Chapter 148 The Great Sage is my bro

Chapter 148 – The Great Sage is my bro

The sudden laughter stunned everyone in the room.

I, Old Sun.

Such a familiar feeling.

Ye Zichen, who was pressed onto the floor by Di Tian, grunted.

“You dare to bully I, Old Sun’s, bro. Heh…”

Di Tian felt his body lighten, then when he finally reacted he found himself floating up uncontrollably.

“Zeze, bro, you are in a pretty terrible position in this secret location.”


A peach appeared in front of Ye Zichen. Ye Zichen turned his head, then saw…

Upper lips that protruded over the lower lips, a forehead that stuck out of a sharp face.

The person wore a red and gold crown on his head, as well as a golden war amor.

Great Sage.

“What are you being stunned for? My, Old Sun’s, peach is not for free. Five bottles of Wahaha.”


It really is Great Sage.

Not only Ye Zichen, but Su Yan and the other people in the mansion were stunned as well.

Isn’t this the Sun Wukong from Journey to the West?

Why did he appear here?

Xia Keke was also shocked when she saw this. However, she very quickly revealed a smile, that others wouldn’t notice, on her lips, while retracting the golden light in her eyes.

“Bro, eat the peach!”

“Ai,” Ye Zichen answered, then raised his uninjured arm to receive the peach, before wolfing it down.

A warm feeling poured through the meridians of his entire body, while the pores on his body opened up as if they received a new life.

Meanwhile, the injuries on his body also healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At that moment, it wasn’t wrong to say that his body was completely changed.

His wounds healed.

The first thing Ye Zichen did was run to Su Yan and Xia Keke’s side to untie the ropes on their bodies, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fi-fi…” Su Yan stuttered for a long time without managing to finish. Both the Great Sage, who suddenly appeared in the mansion, or the injuries on Ye Zichen’s body… “You…”

“I’ll explain it to you later,” Ye Zichen rubbed Su Yan’s hair, then looked at Xia Keke, who was on the side.

She seemed rather calm, but her beautiful eyes were fixated on the Great Sage.

An envious feeling suddenly appeared in Ye Zichen for some reason.

F*ck, since the Great Sage arrived, all of his spotlights were stolen.


A million questions popped up in Ye Zichen’s mind when he saw the Great Sage walk over in person.

“Great Sage, why did you come?”

“Hey, isn’t it extremely easy for I, Old Sun, to come here?” Great Sage laughed. “Remember that Life-Saving Monkey Hair? I, Old Sun, would sense it when you are in danger, allowing me to teleport over to you.”

Life-Saving Monkey Hair.

Ye Zichen looked up at Liu Qing, who was in midair, in confusion. Wasn’t that monkey hair lost?

“But bro, this secret location of yours is extremely weird. It’s actually suppressing Old Sun’s cultivation levels, but it’s fine, a False Earth Immortal level is just barely enough!”

Earth Immortal!

False Earth Immortal!

What the hell are those?

Ye Zichen was extremely confused.

Was this the way the Heavenly Court marked their power levels? Di Tian seemed to have mentioned something like Spiritual Body, what was that?

“Bro, why are you blanking out? Before we met, I, Old Sun, felt that you weren’t this sort of person that wasn’t good at talking.”

“Ah… Haha… Great Sage’s arrival caught this sovereign off guard.”

Ye Zichen laughed dryly, while retorting in his heart.

What was he supposed to say in this sort of situation? He was completely confused!

“What’s to be off guard about this? I, Old Sun, have wanted to meet you for a ages.”

The Great Sage and Ye Zichen chatted rather happily, but everyone else at the side were completely confused.

For example, Su Yan. Or Di Tian, who was floating in midair.

As for Liu Qing…

“Sun Wukong actually came…”

Ye Zichen and the Great Sage chitchatted a bit more, before the latter scanned everyone in the mansion using his Fiery Eyes of Truth, before landing his gaze on Di Tian, who was in midair.

“Bro, what’s with him?”

“He kidnapped two girls of your bro, I was coming to fight him.”

“Hey, he’s capable,” Great Sage stomped his foot, then reached out towards him.

“Let go of me. I’m telling you, my older brother is a late stage Spiritual Body master of the Rogue Immortals. What’s more, my father is a Complete Spiritual Body master of the Rogue Immortals, if you don’t want…”


The Great Stage reached out and slapped Di Tian’s head.

“Spiritual Body. I, Old Sun, can slap that to death with a single slap. Threatening, I, Old Sun…”

All of a sudden, Great Sage revealed his savage nature.

“Bro, how do you think it should be handled?”


Ye Zichen smiled playfully. Who cares how the Great Stage appeared. It seems like the situation has been reversed.

When Ye Zichen recalled the pretentious look on the grandson, Di Tian’s, face earlier…

“F*ck, you dare hit me? Do you see this? The Great Sage. This is my bro. You dared to act pretentious with me just now… Hmm?”

“Get more pretentious!”

“Get more pretentious!”

Ye Zichen slapped down on Di Tian’s head every time he cursed.

Ye Zichen only stopped when his hands were numb from the slapping, “Great Sage, how would you handle it if it’s up to you?”


Great Sage revealed a troubled expression. During his journey to the west to acquire scriptures, he had become the Victorious Fighting Buddha. What’s more, in the western Buddhist Territory, he had also spent a long time reading Buddhist scriptures and abstaining from meat.

Although his ruthlessness was still there, it had decreased by a huge margin.

His Fiery Eyes of Truth could tell whether Di Tian was a monster or a human…

If he was a monster, then the Great Sage would have just directly slammed his staff down.

However, he was human…

“It would be bad if I, Old Sun… killed.”

Ye Zichen also understood the hesitation of the Great Sage. Thus, he nodded, “Then just transform him into something!”

“That’s fine, bro, what do you think he should be turned into?”

“Turn him…”

Ye Zichen smiled, as a great idea surfaced in his mind.

Ye Zichen walked out of Di Tian’s mansion with a Transformer in his hand an hour later.

Di Tian’s subordinates were all innocent people. Thus, Ye Zichen did not unleash his rage on them, and merely thought of it as gaining some merits for himself.

Meanwhile, Su Yan and Xia Keke continued to stare at the Great Sage.

Although the Great Sage helped him solve a huge problem, for his women to look at other men…

What? You said that the Great Sage isn’t a man, but a monkey?

Even if he’s a monkey, he’s still a male monkey!

Ye Zichen licked his lips and patted the Great Sage’s shoudlers.

“Great Sage, you’re too eye-catching in this secret location. Can you change yourself to dress insomething similar to what I’m wearing…”

“Sure, sure.”


White smoked arose, then the Great Sage turned into the black-shirted hulk Ye Zichen saw in Di Tian’s mansion just like a magic trick.


Stars sparkled in Su Yan’s and Xia Keke’s eyes as they exclaimed outloud.

Ye Zichen’s expression darkened once again.

F*ck, the Great Sage took the spotlight once again.

If it wasn’t for the marriage string remaining intact, and the affability level not decreasing…

He would even suspect the two girls of changing their hearts.

“Bro, what do you think about this?” The Great Sage raised his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen nodded with a forced smile, “Not bad.”

Although he was annoyed, but to be honest…

This Seventy-two Transformations was so amazing, if he could learn it…

That would be beyond amazing.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but clench his fist. He had to develop the industry in the Heavenly Court properly, so that he can quickly earn enough cultivation experience to buy a volume.

No, why did he have to buy it!

Isn’t the Great Sage here!?

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