Chapter 1469 - Then I’ll Just Have to Go

Xue Mo woke up, but only briefly.


That she fell asleep as soon as Ye Zichen told her to wasn’t because he’d learned to control others with his voice alone. Rather, he’d severed her connection to his celestial fate.


He’d extended it to her now just to see if it could really wake her up.


Brief as her awakening was, he already had his results: imperial celestial fate really could wake her from her coma. So long as he constantly maintained the link between them, she could live like an ordinary person.


But he couldn’t do that, and the great emperors couldn’t let him do that. “What do I have to do next? How do I make her wake up for real?” Ye Zichen was utterly solemn. “What happened just now proves that imperial celestial fate really can make her up, but ultimately, she’s not the master of the Emperor Star. I can send my celestial fate into her body, but she can’t retain it. I have to constantly maintain the link for her to remain conscious.” 


“Naturally, only the bearer of the Emperor Star can retain imperial celestial fate. But then, there’s a certain someone out there who isn’t the bearer of the Emperor Star, yet maintains his grip on celestial fate, isn’t there?” the Hermit Emperor laughed.


Who was he referring to?  All of them knew full well: Zhou Wu.


In that era, the heavens sure hadn’t chosen twin emperors. The Master of the Stars, the bearer of the Emperor Star, should have been the Five Elements Great Emperor. Never mind the Emperor Star, rightfully speaking, Zhou Wu wasn’t even an Auxiliary Star.


Yet he’d usurped Five Element’s celestial fate and become the current God Emperor.


Other people might not know about this, but Ye Zichen was well aware.


Zhou Wu had obtained the Five Elements Great Emperor’s throne by trading away his heart in the Time Corridor. For the Hermit Emperor to say that, could it be that he knew the secrets of the Time Corridor? 


Did they have to locate the Time Corridor?


“Of course, Zhou Wu was a variable. He seized the Emperor Star’s celestial fate. All I can say is, he was born with good fortune. However, his method can only be chanced upon. You can’t force it.”


“Hermit Emperor, what are you saying? Can you speak clearly?” Zhao Qianling knit her brows.


The others were relatively clueless. Only a few people were inwardly aware of what the Hermit Emperor was saying, including Ye Zichen.

 Based on the Hermit Emperor’s words, it seemed he knew about Zhou Wu’s trip to the Time Corridor.


But it also didn’t sound like he wanted them to seek out the corridor again.


“There’s a certain item that can contain and seal the Emperor Star’s celestial fate within,” said the Hermit Emperor.


“What is it? I can order my people to find it and bring it back,” said Xue Yang.


As the Ocean Emperor of the Sea of Innocence and the lord of the Northern Divine Mountain, Xue Yang had the money, manpower, and resources to make such a promise.


Furthermore, he wasn’t the only one here: the Jade Pool’s Zhao Qianling, the Four Directions Palace’s Bi’an, the Society of Saint’ Great Emperor Chao Feng. If all of them joined forces to hunt for any given treasure, odds were, it’d take less than a day.


Despite Xue Yang’s solemn promise, the Hermit Emperor shook his head and smiled. “Where this treasure is, you and I cannot go. Star Lord Ye must go himself.”


When they heard this, the great emperors knit their brows. They could go far more places than Ye Zichen.


A place Ye Zichen could go, but they couldn’t….


Xuan Ji suddenly recalled something and arched her brows. Ye Rong glanced at her, and before long, she knit her brows.


At that moment, Ye Zichen turned and met the Hermit Emperor’s gaze. “What is it? Where is it? I’ll go!”




“You’re back!”


When Ye Zichen got back from Xue Mo’s room, Xiao Yumei was there waiting for him. Pu Jingwan was there too, leaning against a tree and tossing raisins into her mouth. When she saw Ye Zichen, she casually tossed the tray of fruit into the air, jumped, and landed beside him.


“Mm.” Ye Zichen nodded, but it was obvious he had a lot on his mind. Seeing this, Xiao Yumei silently stood beside him as he sat down and sunk deep into thought. 


Even in his dreams, he never would have guessed the treasure the Hermit Emperor spoke of was there.


He had to go there anyway, sooner or later. Now, Xue Mo’s situation was forcing him to go too.


“A coincidence?” Ye Zichen sat at the edge of his bed, his gaze distant as he rubbed his fingers together.


He didn’t know when it started, but once more, he had the sense that someone was leading him around by the nose, as if all of this was pre-planned and some mysterious person were pushing him down a pre-set path. 


He thought he’d already broken free of Gu Zichen’s control, and that his fate was now in his own hands….


Was Gu Zichen manipulating him behind the scenes?


He shouldn’t be!


As soon as the idea crossed his mind, Ye Zichen rejected it.


Gu Zichen understood his temperament, and he wouldn’t use this sort of underhanded method.


“This ‘flavor’ is really unpleasant.” Ye Zichen was lost in thought, and some time passed before he noticed Xiao Yumei standing protectively at his side. 


“You’re still here? You don’t have to worry about me; I was just thinking,” laughed Ye Zichen.


“I know you have a lot on your mind, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just let nature take its course. I don’t like seeing you frown like that,” said Xiao Yumei gently.


“Got it.” Being with Xiao Yumei always made him feel warm and tender.


She was so understanding!

 She never badgered him or jumped to conclusions. She was always warm, thoughtful, and patient. 

 She was starkly different from a certain someone.


“Ugh, I can’t take this! Can you please consider the other people in the room? You’re all over each other, and it’s gross.” Pu Jingwan rolled her eyes and let loose a series of complaints, completely ruining the atmosphere.


“Would it kill you to say a little less sometimes?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes too, then took out his phone. “Yang Jian and the Great Sage have been chattering away in the group chat, I bet.”


“That goes without saying. Since they left, those two nutcases have unleashed a veritable waterfall of messages in the chat group. Honestly, they’re both really concerned about you. I’m shocked that someone with your character would have such good, sincere friends. Such deep friendship! ...tch!” Pu Jingwan shook her head.


“‘Someone with my character’? I can’t just let you say things like that. What’s wrong with my character?” Ye Zichen’s eyes bulged. 


“You’re a womanizer. Fickle, ever-changing, obsessed with gathering a veritable swarm of concubines. In short, you’re a bad person.” Pu Jingwan looked at him and tilted her head.


Ye Zichen had nothing to say to that. He scratched his head, then opened his social media app.


It was just as Pu Jingwan said: in their little chat group of just five people, there were already 999+ messages.


Most were from Yang Jian and the Great Sage, but there were a few wisecracks from Pu Jingwan and comforting words from Xiao Yumei mixed in.


Ye Zichen scrolled through them, then sent a message of his own.


Only Idealism: No need to worry. We’ll see you soon. @Erlang [email protected] King


Pu Jingwan and Xiao Yumei received this message as well. When they saw it, they both glanced at Ye Zichen, then heard him say, “Pack up your things. We’re heading back to Heavenly God City!”

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