Chapter 1471 -Severing Brotherly Ties

“The Upheaval Alliance is getting crazier and crazier.”


“Aren’t they? And here I thought that, after they showed up, things would calm down around here. Who’d have thought it would turn out like this?”  

“Shh, quit talking nonsense. I heard that the Upheaval Alliance is affiliated with the Profound Pavilion.”


You could clearly hear people insulting and deprecating the Upheaval Alliance throughout the city.


The people saying these things were, almost without exception, those who’d suffered a loss in profit due to the chaos. They’d complained to the city guards but were offered no solution. All they could do was endure and complain.


“It seems Yang Jian and the Great Sage’s behavior is having quite an impact on the people.” As Ye Zichen walked the streets, Xiao Yumei sent him a divine sense transmission.


He nodded. He hadn’t planned for this, but they were imperial-level experts, at odds with each other, not just squabbling children.


All he could do was, after settling his issue, order the alliance to compensate the civilian’s losses.


After returning to the alliance headquarters, Ye Zichen and the others headed directly towards where Wei Jie and the others were stationed.


“Why are all of you here?”  

“Alliance Head.”


“Big Sister.”


Wei Jie and Xiao Yan turned around. When he saw Ye Zichen, Xiao Hu seemed rather out of sorts, but he still grit his teeth and, clearly anxious, called out “Alliance Head” with the others.


Ye Zichen glanced at Xiao Hu, then nodded.


It didn’t matter what conflicts they’d had in the past. Now, they were allies united against a common foe. Besides, if only out of respect for Xiao Yumei, he wouldn’t act against Xiao Hu.


Although Ye Zichen said nothing, his nod signified his acceptance of Xiao Hu joining their ranks.


Everyone present was well aware that, whatever else you said about him, Xiao Hu had occupied a high rank for a long time. There was no way he’d fall to his knees and weep in gratitude. However, his attitude subconsciously, yet noticeably, changed.


Xiao Yan had planned to put in a good word on Xiao Yan’s behalf, but it seemed this brother-in-law of his could be quite forgiving and big-hearted.


The clashes overhead continued without pause. Hearing this, Wei Jie and the others’ expressions darkened.


“Earlier, your messages weren’t particularly clear. What exactly is happening here? Why are Yang Jian and the Great Sage? Weren’t they rather close?”


“This…” Wei Jie paused, then waffled, unsure of what to say.


“If you have something to say, say it directly. They’re both my trusted confidantes, but you are too. Although their cultivation is higher, you’re their equal in every other respect. Speak openly and without holding back,” said Ye Zichen.


“Actually, I don’t know the source of their conflict. I can’t figure it out either,” said Wei Jie solemnly. “But ever since they got back, they’ve been at each other’s throats. One wrong move, one wrong word, then this happens. They’ve fought several times already, but this time, it seems they’re really serious. They’re attacking far more viciously than before.”


“You mean they fought before this?” Ye Zichen knit his brows.


Wei Jie and the others nodded silently. Xiao Yan added, “You know how high their cultivations are. The likes of us aren’t enough to stop them.”


“I know that, and I won’t fault you for it.” Ye Zichen nodded, then asked gravely, “But why are they fighting?”


“Didn’t they fight for the first time the day Xiao Ting sent someone looking for Yang Jian?” asked Xiao Yumei.


“Father?” Xiao Yan arched his brows, but he quickly realized he misspoke. “Xiao Ting went looking for Yang Jian? When did that happen? Do the two of them have some sort of connection?”  

“That happened a long time ago.” There was obviously more to the story, but as the leader of the Upheaval Alliance, Ye Zichen was under no obligation to explain in detail. Xiao Yan and the others knew their place, so they didn’t ask.


Ye Zichen glanced up at the fight overhead. After watching for a bit, he snorted. “All of you, wait here. I’ll call them back down. This is the capital of the God Realm; it’s no place for the two of them to make a scene.”


“Should the two of us come with you?” asked Xiao Yumei and Pu Jingwan.


“No need. I’ll go myself. I don’t know what they’re arguing about, but if I go in person, there’s no way they won’t give me face.”


“But I’m afraid Yang Jian will….” Yang Jian started to warn him, only for Ye Zichen to cut him off. 


“Xiao Yan, watch your tongue.” Ye Zichen’s gaze darkened, and Xiao Yan subconsciously found himself at a loss for words.


In terms of credibility, he was still a member of the Xiao Family. Although his connection to Xiao Yumei gave him and Ye Zichen a certain relationship, in terms of believability, he still couldn’t compare to Yang Jian and the Great Sage.


He’d tried to warn Ye Zichen with only the best of intentions. As someone who’d once lived under the Xiao Family’s roof, he was keenly aware that Xiao Ting was targeting Ye Zichen.


He was concerned that Yang Jian was considering a betrayal, or that he was already working with the Xiao Family. That was why he’d said that. But in doing so, he’d forgotten: he and Ye Zichen didn’t have that sort of close relationship. His words weren’t enough to sway Ye Zichen or make him doubt his closest confidantes. 


Xiao Yan nodded silently and took several steps back. Xiao Yumei couldn’t help but chime in, “My little brother’s worried about you.”


“I know, but I’m certain that Yang Jian wouldn’t betray me.” Ye Zichen was fully in character, and he seemed as cold and unapproachable as could be. Looking at him, Xiao Yumei didn’t quite know what to say. 


Before she could react, he continued, “You, wait here. I’ll go take a look.”




Overhead, Yang Jian and the Great Sage’s lance and staff collided. From the look of things, they were really holding nothing back; each strike, were it to land, could prove fatal. Vast waves of divine power spread out, blanketing Heavenly God City in mist.


“Monkey, you’re sure holding nothing back.”


“You faithless, treacherous scum! At least my hands are clean!”


Two imperial-level experts roared at each other overhead. Just the soundwaves alone were enough to injure nearby earth supremes.


Ye Zichen chose that moment to get between them. “What’s all the racket?” 


He glowered at them both, his brows tightly knit and his fury readily apparent. “I told you to come back to protect the alliance and keep it intact, not for you two to cause a commotion!”


“Alliance Head!” Yang Jian and the Great Sage simultaneously cupped their fists.


Before long, the Great Sage snorted, “Please understand, Alliance Head. He…. Earlier, he had a secret meeting with Xiao Ting. They talked and laughed and everything. Out of respect for you, I decided not to pursue the matter, but back when we waged war against the Bai Family, he held back. Now, following our return to Heavenly God City, he’s contacted the Xiao Family in private, and repeatedly at that. The way I see it, he’s a double agent spying on us on the Xiao Family’s behalf.”


“Nonsense!” Yang Jian yelled, his face flushed with anger.


“Do you dare tell me that last night, just outside the city, you didn’t meet with members of the Xiao Family?” said the Great Sage solemnly.


When he heard that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but frown. “Yang Jian, is that true?”


“I…” Yang Jian paused. “Yes, it’s true. Some people from the Xiao Family came looking for me last night, but I rejected their invitation. Ye-zi, I’ve always followed you, and you ought to know my personality better than anyone.”


Ye Zichen looked at him, silent but intent. Seeing this, Yang Jian couldn’t help but roar, “You don’t trust me!”  

“I never said I don’t trust you, but since you’re following me, you ought to know of my grudge against the Xiao Family. If you didn’t say yourself that the Xiao Family had come looking for you, I would trust you without reservation, but just now….”


“They say power changes a man, down to his very nature. I wasn’t sure, but now, I believe it!” Yang Jian burst into laughter, the sound shaking the heavens themselves. The cultivators of Heavenly God City all felt chills creeping down their backs. 


“There’s no need to say all that. Come with me. I’ll investigate, and it’ll soon be clear whether you’re colluding with the Xiao Family or not,” said Ye Zichen.


“Investigate? You’re saying you’re going to investigate? In the past, you trusted me unconditionally. Now, you trust that monkey, someone who’s only just recently started following you, more than me! We’ve been bros ever since we were together in the lower realms! Ye-zi, you’ve really, truly let me down.” 


Suddenly, he raised his Erlang Lance and cut his sleeves clean off. “From now on, I cut our brotherly ties, just like I cut these sleeves. I break all ties with you. From now on, I’ll have nothing to do with you!”

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