Chapter 1482 - Sorrow

When the waiter brought up the Fairy Zixia, or rather, “Zi Xia,” Ye Zichen froze entirely.


In his memories, she belonged with Supreme Treasure, the Great Sage’s past incarnation. Although their initial love story had a less-than-satisfying end, Ye Zichen believed in their love from the bottom of his heart.


He’d only recently learned from the Great Sage that the fairy Zixia actually existed…


He knew of their complex emotional ties, but now the waiter was saying that Zi Xia was about to marry the city lord’s son.


Suddenly, Ye Zichen regretted his initial curiosity. Why’d he have to go and ask a thing like that?

 If he hadn’t asked who the city lord’s son planned to marry, he wouldn’t have known that Zi Xia was the target of their marriage alliance. Then, the Great Sage wouldn’t have…


Ye Zichen looked at the still wide-eyed Great Sage and the clearly-terrified waiter.


The waiter realized he’d said something he shouldn’t and somehow offended these two experts. He gulped, then carefully shrunk back, too afraid to even breathe too hard.


Ye Zichen rose to his feet, sighed, and looked at his companion. “Great Sage….” He wanted to say something, but despite a bellyful of emotion, he couldn’t form a coherent sentence.


The Great Sage’s aura billowed around him, even more intense than before. His imperial-level aura was more than heaven and earth could bear. Beneath this overwhelming, overflowing spiritual pressure, the restaurant’s other diners felt their hair stand on end. They turned to gaze at the Great Sage, their eyes wide and their hands trembling at his heaven-shaking fury.


Beneath this intense pressure, the wine jugs stored in the cellar burst, and immortal and divine brews formed a river on the floor.


Before long, the Great Sage’s fury enveloped the entire city. Countless experts, both peak diviners and rulers, instinctively glanced toward the restaurant. Despite themselves, they felt a chill from head to toe.


In terms of overall power, this city wasn’t even third-rate.


On an ordinary day, even diviners were rare, glorious existences here. Now, the Great Sage was leaking imperial-level spiritual pressure. His aura spread out, surrounding the entire city, striking fear into the hearts of all the citizens. 


The procession had yet to leave the city. Their remaining horses neighed in terror, and the youth, who was still nursing lingering resentment, froze. He stood there, unmoving, for quite some time.


Beneath the wait of his spiritual pressure, he felt his skin prickling. 


He felt as if he’d plunged into an endless demonic abyss, like a primordial demon stood before him, while he was nothing but a crawling, terrified ant.


The only ruler accompanying them walked up to him, then waved his hands, dispersing the overflowing pressure around the youth. He then urged the team to leave as soon as possible. Finally, he turned to the youth and said, “Based on this spiritual pressure, I know I’m no match. If you’d kept kicking up a fuss, never mind me, even if your dad showed up, he couldn’t protect you. Do you understand?”


Even beneath the middle-aged man’s protection, the youth could still sense the terror contained in that aura. His eyes flickered non-stop with shock and horror.

 When they first left, he’d even faulted the middle-aged man, and he’d nursed a grudge against Ye Zichen and the Great Sage, inwardly cursing them nonstop.


He’d even considered, upon his return to Violet City, sending someone to investigate their backgrounds, then settle the score once and for all!


But now…


He was truly terrified.


The procession left in all its splendor, while the people still in the restraint flung themselves onto the ground. Although the Great Sage’s fury wasn’t targeted at them, they were so close and his rage was so intense that mere sky supremes like them couldn’t take it.


News of Zi Xia’s impending marriage seemed to have made the Great Sage insane. His eyes were red and flashing with gold. Ye Zichen could tell that, in his current stage, the Great Sage couldn’t hear a word he said.


When he saw the other diners’ plight, Ye Zichen knit his brows and dispersed the surrounding divine power.


At his level, he naturally wasn’t strong enough to completely overpower the Great Sage’s furious aura, but he could at least alleviate the pressure on the civilians somewhat.


However, at that moment, the Great Sage’s terrifying aura disappeared, suddenly and without a trace.


Countless secluded diviners and rulers heaved a sigh of relief. They’d really been worried that this unknown imperial-level expert would level the whole city.


The diners felt the pressure easing up on them. They crawled back to their feet, then scampered out the door. Most of them had yet to pay their bills, but the waiters were in no mood to worry about that.


They were all pressed, quivering, into a single corner. They didn’t dare so much as glance at the Great Sage. 


When the pressure disappeared out of the blue, Ye Zichen was stunned, but he soon withdrew his divine power as well. He gazed at the Great Sage, who’d taken his seat once more. The redness in his eyes had vanished, taking his fury with it. Now, he simply looked dejected.


“I see. So that’s how it is,” he muttered to himself. His fury’s sudden disappearance seemed inexplicable, but it was because he remembered what Zi Xia’s older brother had said to him on his last visit.


“So, she’s marrying the son of Violet City’s city lord?” With a bleak laugh, the Great Sage reached out and grabbed an exquisitely-crafted wooden box.


Ye Zichen glanced inside it. When it opened, his pupils furiously constricted.


Inside was a long purple and white silk robe. If he wasn’t mistaken, it was the very same one the Great Sage had worn as Supreme Treasure all those years ago.


Even now, thousands of years later, he’d kept it in perfect condition.


Eyes bloodshot, he carefully touched the robe. Pure white tears welled uncontrollably, then streaked down his cheeks. He slammed the box shut, then returned it to his spatial ring.


Ye Zichen watched his play out. He wanted to say something, but the Great Sage stopped him.


“Never mind all that, Ye-zi. Let’s drink!” said the Great Sage. Then, without so much as another look, he called out, he called out “Waiter! Bring wine!”


The Great Sage’s spiritual pressure had popped all the restaurant’s wine jugs, so the waiters didn’t know what to do. It was then that Ye Zichen took several jugs of wine he’d bought back in the God Realm and passed them to the Great Sage.

 Without another word, the Great Sage took one and poured it down his throat.


He didn’t need rose wine now. He just wanted to get drunk.


A full day and night passed like that.


The restaurant didn’t serve so much as a single other customer during this time. Ye Zichen stuck by the Great Sage’s side. He’d already lost track of how much wine the Great Sage drank or how many times his eyes welled up with tears. 


He was undoubtedly in deep pain, and he wanted to drown his sorrows in alcohol.


But he was an imperial-level expert. How could he possibly get drunk? Unfortunately, the more he drank, the clearer-headed he got, and the more aware he was of Zi Xia’s imminent wedding. 




When the Great Sage called for him, a waiter approached, trembling with every step.


It was still the tallest, strongest of the bunch. He was the only waiter working here who’d interacted with the Great Sage before, so it was natural that they’d assign him to this terrifying task.


“What can I do for you, sir? More rose wine? We’ve already brought in more.”


The Great Sage flashed him a melancholy smile and shook his head. He turned towards the waiter, whose legs were still quivering, and asked, “When do they plan to hold Violet City’s grand wedding?”


“Tomorrow at noon, but they’ll likely start welcoming guests that morning,” said the waiter. 


“I see.” The Great Sage waved the waiter away. The man ran, clutching his pants with every step, and disappeared. Then, the Great Sage turned to Ye Zichen and said, “Ye-zi, how about you help me tally up our bill, then accompany me to Violet City?”

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