Chapter 1483 - Wooden Box

No one knew what the Great Sage was thinking. After leaving enough aureus to compensate the restaurant for all the losses incurred over the past few days, Ye Zichen and the Great Sage got up and headed towards….


The venue of the Fairy Zixia’s impending wedding, Violet City!


En route, the Great Sage said nothing at all. Ye Zichen had assumed he was going to carry off the bride.


If he really did do that, Ye Zichen would naturally stand firmly by his side and break up the wedding. Regardless of what the Great Sage thought, in Ye Zichen’s heart, Fairy Zixia and Supreme Treasure belonged together.


When they reached the city, they saw that it was vibrant and full of life; Even from the distance, it was clear to see that everyone was lively and celebrating, and that a constant stream of quests was pouring into the city. 


My morning, the city lord’s estate was covered in red lanterns, and the whole place was festive. The air was full of the sound of guests’ conversation and laughter. The venue seemingly set aside for the ceremony was filled with celebratory red satin. The character for “happiness” was pasted on every available space.


Around ten am.


All the guests were in their seats, and the sound of the musician’s celebratory tunes echoed throughout the venue. Even now, the Great Sage showed no signs of taking action. He simply stood in silence atop his magic cloud, looking down on everything playing out below.


This was despite Ye Zichen having already located Zi Xia’s room.


Ye Zichen had also sensed how many experts were present. There were quite a few in attendance, but if they chose to carry Zi Xia off, they had good odds of success. Ye ZIchen was practically even prepared to contact experts on the God Realm to meet them part way and cover their escape, but the Great Sage showed no sign of attempting any such thing. 


Finally, Ye Zichen understood. The Great Sage had never considered carrying off the bride. He was simply here…


To watch in silence, without interfering. 


Meanwhile, in the fairy Zi Xia’s room, serving girls were currently doing her make-up. It would be noon before long, time for the big event. The city lord had invited quite a few major figures of the Yao Realm, so naturally, Zi Xia’s make-up had to be exquisite. 


Her brother, the armored youth, stood in her room keeping watch. Wearing garments clearly designed for bloodshed at a wedding was naturally inappropriate, but he’d long since grown accustomed to his armor, and no one criticized him for it.


“Little Sister, when you dress up, you really are beautiful.” The youth smiled at Zi Xia’s reflection and nodded despite himself. This was her wedding, and a major event, so the clan’s elders should have been in attendance, but due to various extenuating circumstances, none were present. Only her, her older brother, was here representing the bride’s family.


Their choice to send him was not without reason; throughout the clan, only he could catch Zi Xia when she tried to escape.


It seemed like he was just here accompanying his little sister as she did her make-up, but in truth, the city lord had already taken his seat at the wedding venue. The youth was just here to keep an eye on his sister and prevent last-minute escape attempts.


“Do you feel good about this?” Zi Xia seated upright, and looked at her brother’s reflection in the copper mirror. “Both sides’ elders are already in place, yet you’re here watching me. You’re afraid I’ll run, even now, right? Honestly, I don’t think you need to worry so much. The city lord’s manor has eyes everywhere, far more than in our family home. Even if I wanted to run, I couldn’t.”


“Little Sister!” The youth’s gaze was steely. This was the city lord’s estate, and the women attending to Zi Xia’s make-up were citizens of Violet City. If there were key members of the estate outside who heard this and told the city lord, it would be a disaster.


“Alright already, you can go ahead and leave. I swear I won’t run. I’ll act nice and pretty and go along with the match-makers arrangements, and I absolutely won’t embarrass you. Things have already reached this stage; I don’t want to run anymore either.” 


She laughed, but her smile was bleak. Seeing this, the youth’s heart ached. 


He doted on her, truly, and he always had. Otherwise, he never would have taken her down to the Lower Realms to play after becoming a supreme. 


If possible, he’d take her place and submit to an arranged marriage instead.


If things hadn’t changed within the clan, if the elders weren’t deeply concerned about the clan’s future, he would never have had the heart to coerce his little sister into something she didn’t want. 


“Before father departed, he entrusted me with this and told me to give it to you before your wedding.” The youth sighed, then took a wooden box from his spatial ring and placed it on the make-up table. Zi Xia didn’t so much as glance at it. Instead, she looked through the window and saw the youth silently shaking his head.


“If you want to blame someone,” he said, “blame me for my incompetence. I’m not strong enough to save us from calamity on my own, so I have no choice but to sacrifice you to bring peace and stability to the family.”


“Don’t say all that,” said Zi Xia.


“Alright then. I’ll be on my way.” The youth grimaced, turned to the servants and reminded them to make Zi Xia look beautiful, then left.


Only when he was gone did Zi Xia stretch her hands out from her long red sleeves.


She hurriedly snatched the wooden box up and opened it.


Inside was a key fragment. It looked like an antique of who-knows-how-many-years. After a few deep looks, Zi Xia closed the box once more. She put it away then examined herself in the mirror, her gaze endlessly bleak.


“Hm?” Ye Zichen’s gaze turned solemn. He instinctively rubbed his pocket, but his gaze was locked onto Zi Xia’s room. His frown deepened.


The Great Sage was too distracted to notice Ye Zichen’s unusual behavior.


He’d just clearly sensed the object in his pocket transmitting some sort of fluctuation, but only a moment later, the sensation disappeared.


“I wasn’t imagining it, was I?” Ye Zichne couldn’t help but mutter to himself.


He shook his head and cast these unnecessary thoughts aside, but he still glanced at Zi Xia’s room. It was then, however, that his phone started to beep.


Ye Zichen didn’t want to disturb the Great Sage, so he clutched his phone and retreated a hundred meters back.


He opened his social media software and saw that none of his contacts had sent him a message, but that there was a new red number “one” on the new contacts tab. 


Ye Zichen hadn’t seen anything like this in a long time. He clicked on new contacts to see who it was who wanted to add him.


Then, he glanced at the accompanying message….


“I’m the Hermit Emperor!”




Ye Zichen was stunned for several breaths of time. He confirmed several times that this was a verified account, then he opened the profile picture just to be sure.


“It really is the Hermit Emperor!”  

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but be stunned at Zuo Mo’s efficiency.


Wasn’t this just too fast? He’d barely been in the Yao Realm for a few days, but Zuo Mo had already spread phones so far that they’d reached the likes of the Hermit Emperor?  No, wait!


If it were just a matter of spreading phones, the Hermit Emperor couldn’t possibly have learned his id number.


But no matter how it happened, Ye Zichen was ninety percent sure that the person contacting him was indeed the Hermit Emperor. He didn’t dare delay. He hurriedly accepted the request.


“Little Friend Ye, it’s me, the Hermit Emperor.” The message directly appeared on screen. Before long…


“This little toy you developed is quite interesting. Well? Have you reached the Northern Kingdom yet?”


“Senior Hermit Emperor,” Ye Zichen replied. “We got here yesterday.”


“Oh? It seems I can even reach you in the Yao Realm. That little girl really didn’t deceive me.” The Hermit Emperor exclaimed, then continued, “Then you must have heard about the wedding in Violet City!”

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