tightly. This master wasn’t easy to deal with, if he really smacked down just now….

Then Blackie would be completely dead.

“You said that he’s your ghost?” the Great Sage raised his eyebrows and looked over Ye Zichen and Blackie. “Then why can’t I feel the connection between the two of you.”

“I stuck a sigil on him,” Ye Zichen replied.

Great Sage’s eyes flashed with a golden light, “No sigil.”

F*ck, that’s weird.

He clearly used the Ghost Controlling Sigil when he accepted Blackie. Could this sigil have an expiry date, and it would lose its effect after a while?”

He had to find time to chat with White Impermanence.


“Even so, he’s still my ghost. Great Sage, don’t be so impulsive.”

“Alright, then I, Old Sun, will ignore him.”

Great Sage muttered as he shrink the Ruyi Jingu Bang once again, and placed it behind his ear.


Ye Zichen let out a long sigh.

He finally calmed this big boss down.

Ye Zichen gave a cue for Blackie, causing Blackie to float to Ye Zichen’s side with a hint of terror on his face as he occasionally glanced at the Great Sage.

However, Su Yan and co. were completely stunned!

It really was Sun Wukong!

The real one!

“Err… Can you give me an autograph?”

Su Yan ran over excitedly and took out a pen from an unknown place, then turned around to show the back of her shirt to the Great Sage, making her seem rather simple minded.

Xia Keke also ran over like Su Yan, while Zhuge Kongming also did the same.

“Great Sage, give me an autograph as well.”

The three of them ignored whether the Great Sage understood the meaning of ‘autograph’, as they yelled around the Great Sage.

Ye Zichen, who was left behind by everyone, displayed a sad expression, then looked towards Liu Qing.

“You’re still the best.”

“I really want an autograph as well,” Liu Qing muttered softly.

This truly made Ye Zichen want to cough up blood. Why? He risked his life to rushed over in order to save the two girls, while Liu Qing was someone he had taken in due to goodwill.

Why did everything change at that moment?”

“Xia… Heh? You’re that Xia…” Just as the three fought among each other for the autograph, Zhuge Kongming suddenly pointed at Xia Keke and shouted.

“Who’re you? you’re so disrespectful, what Xia…” Xia Keke rolled her eyes and pouted. When she turned around impatiently… “You-You… Why are you here? You…”

“I’m going crazy! I ran over to Bingcheng in order to avoid the wedding. Why did I still bump into you here? Tell me the truth, did you come over deliberately to find me? I’m telling you, we’re impossible!” Zhuge Kongming raised his little head and refused determinedly.

On the other hand, Xia Keke snickered speechlessly, “Little brother, did you make a mistake? I, the older sister, have always been studying in Bingcheng, okay? Also, I clearly told my family that I won’t be the sacrifice of a marital alliance. What did you come here for? I get it, are you annoyed, so want to argue with me? Heh, then older sis will make you give up!”

Xia Keke snickered, and forgot about getting an autograph from the Great Sage, then directly walked in front of Ye Zichen and kissed him.

“See this? My boyfriend! Hurry back, I’m not the kind of person to date a younger guy!”

“Ye-dage, she said you’re her boyfriend?” Zhuge Kongming revealed a shocked expression.

At the same time, Xia Keke a hand on her waist, then pointed at him, “What Ye-dage, you and him… No, how did you know he’s surname is Ye, you-you two…”

Everyone was confused!

The most confused was Ye Zichen.

“You… Me… Him…”

Ye Zichen laughed dryly as he alternated between pointing at Xia Keke and Zhuge Kongming. After a long while, he finally understood the gist of everything.

“The engagement target you said was older than you is Keke?”

“That’s her,” Zhuge Kongming nodded with certainty.

Xia Keke bit her lips,” Ye Zichen, you know this shitty brat!?”

“Who’s a shitty brat, your entire family are shitty brats!” Zhuge Kongming frowned.

“I’m talking about you. What? You are a shitty brat, underaged!” Xia Keke rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out.

At that moment, Su Yan also gave up on the autograph, and stood side by side with the Great Sage as they looked towards Ye Zichen’s direction.

“What’s going on with my bro over there?” The Great Sage scratched his head.

Su Yan also shook her head and muttered in confusion, “I don’t really get it, but it seems really amazing.”

Meanwhile, at the center of the incident, Ye Zichen stood between the two, and felt extremely helpless as he listened to the two of them argue.

He forcefully pulled the two apart, “Stop.”

The two of them glared at each other angrily, then stopped arguing.

Zhuge Kongming also walked beside Ye Zichen, “Ye-dage, look at this woman, she’s a female tyrannosaur. I was lucky that I was smart enough not to want her then. I’m telling you, you shouldn’t be her boyfriend anymore, her family…”

“Zhuge Kongming!” Xia Keke suddenly screamed.

Zhuge Kongming paused for a moment, then quickly shut his mouth.

“What about her family?”

Ye Zichen’s heart was filled with curiosity when Zhuge Kongming suddenly stopped himself. He looked at Zhuge Kongming and Xia Keke in confusion, then quickly raised his eyebrows.

“Oh yeah, why did you come here?”

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