Chapter 1475 - Late-Night Group Chat


Yang Jian had only shared a single bit of news, but it was startling enough that everyone else in the chat read it multiple times just to be sure.


Bai Haoyu.


There was no mistake. It was indeed Bao Haoyu.


Erlang Shen: For f*cks sake, it seems I’m sure to be exposed as a double agent. Why is that mangy mongrel, Bai Haoyu, here in the Xiao Family?


That was Yang Jian’s original message.


When they saw it, everyone sank into silence. This was an example of how, no matter how thoroughly you planned, it was always possible for things to go wrong. There was always a chance something unexpected would happen. Their plan to have Yang Jian infiltrate the Xiao Family had gone seamlessly, only for an unexpected variable, Bai Haoyu, to throw a wrench in the works. 


“No wonder that day, when the Bai Family patriarch self-destructed, I sensed a single presence fleeing. I thought I was mistaken, but it turns out it was him.”


After learning of Bai Haoyu’s identity, Ye Zichen recalled when he awakened in the Bai Family. After pulling Lin Ru and the others into the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, he’d vaguely sensed something fleeing from the blast. He’d dismissed it as an error. After all, the Bai Family patriarch was endlessly close to the God Emperor’s level of strength.


Even if the likes of Xue Yang were caught right in the middle of his self-destruction, they’d at least take heavy injuries. Ye Zichen found it hard to believe someone could just escape like that.


“Bai Haoyu!” He bit his lip, and the others looked utterly grave.


Xiao Ting didn’t have much of an understanding of Ye Zichen or Yang Jian, and might not understand their relationship, but Yang Jian and the Great Sage had fought Bai Haoyu before. Based on their display of loyalty, Bai Haoyu would have to be braindead not to realize that their friendship was sincere.


“Let’s kill our way into the Xiao Family and rescue Yang Jian,” said the Great Sage, furrowing his brow.


“Don’t.” Ye Zichen said gravely, immediately rejecting the idea. “Yang Jian safely sent us this message, and it doesn’t seem to contain any sort of plea for help. That means he’s yet to be exposed.”


Ye Zichen licked his lips, then typed out a line of characters.


Only Idealism: What’s your situation? Do they seem suspicious of you? If you’ve been exposed, don’t act tough; we’ll rush over and rescue you right away.


Monkey King: @Erlang Shen


Erlang Shen: No need. I’m perfectly safe.


He sat within the room the Xiao Family had arranged for him, then carefully placed seals around it. He stood by the window and glanced outside periodically, and he sent messages exclusively through his phone.


Erlang Shen: I had a few cups of tea with Xiao Ting, then said I was tired, and he arranged a residence for me. I’m the only one here, and I get no sense that he’s trying to lock me up or anything.


Monkey King: Didn’t you say Bai Haoyu is there?


Erlang Shen: Well, yeah.


Even now, he felt a thrill of lingering terror. He never would have guessed that the “recently-recruited” elite Xiao Ting spoke of was Bai Haoyu. When he first laid eyes on him, his heart rose on tenterhooks. He felt as if everything were about to go wrong, but when Bai Haoyu saw him, he merely nodded in greeting. 


Invincible Adorable Beauty: He didn’t recognize you?


Ultimate Charmer: There’s no way he wouldn’t recognize him, is there?


Erlang Shen: From the way he smiled, it seems like he knows who I am. I say that because, as we sipped our tea, he glanced surreptitiously at me more than once, and when he smiled, it didn’t reach his eyes. 


Monkey King: Hurry up and retreat, then. Sticking around is too dangerous.


Bai Haoyu was like a ticking time bomb. Who knew when he’d explode and spill the beans? Spending even a single day at the Xiao Family Estate under these circumstances meant unpredictable danger at every turn.


Erlang Shen: No!


In the face of the Great Sage’s concern, Yang Jian decisively refused his aid.


Monkey King: Do you want to die?


Erlang Shen: What are you talking about? Even if Bai Haoyu recognizes me, he didn’t say anything to expose me at the time. That means he’s unlikely to do so at all.


Erlang Shen: Or rather, he can use this to threaten me.


Erlang Shen: I want to wait and see what he’s up to. Then I can decide whether to retreat or not.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: Oh? I didn’t realize you were capable of such intelligence. @Monkey King, I think Yang Jian’s idea makes sense.


Monkey King: Way I see it, you all have something wrong with your brains. 


Erlang Shen: @Monkey King, Monkey, I see you’ve learned to care about your father. I’m gratified to see this.


Monkey King: My son, I’m just worried about my child. I’m afraid you’ll die in the Xiao Family, and I won’t even be able to retrieve your corpse.


Erlang Shen: Peh Peh Peh, can’t you be a little more optimistic?


Only Idealism: Quit bickering.


When he saw that these two clans were about to start fighting again, Ye Zichen hurriedly put a stop to it.


Although Yang Jian said that the Xiao Family wasn’t monitoring him, just being in their territory was dangerous, especially while sending messages. They had to make contact only with the utmost caution.


Furthermore, although Xiao Ting wasn’t openly monitoring Yang Jian, who knew what he was doing in secret?


Only Idealism: Since you’ve decided to stay, I’ll support your choice, but if anything dangerous happens, you are to leave immediately. We have lots of ways to deal with the Xiao Family. I don’t want to see you put yourself in danger.


Erlang Shen: Understood. If I sense even the slightest whiff of danger, I’ll run.


Erlang Shen: Let me tell you, though: I’ve only been here just under four hours, but I’ve already uncovered all sorts of useful info.


Only Idealism: What?


Erlang Shen: Like the Xiao Family Experts. They’re on a whole ‘nother level. I’ve yet to enter their inner courtyard, but I already sensed at least forty ruler-level auras. I’m sure there are more further in.


Erlang Shen: Also, I sensed an aura in there that seemed rather similar to the monkey.


Monkey King: Like me? A yao?


Erlang Shen: Most likely, although I only sensed it briefly, and my perception wasn’t all that clear. Also, I can all but guarantee that our info about the Xiao Family’s plans to betray the god race is legitimate.


Ultimate Charmer: Of course it’s true; Xiao Hu saw it himself.


“Xiao Hu saw proof of their betrayal with his own eyes?” Ye Zichen suddenly arched his brows and interjected. “Why didn’t you say so?”


“I never found the right opportunity,” said Xiao Yumei.


Ye Zichen thought about it, then agreed. Since Xiao Mei learned of Xiao Ting’s betrayal, it had just been one thing after another. They’d had no time to breathe, let alone discuss Xiao Hu.


Then, Yang Jian sent yet another message. 


Erlang Shen: It’s not a good time to talk any longer. Let’s continue later.


Only Idealism: Alright. Be careful.


Monkey King: Live well.


Yang Jian closed the chat group, then slipped his phone back into his pocket. Then, he narrowed his eyes and glanced at his doorway. “You’re here, so quit hiding.”


Before he’d even finished his sentence, a shadow emerged from the corner. When the light streaming in through the window touched the dark figure, Yang Jian knit his brows. The new arrival grinned and waved to him.


“How’d you get in here?”


“Well, I’m actually not just proficient with swords; I know a bit of the Dao of Space, too. I’m not an expert at it, but passing through a wall is no big deal. Rather, I should be asking you: how did you sense me so quickly? I’m actually rather stunned.”


“Hah? Drop the pleasantries and get to the point. Why are you here? It seems we’re not close enough to have a late-night chat like this, wouldn’t you say….” Here, Yang Jian paused, narrowed his eyes, and snorted. “...Bai Haoyu?”

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