Chapter 1489 - Her?


One look at the demon rulers’ pious subservience, combined with the title “Holy Lord,” and it was obvious just how extraordinary the youth’s status was.  


Everyone had assumed the Great Sage was at an absolute advantage. They hadn’t expected this sudden change.


No one could sense any sign of the youth’s aura, but the two following him felt on par with the Great Sage.


Then there was what he’d said just now…


For the first time, the guests and the people of the city lord’s estate noticed Ye Zichen’s existence.


The Great Sage had simply been too dazzling. In the face of a great Yao King, the guests couldn’t look away.


But now, the youth the demon rulers addressed as “Holy Lord” was speaking directly with this previously unassuming young man.


It seemed that, although they’d completely overlooked him, this so-called “Ye Zichen” was extraordinary too.


“You again? You really are like a lingering spirit, Gu Li!” Since Gu Li had called him by name, Ye Zichen simply walked up to greet him.


Seeing this, Gu Li, who’d already landed on the ground, snorted. “Putting it like that makes me a bit uncomfortable.” He narrowed his eyes. “A lingering spirit? I could say the same of you. No matter where I go, I always seem to bump into you. But then, thinking of it another way, it’s our destiny. Fate is pulling the strings, arranging for us to meet. Considering our status, that’s only to be expected, don’t you think?”


Gu Li cocked his head, then paused. He seemed to have recalled something. “Right, I almost forgot to congratulate you. You opened your eye, didn’t you?”


“What does that have to do with you?” said Ye Zichen. He maintained an ordinary expression, but his eyes glinted with cold light. “When have we ever been friendly enough to just stand around and chat? Also, from the look of things, you’re the one who sent those demons here, right?”


“Of course.” Gu Li didn’t deny it, nor did he try to explain himself. In his view, there was nothing to explain. “I’m here to retrieve a certain something. If I’m not mistaken, you’re here for it too.”


Ye Zichen smiled coldly but said nothing. Gu Li grinned, then his gaze turned cold. “Ye Zichen, I’ve always found our rivalry quite entertaining. On the path of life, having an opponent like you is a wonderful thing. At the very least, with you around, I’m never lonely or bored. But you had to go and touch the one thing you shouldn’t have. Frankly…. I’m furious.” 


“What does that have to do with me?” Ye Zichen snorted.


“It seems you know about it.” Gu Li’s smile instantly contorted. “Just you wait; sooner or later, I’ll come seize her back. I tried talking this over first, so don’t say I didn’t treat you with respect. I’ll leave these Zi Family geezers with you. If you want the others, I’ll give you a single night to rally your troops. Then, let’s meet this time tomorrow at Jadewave City! Of course, that’s only if you want to see their corpses. If you want them back alive, bring my target with you!” 


“We’re leaving!” Gu Li waved, then both he and the demons disappeared without a trace.


The lingering energy gradually dissipated. Zi Yun, Zi Xia, and the Great Sage rushed up to the beaten elders. Only after confirming their vital signs did they relax.


“You…” The Great Sage pointed at the city lord. Hui Liu hurriedly approached.


Although he was the venerable lord of a city, in terms of raw strength, he was no match for a Yao King like the Great Sage.


“Arrange a few rooms for us to rest in.” 


“We always have spare rooms available. This way, please.” Hui Liu felt stifled and resentful; this wedding was supposed to be for his son. Now, the Great Sage, the person Zi Xia truly loved, showed up to ruin it. The wedding was ruined, Hui Liu’s reputation was in tatters, and now he even had to give the bride-snatcher and his friends a place to stay?


But so what if he was bitter and resentful? Did he dare object?

 No, he did not!


A Yao King! That was an expert on par with their king. If the Great Sage wanted to, he could easily destroy this entire estate, along with everyone in it!


Then there was the mysterious, unfathomable youth beside him….


Hui Liu didn’t dare guess at Ye Zichen’s cultivation, but one thing was for sure: his status was extraordinary.


There was nothing the city lord could do but gnash his teeth and bury his fury deep inside himself.


“Come on, Ye-zi.” 


Ye Zichen remained in place, replaying Gu Li’s parting words.



 What on earth was Gu Li talking about?


It was only when the Great Sage called out to him that he came to his senses, then left with the others.


The wedding had ended, albeit rather unexpectedly. The other guests left for their rooms in the city lord’s estate or a nearby hotel. Alternatively, they began their journey home.


But among their ranks was a masked man. He shot several glances Ye Zichen’s way. “Ye Zichen, Jadewave City!”


With one final mutter, the man turned and left, leaving no sign he’d ever been there in the first place.




“You don’t have to worry. Ye-zi provided this medicine. It’s divine-grade healing medicine. Their wounds are quite severe, but with this medicine to nourish them, they’ll be just fine.”


Back in his room, the Great Sage looked at the resting, injured elders, then addressed the Zi Siblings.


City Lord Hui had good eyes; when arranging their rooms, instead of giving them completely separate spaces, he arranged for a shared space with individual bedrooms. 


Zi Yun cautiously took the elders’ pulses to check their condition, then turned and frowned. “Why did you just let those demons leave? That youth’s status was clearly extraordinary. If we took him captive, wouldn’t it be much easier to save the rest of our clansmen?”


The Great Sage fell silent. Seeing this, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but frown, then speak up on his behalf. “Do you have any idea what you’re saying?” 


Out of respect for Zi Xia, the Great Sage could endure Zi Yun’s repeated insults, but that didn’t mean Ye Zichen would put up with him. He’d disliked Zi Yun from the moment he first laid eyes on him.


“The Great Sage and I are here for Zi Xia. If we help your Zi Family, we’ll do it for her sake, not yours. Don’t think so highly of yourself. You’re nothing but a diviner. Who do you think you are, barking orders here? For the sake of your clan, you tried to force Zi Xia into an unwanted marriage with the son of the city lord. Then, for the sake of your clan, you changed your mind and agreed to Zi Xia and the Great Sage’s union. It seems everything is for your clan, but don’t you think you’re going about this awfully selfishly?”




“You want to save your clan. That’s completely understandable, and we support you in this endeavor. We just hope you think a little before you speak….. No one owes you anything, so watch your mouth.” Ye Zichen glared at Zi Yun, then barked, “You want us to stop Gu Li? Even you can see his status is extraordinary, so we can see it too, right? Given his extraordinary status, he obviously has experts protecting him. Do you have any idea how strong those two people following him are? Let me tell you: they’re both Demon Gods. Do you get it now?”


As soon as Ye Zichen brought up “Demon Gods” Zi Yun was stunned to the point he could no longer speak.


Throughout this process, the Great Sage had repeatedly gestured in an attempt to shut Ye Zichen up, but Ye Zichen ignored him. He snorted, “Rather than begging us for help, you’d be better off showing me whatever it is Gu Li’s come here for. If you do, who knows? …..we might be able to save your clan after all!”

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