Chapter 1463 - In the Sea, I’m Invincible

New waves quickly swallowed up the shattered ice. The water surged and roiled, and yet, amidst the waves, a rift formed.


Right before their very eyes, the surface of the sea split. The rift descended, as if a knife had chopped the sea in two. There was dimly discernable, deep-blue radiance underwater, far beneath the turbulent surface and right at the limits of their vision.


The “visiting” major powers’ expressions grew solemn.


They could sense that, whatever was down there, it was enough to threaten even them.


They didn’t know when he’d put it on, but Xue Yang now wore pure blue robes, and a radiant golden mark had appeared between his eyebrows. 


A godhead.


This was the godhead Xue Yang had condensed before becoming the Ocean Emperor.


When they saw it, the great emperors were all visibly stunned despite themselves. They hadn’t even known that Xue Yang had attained divinity. They weren’t ignorant; those who knew of this were few and far between.


Even Bi’an’s eyes widened with undisguisable astonishment.


If he was a titled god, then the object hidden beneath the waves was surely….


His god-given artifact!  

“Do you know why they call me the God of the Sea?” Xue Yang calmly swept his gaze across the visibly stunned experts. He laughed, but it carried no mirth at all. “That’s because, so long as I’m near water….” 


There was an enormous commotion from the depths of the split ocean, and a deep blue trident shot forth.


As soon as it appeared, the turbulent waves intensified. The skies darkened until they were black as ink, and violent winds howled overhead.


The Divine Arbiter furrowed her brows, then created a separate space around herself.


The other great emperors did nothing as seawater drenched their clothes. They simply stared intently at the trident and godhead hovering overhead, as well as Xue Yang. He now embodied the God of the Sea!


“In the ocean, I am invincible! In the ocean, I am a god!” With that, whooshed forward, leaving afterimages in his wake, and took hold of his trident. He then thrust it at Beihan Shi.


“Icy Rain!” Frigid icy rain fell from the skies. Each drop was like a weapon, a divine-artifact-level dagger. If the raindrops fell on a living target, they were sure to leave a trail of blood behind.


“You truly understand nothing. Ice arts? In my ocean, I completely overpower you!”


Xue Yang then said coldly, “Turn into rain and return to the sea.”


The icy blades instantly melted into seawater and merged with the ocean. The Sea God’s Trident slashed through the air, opening a giant rift. With unstoppable force, it charged ahead and pierced right through Beihan Shi’s chest.


“Beihan!” Before the group could even react, the supposedly-stabbed Beihan Shi transformed into an ice sculpture and shattered.


“A substitute?” Xue Yang frowned.


Before long, Beihan Shi reappeared one hundred meters away. “I really wouldn’t have guessed that this trip would lead to such a delightful discovery. So, the Sea of Innocence’s Great Emperor Xue Yang is a titled god.”


“Hah….” Xue Yang laughed coldly.


“Everyone, as I’m sure you all saw for yourself, there is absolutely no way I can handle Xue Yang on my own. Don’t just stand around and watch the show. Lend a hand! Don’t forget why we’re here,” said Beihan Shi.


When the other major powers heard this, their divine power surged. Only the Divine Arbiter remained uninvolved, as if this had nothing to do with her. On the surface, she wasn’t even paying attention.


“Ol’ Xue!” Bi’an shouted, but Xue Yang simply smiled and shook his head, indicating that Bi’an was to stay put.


Then, they watched as his Sea God’s Trident lit up with radiant light.


“Burial at Sea!” At his call, the entire ocean seemed to soar into the air, forming a ten-thousand-foot-tall giant of pure seawater. The giant swung its fist, sending the great emperors crashing down to the sea. 


“Devouring Seas!” When the experts landed in the water, the ocean split, forming a great abyss once more. Then, it swallowed all of them up.


“Frigid Ice, Condense!” Beihan Shi knit his brows.


The sea froze once more, but his icy seal couldn’t restrict the turbulent waters. Wherever the water started to freeze, the turbulent waves immediately shattered the newly-formed ice.


The other major powers had yet to unleash their skills when the seawater bore down on them and immobilized them. They couldn’t move a muscle!


Xue Yang seized the opportunity, blurring into a streak of light. He charged King Luoyang and stabbed….


“Stay your hand!” At that moment, there was an urgent shout from the direction of Innocence City. The sound of that familiar voice made Xue Yang instinctively lower his trident. He’d planned on stabbing King Luoyu through the eyes, but his aim wavered, and he stabbed him through the shoulder instead.


King Luoyu cried out in pain. He had sunk partway into the water and wanted to emerge, but he felt as if countless hands were dragging him back down; he couldn’t move.


His blood gradually dispersed into the water. When the vicious beasts beneath the waves sensed this, they stealthily gathered around.


Xue Yang stayed his hand, then glanced towards the shore and Innocence City.


“Why are you here?”


“What are you doing?” Zhao Qianling glared at him, then shot Xue Yang a few pointed glances. They’d once been husband and wife, so even though they were long-since divorced, they still had a bit of tacit understanding between them. Her glances were enough to communicate her intended meaning.


“Quickly, let them go. You’re making enemies for the Sea of Innocence.”


“I said, Little Mo’s injuries are severe, and she needs to recover in peace, but these people don’t know what’s good for them. Despite repeated urgings, they kept insisting on barging into my estate. I had no choice but to teach them a lesson,” snorted Xue Yang.


“Even so, you can’t act like this. Don’t you know who these people are? If you hurt them, do you think the Sea of Innocence can bear the consequences?” Zhao Qianling was ready to argue if need be. “Hurry up and let them go. Then, we can sit down and talk things over.”


“Calm!” Xue Yang shouted, and the turbulent seas regained their usual tranquility.


The invaders, who’d practically been swallowed up, frantically scampered back into the air. The vicious sea creatures sensed their targets disappear, then left in disappointment. 


“Xue Yang!”


King Luoyu clutched his wounded shoulder. The Satsuma King had already sealed his blood vessels and fed him recovery medicine.


“What? You’re not convinced?” said Xue Yang gravely.


His sinister glare instantly shut King Luoyu’s mouth. He still felt lingering terror after the seas rose up and entrapped him.


“Still acting violent?” Zhao Qianling glared viciously at Xue Yang, then dragged him aside. She turned to the others and laughed, “Please, everyone, don’t take offense. Our daughter is severely injured, and it really isn’t a good time for you to enjoy our hospitality. Our daughter is very fragile and vulnerable right now, and any vicious or murderous intent could make her condition worse.”


“It’s my first time hearing of it,” said the head of the Nine Li.


“Ask the Divine Arbiter; she ought to be able to vouch for me. She should know better than anyone just how severe my daughter’s wounds are.” Zhao Qianling glared at the Divine Arbiter, her eyes glinting with cold light.


The others looked over at the Divine Arbiter, then heard her say, “The second princess of the Xue Family is indeed severely injured. However, Master of the Jade Pond, the way you phrased it makes it sound as if I am responsible for your daughter’s wounds. Furthermore, when the God Emperor sent me here, he entrusted me with saint-grade medicine to give to your daughter.” 


“So what you’re saying is, you’re still set on entering the Xue Family Estate?” said Zhao Qianling. None of them said anything, so after a moment’s hesitation, she continued, “Then come on it. However, out of consideration for my daughter’s injuries, please restrain your auras to prevent her condition from getting any worse.”


“Zhao Qianling!” shouted Xue Yang.


“You shut up. They came all this way, so they’re our guests. Can you afford to offend so many people?” Zhao Qianling faced his anger head-on, then smiled. “Everyone, this way, please!”

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