Chapter 1486 - Supreme Treasure, You’re Finally Here

The Northern Kingdom was friendly with humanity, but that didn’t mean they were willing to coexist with demons. 


It was, in fact, the exact opposite; they detested demonkind. 


Now, demons had suddenly invaded their borders, and with so many experts too. The wedding guests couldn’t help but tightly knit their brows.


Violet City’s city lord, Hui Liu, reacted the same way.


Furthermore, he might call his own son a “dog” in an attempt at modesty, but “dog of a son” felt completely different coming from someone else.


If your thoughts went in the wrong direction, it was easy to interpret as “son of a b*tch.”


Furthermore, demons and the Northern Kingdom had always been on poor terms, so Hui Liu had no inclination to give the demons the benefit of the doubt.


“Friends of the Demon Realm, this habit of showing up uninvited really makes things difficult for me.” Hui Liu paused, looked over the demon experts, and continued, “I’ve never had any connections or contact with demons, either. Might I ask what you’re here for?”


“Naturally, we have no direct connection with you, City Lord Hui.” The hooded demon let out an eerie laugh, then looked away at the already nervous Zi Yun. He smiled. “Actually, we’re old friends of the Zi Family, aren’t we, Young Master Zi Yun?”


The instant the demons appeared, Zi Yun’s heart sank. Now, the other party had put their relationship out in the open, just like he was afraid they would.


They’d really come. He knew they would, but how did they get here so quickly?


“But then, it’s your first time meeting us, isn’t it? Young Master Zi Yun? It’s entirely possible you don’t recognize us, but your clan’s elders are as familiar with us as can be.”


Then, the hooded man waved his hand. The demon expert behind him instantly strode forth.


Then, they heard the hooded figure laugh, Take a look, Young Master Zi Yun. See what gift we’ve brought you.”


Thud! Thud! Thud! 


Three elderly men, each bound hand and foot appeared. Their faces were smeared with blood, and their bodies were covered in wounds.


These were none other than the three elders of Jadewave City’s Zi Clan. It was obvious at a glance that they’d recently crossed blades with the demons, and that they’d suffered inhumane treatment as a result.


“Elder!” Zi Yun gnashed his tooth and roared. Zi Xia froze for a while, then stared intently at the demon’s leader.

 The hooded demon crouched beside one of the elders and ripped out his cloth gag. Then, as the elder was still unconscious, he patted him on the head. “Wake up! As an elder, you ought to be awake to congratulate your descendant at her wedding.”


The elder gradually opened his eyes. When he looked around and saw Zi Xia in her wedding dress and Zi Yun, his gaze instantly turned solemn. He roared, “Zi Yun, Zi Xia, hurry up and run!”




The demon stepped on his head and crouched, his eyes soft yet sinister. “I woke you up to congratulate her, not to say all that.”


He waved his hand again, and the demon re-gagged the elder, then pushed him back and out of the way. 


The guests fell silent. This wedding had been just one shock after another. Zi Xia’s cold feet, the demon’s arrival, the Zi Family elder’s warning…


What was going on between the demons and the Zi Family?


“Elder!” ZI Yun roared, but the demons had already beaten the elder back into unconsciousness.


The hooded demon pressed his lips into a smile. “And here I wanted him to be awake to congratulate you. How disappointing. But then, it seems I wasn’t mistaken. The object we’re looking for is indeed in your hands. Honestly, we demons are reasonable people. If you hand it over without a fuss, we won’t trouble you any further.”


Next, he turned to the surrounding guests and laughed, “Everyone, no need to panic. We solemnly swear not to harm you. We’re just here to retrieve a certain something from Miss Zi here. Once we’ve got it, we’ll leave, and you can carry on as you were.”


Zi Yun’s lips were already white; he was pursing them so hard it affected bloodflow. He already completely understood what was happening.


Assuming this was as he expected, this group was here for that wooden box. Although he didn’t know what precisely the box contained, since the elders and his father would rather die than hand it to them, he absolutely couldn’t let it fall into the demons’ hands. 


“How are the rest of our clansmen?” asked Zi Yun.


“They’re all doing well,” said the hooded demon. “Our boss is personally attending to your relatives, so no one will harm them. But whether they’re in danger or not is ultimately up to you, now isn’t it?”


Jadewave City’s Zi Family had fallen!  

To Zi Yun, this was absolutely terrible news.


“City Lord Hui, about our marriage alliance, are you…” Zi Yun turned to Hui Liu in an obvious plea for help. In the face of so many demon experts, Violet City was their only hope.


“City Lord Hui, are you sure you want to get mixed up in all this?” said the black-robed demon. It was an obvious threat.


“Hmph. What do the Zi Family’s affairs have to do with us? A marriage alliance…..after this wedding, do you think you’re worthy?” Hiu Liu glowered coldly at Zi Yun, then turned to his followers. “Take the young master back to his room. They want to use my Violet City as a spear against their enemies? I don’t recognize this wedding’s legitimacy.”


“Wise indeed, City Lord,” complimented the hooded demon.


“City Lord!” Zi Yun seemed on the verge of a mental breakdown. Violet City was his family’s last and only hope. If even they….


Zi Yun’s thoughts raced as he desperately tried to think of a way to convince Hui Liu, but Zi Xia soon gnashed her teeth and dragged his arm. “Big Bro, why are you asking them? If this wedding doesn’t count, it doesn’t count. I never liked them to begin with. What’s the big deal?”


“The hell do you know? The only one who can save our family now is City Lord Hui. Hurry up and beg for mercy! Be quick about it!” Zi Yun glared at her.


“Beg for mercy? Couldn’t you tell that what he just said was an excuse? He just wanted to avoid trouble. What good is pleading for mercy?” asked Zi Xia.


“Then what do you want? Don’t tell me you’re still hoping your Supreme Treasure will save you!”


“It seems I know who has the object I’m after,” said the hooded demon with a cold laugh. He shot forth, leaving a blurry streak of light in his wake as he reached for Zi Xia.


Angry and alarmed, Zi Yun’s pupils constricted, but at that moment…


Rosy light flooded down from above, dispersing the demon’s black cloud. A seven-colored magic cloud streaked by, then landed in front of the Fairy Zi Xia’s face. A figure stood, his back facing her, and grabbed the demon by the wrist.

 Time instantly seemed to stop. 


Fairy Zi Xia stared dazedly at this new arrival in his purple and white robes. His back was so familiar.


A blissful smile blossomed on her face, and a trail of tears streamed down her cheek as she murmured, “Supreme Treasure, you’re finally here.”

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