Chapter 147 I, Old Sun, have arrived

Chapter 147 – I, Old Sun, have arrived

Ye Zichen’s expression turned even darker when he felt two girls’ determination to stop him from entering the mansion.

The other two girls, who were beaten by him until they couldn’t stand properly, also stood up from the ground with a struggle.

From the looks of it, they were going to prevent him from entering with their lives.

“Are your lives not the most important thing in your eyes?”

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. As time ticked away, he also became more and more anxious.

If this continues…

“I gave you guys a chance, but you didn’t take it. Then don’t blame me for ruining a flower.

Ye Zichen clenched his fist and decided to stop holding back.

“What are you standing there muttering there for?”

Blackie stood on the side of the window on the second floor of the supermarket, while Zhuge Kongming closed his eyes as light shimmered around his body.

“Stop disturbing me,” Zhuge Kongming frowned and did not open his eyes.

His right thumb continuously tapped the tips of the different fingers, and continuously muttered incomprehensible words like the daoists in ancient times.


A light flashed across Zhuge Kongming’s eyes, causing his eyebrows to knit together.

“Threatening, but not dangerous. Yet, the fortune telling displayed it as great danger.”

“What? Blackie was completely confused when he heard this.

However, Zhuge Kongming jumped down from the bed, “Tell me Zichen-ge’s position.”

“How should I know?”

“Aren’t you his…” said Zhuge Kongming, before realizing that he ripped the Ghost Controlling Sigil down the other day.

He slapped his thigh and clenched his teeth.

“Heaven’s Eye, Open.”

A silver vertical eye, just like Erlang Shen, Yang Jian’s, third eye appeared on his forehead.

Blackie was completely shocked, causing him to gulp.

Not long later, Zhuge Kongming opened his eyes once again and snorted, “Di Tian, this piece of trash… Blackie, come, let’s go to save Zichen-ge.”


The clock ticked.

Di Tian, who saw on the sofa, smiled. Then, he snapped while putting down his wine glass.

“Times up. Do it.”

His feminine smile caused people to shudder, while Xia Keke and Su Yan got a bit worried. No matter how strong they acted, it was impossible for them to not be afraid when a knife was on their face.




The slow, yet clear sound of footsteps rang out from the mansion’s living room. Ye Zichen slowly walked towards Di Tian as he drug Hao Wen expressionlessly by the collar with his right hand.

There were several shocking wounds on his chest that blood slowly flowed down from.

However, he ignored them and remained expressionless…

And continued to walk forward.


Ye Zichen casually threw Hao Wen in front of Di Tian. Ye Zichen had never met him before, but he could be sure that the person in front of him was Di Tian.

“This is the person you wanted, now let my people go.”

“Ye Zichen.”

“Riche Bro.”

Su Yan and Xia Keke screamed out when they saw his heart-breaking wounds.

Ye Zichen turned around and smiled towards then. Then, he turned back towards Di Tian after giving them a reassuring gaze.

“Very good, very strong.”

Di Tian clapped his hands and stood up from the sofa.

He wasn’t very tall, and only reached Ye Zichen’s shoulders when he stood up.

He looked down at Hao Wen, who was beside his feet, then looked up and took a glance at the two women who were controlling Su Yan and Xia Keke.

“Do it.”

“F*ck off.”

Ye Zichen lifted his leg and hooked Hao Wen, then chucked him onto the two women.

Immediately after that, he grabbed hold of Di Tian’s collar and lifted him.

“Grandson, what do you want?”

“Let go of Young Master.”


Two men and two women suddenly appeared beside Ye Zichen. All four of them held sharp daggers in their hands, as they pointed it on two fatal spots.

Ye Zichen continued to hold Di Tian by his collar and said coldly, as if he didn’t hear anything, “I already brought the person over to you. You said it on the phone that I was going to exchange Hao Wen for the two of them. Do you want to go back on your words?”

“But I wanted someone alive.”

Di Tian’s eyes glanced over Ye Zichen like a viper. Ye Zichen pushed Di Tian away and looked at Hao Wen, who was lying on the ground without moving, then laughed coldly, “I can cure him and bring him back alive.”

“No need,” Di Tian shrugged with a smile. “I was going to take his life after you brought him over. Now, it saved me some effort.”

“Then… Let them go,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

However, DI Tian shrugged with a smile, then brought his ponytail to the front and looked at Ye Zichen.

“Sorry, I place an importance in a deal. You lack the chips for the trade, so it cannot be done. I’ll be taking these two girls.”

“F*ck you.”


Ye Zichen knocked the four people surrounding him away, then clawed at Di Tian with his right hand.

“False Spiritual Body, do you really think that you’re invincible?”

Di Tian reached out with a mere two fingers and blocked off Ye Zichen’s attack.

Then, he raised his leg and kicked Ye Zichen’s chest.

The chest, which was already wounded, started to continuously bleed after the kick.

Ye Zichen squatted down in the living room of the mansion with a pale face.

The man in front of him was very strong, he was so much stronger than the delinquents he had met before.

Most importantly, False Spiritual Body.

What the hell did that mean!?


Ye Zichen did not have that much time to think. He immediately applied some force into his legs and dashed towards Di Tian. He must deal with this man, then bring Su Yan and Xia Keke away.


Regardless of how many he tried, he still felt like he was ramming into a wall.

“Ye Zichen, never mind…”

Su Yan shook her head helplessly. Every time Ye Zichen dashed forward and got smacked back, she felt really pained in her heart.

Xia Keke, who was on the side, already turned silent, but a faint golden shimmer could be seen in her eyes.

“Di Tian!”

A roar sounded out in the living room.

Ye Zichen disregarded the bloodstains and pain on his body, and dashed madly towards Di Tian.

This time, Di Tian did not send him flying…


Di Tian dislocated Ye Zichen’s right arm, then flipped his right hand, and used his left leg to push Ye Zichen’s back, forcing his head onto the floor.

“I said more than once that I don’t like a person that comes off too strong. Most importantly, I’m someone that means what I say. I’m taking these two girls, so you can’t bring them away, do you understand?”

“Di Tian, I’m going to kill…”


Di Tian stepped forcefully onto Ye Zichen’s leg, while squinting his eyes, before laughing beside Ye Zichen.

“I think you’re seeking death.”

“Haha… Di Tian, I’m going to kill…”

“You won’t have a chance.”

With that, Di Tian’s right hand emitted a faint light as he smacked towards the back of Ye Zichen’s head.


Xia Keke shouted loudly, while the golden color in her eyes became more obvious.

However, at that moment, a faint figure suddenly appeared in the mansion.

“Haha, I, Old Sun, have finally arrived!”

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