Chapter 1488 - Tender Affection and Honeyed Words

A single man, positioned just so, could sometimes ward off an army.


There were a dozen ruler-level demons, but the Great Sage alone struck terror into their hearts, to the point that they dared not move.


They all clustered together, their gazes serious. In the face of his domain, they felt utterly helpless.


The situation gradually turned into a stalemate; the demons dared not act recklessly, but the Great Sage wasn’t moving either.


The other guests had long since retreated, and they were watching from the sky a hundred meters away, gazing down at the Great Sage and the demons’ staring contest.


“This is the temperament of a true yao expert.” The hovering guests couldn’t help but sigh. Even though Violet City was one of the Northern Kingdom’s larger cities, the Northern Kingdom was a little weaker than the other three. In Violet City, a ruler, any ruler, was a rare expert. Throughout the entire city, there were only thirty.


The demons had sent a team of a dozen to make trouble. Any normal person would stay as far away from them as possible.

 Based on Hui Liu’s behavior a little earlier, even he, the city lord, was unwilling to simultaneously offend a dozen demons. He chose to back down instead.


But the Great Sage…

 Even though he was just one person, he single-handedly intimidated the demons. In the face of his peerless valiance, the onlookers felt their blood start to boil.


“An ordinary ruler’s domain only encompasses a few meters, but look! That senior’s domain has enveloped the entire estate. With that kind of strength, I’m afraid he’s on par with the ruler of our Northern Kingdom!”


“Things sure aren’t looking good for those demons!” The guests nodded in agreement. Although the demons were quite strong, they were unlucky; they’d run into the at least imperial-level Great Sage.


Imperial-level experts, even if you searched the entire Upper Three Realms, were as rare as dragon horns and phoenix feathers. 


Bumping into the Great Sage here really was a stroke of bad luck.


“Hello, my friend,” said one of the demon experts, unwilling to keep up this stalemate any longer. “This matter is between us demons and the Zi Family, so I humbly urge you not to get involved. You’re a top expert of the yao race, and we respect you accordingly, but that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of you.”


The Great Sage’s eyes narrowed into slits, and his aura burst into light. He let out a cold snort, and instantly, the same demon who’d spoken earlier felt his divine power disperse completely. Furthermore, he felt as if a hammer had slammed right into his chest.


His organs shook, and his face lost its color as he hacked out purple blood.


“Who do you think you’re threatening?” Only then did the Great Sage speak for the first time. His tone was cold. When they heard this response, the other demons’ expressions were solemn.


They might really have thought too highly of themselves. The person before them was a true expert, a Yao King at the very least. Even if a Demon God was among the demons’ ranks, he’d have to treat the Great Sage with caution.

 Strength was confidence!




The Great Sage didn’t take them seriously enough for that!


The demon rulers all carefully avoided his glinting golden eyes. At the same time, the Great Sage looked at them, pointedly but coldly, before looking away. 


This time, he turned to Zi Xia. His cold aloofness instantly vanished without a trace, replaced by tenderness. His eyes were as soft as water and full of a mixture of lamentation, excitement, and self-recrimination. 


“You…. You’re not hurt, right?” The Great Sage’s voice filled with melancholy as he took in the vibrantly smiling, teary-eyed Zi Xia.


“Of course not! How could anything go wrong with you around? You’re my hero. You’ll always protect me, won’t you?” Zi Xia’s eyes welled with happy tears, and when she laughed, they streaked down her face. She laughed and laughed. Then, suddenly, her smile disappeared without a trace. “You’re finally here. Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited?”


Watching her weep, the Great Sage’s heart ached. He naturally understood how she felt; he’d been waiting all these years too.


He cautiously reached up to wipe away her tears, only for her to start smiling again. “But fortunately, I didn’t wait in vain. I just knew you wouldn’t disappoint me. You really are a peerless hero. I’m truly fortunate.”


“Cough….” At this moment, disregarding the atmosphere, someone disrupted their exchange of tender nothings. 


They both turned and saw the armored Zi Yun walking over. They didn’t know when he’d gotten there, but when he met the Great Sage’s eyes, he seemed embarrassed and uncomfortable.

 “Big Brother.” Zi Xia bit her lip. This older brother of hers had always looked down on the Great Sage. She was rather worried he’d say something to hurt him again.


To her surprise, Zi Yun shook his head and laughed apologetically. “It seems I misjudged you.”


This time, the Great Sage was stunned too.


He was violent and temperamental by nature, but in the face of Zi Xia’s immediate family, he didn’t want to resort to violence or force them to submit. He’d much rather obtain their true, honest approval. 


Especially Zi Yun!


Not long ago, he’d met with Zi Yun. The man had mocked him to the point that he could barely speak.


But now….


“Supreme Treasure, right? I, Zi Yun, would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere apologies. In the past, I was unfairly biased against you, and I said hurtful things to you. I hope you can find it in yourself to overlook my transgressions.” Zi Yun bent at a ninety-degree angle. Zi Xia was immediately flabbergasted.

 She’d known her brother her whole life, and in her mind, he was always domineering and unyielding. During this wedding, she got to see several brand new sides of him: the way he’d pleaded desperately with the city for assistance, and now, the way he offered the Great Sage his heartfelt apologies.


All of this, it was for….


Her gaze gradually turned towards the demons. She already understood Zi Yun’s unspoken struggles. 


“You… How could I accept such politeness?” The Great Sage watched Zi Yun bow. He felt rather frantic. 


It didn’t matter how high his cultivation was. In front of Zi Yun, he was just a younger brother-in-law.


He hurriedly reached out to help Zi Yun up, but Zi Yun stubbornly maintained his bow. 


“I don’t blame you, so please, get up.” 


“No! There’s still something I have to ask of you,” said Zi Yun.


“Say it,” said the Great Sage.


“Please, save my Zi Family.” Zi Yun gnashed his teeth as he spoke.

 Hearing this, the Great Sage turned to look at the demons, then recalled what had just happened on the platform. He instantly realized what was happening. “Alright, I agree. So please, get up. Even if you didn’t ask, I wouldn’t just sit back and watch.”


But before the Great Sage could take out his Ruyi Jingu Bang, before he could even finish his sentence, a sudden wave of demonic power roiled through the heavens.

 The crowd looked up, then saw a youth standing there.


Two people followed him, one on each side; they seemed to be his servants. The demons down on the wedding podium immediately knelt, then prostrated themselves on the ground.


“Holy Lord.”


The youth merely smiled in response and gradually descended from the sky. From start to finish, he didn’t so much as glance at the wedding guests. Instead, his gaze never once left Ye Zichen, and he smiled as if reunited with a friend after a long separation. “Brother Ye, long time no see. How’ve you been?”

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