Chapter 146 False Spiritual Body

Chapter 146 – False Spiritual Body

The wine within the glass was a terrifying blood red. When Di Tian drank it all in a gulp, wine flowed down the corner of his mouth to his neck, causing people to feel an unusual chill in their hearts.

Di Tian snapped the wine glass at the stem, then walked in front of Su Yan’s face and softly slid the foot of the glass across her cheek, “Afraid?”

Su Yan’s body trembled slightly. No matter what, she couldn’t be afraid. As long as Di Tian used even just a tiny a bit of strength, her face would be scarred.

“I’m very satisfied with your current appearance. Terror, reluctance, resentment… I like it a lot.”

“Just wait for death. Ye Zichen definitely wouldn’t let you off after he arrives,” Xia Keke glared at him and shouted in anger.

Di Tian frowned, while a hint of dissatisfaction flashed across his eyes, “Very strong, don’t you believe that…”


The foot of the glass slid across Xia Keke’s face, leaving a faint line of blood.

“Aiya, so sorry, I didn’t control my strength. Hurry up and get her a bandaid!”

“Riche Bro won’t let you off,” Xia Keke shouted.

At the same time, Su Yan also scolded in anger, “Di Tian, what you’re doing is illegal. My dad nor my grandpa would let you off.”

Di Tian revealed a playful smile as he snorted, “Do you think I think much of the Su family? You have been captured by me for so long, do you see your father or grandpa anywhere?”

Then, Di Tian returned to the sofa with a snicker.

He looked up at the living room clock.

“Get ready, it’s nearly time. Slice their faces one for every minute that passes.”


A dagger shining with a cold light suddenly appeared in the hands the two girls controlling Su Yan and Xia Keke.

“I wonder if you can make it,” Di Tian squinted his eyes and smiled.


The engine sounded out like thunder as Ye Zichen sped towards the address Di Tian sent him.

A palace-like mansion entered his sights, and there were ten off black-shirted hulks patrolling outside of it.

“Who is it, get out of the car.”

These hulks immediately surrounded Ye Zichen’s car, the moment it appeared.

“Di Tian told me to come find him. Let me in.”

“Young Master didn’t say that he was going to see any guests. Please leave,” said the man in a black vest, as he made a please gesture.

Ye Zichen immediately understood when he saw their actions.

Di Tian set this all up.


Ye Zichen clenched his fists tight and stared at the black door behind the twelve hulks.

Ten minutes remained.

Since you want to play, then let’s play.

Ye Zichen returned to the car and fastened his seatbelt, then smiled as he stared straight at the black door.


Ye Zichen stepped down the the pedal, causing the expensive Porsche 918 to speed towards the twelve hulks.

The black shirted hulks all instinctively rolled to the side, while Ye Zichen’s car crashed onto the metal gate without any hesitation.


A huge noise sounded out at the gate. At the same time, a screen appeared on the tea table in front of Di Tian, who was sitting in the living room, starting from an unknown time.

He raised his eyebrows when he saw Ye Zichen, who continuously crashed the car against the gate, and couldn’t help but smile, “He’s got a temper.”




The bumper on the front of the car had already been destroyed, but a huge dent also appeared on the black metal gate.

Gradually, the front of the car began to smoke, but Ye Zichen relentlessly crashed the  car against the gate.

“I’ll let you have a look…”

Di Tian turned the screen around.

When Su Yan and Xia Keke saw this, both of them screamed, “Jump out of the car, jump out of the car!”

However, their screams did not reach Ye Zichen’s ears.

He only had one thought in his heart.

Crash it open.

The twelve hulks were completely shocked. Di Tian had told them to stay there to delay Ye Zichen.

They didn’t think that Ye Zichen would use such an extreme method.

They stood dumbly on the side and watched Ye Zichen crash his car over and over again onto the metal gate.


At that moment, the metal gate fell.

At the same time, the car was completely unrecognizable due to Ye Zichen’s actions.

More and more smoke came from the front of the car, making it seem to get closer and closer to the time of explosion. Ye Zichen swiftly pulled Hao Wen from the car and jumped out.


The car exploded like a fiery lotus, while Ye Zichen, who had yet to reach a safe location, was swallowed by the lotus of flames.

“Ye Zichen!”

Within the mansion, Su Yan and Xia Keke screamed out loud. More importantly, Xia Keke’s eyes gradually turned gold, while her hair also started to turn from black to gold…

“Di Tian, you pissed me off.”

At that moment, a dark and cold voice sounded out from the screen.

Ye Zichen, who’s hair was completely burnt away and clothes were burnt full of holes, slowly walked out of the fiery lotus dragging Hao Wen, whose status was unknown, behind him.

“You’ve really pissed me off.”

Ye Zichen’s muttering continuously sounded out form the screen. When Su Yan and Xia Keke saw this, they begun to weep tears of joy.

At the same time, Xia Keke’s golden eyes and hair started to revert to their normal color as well.

“Interesting, it really is getting more and more interesting,” Di Tian laughed maniacally and looked at the time.

Five minutes remaining.

“Contact Team B to stop him!”

Ye Zichen started to walk forward step by step. The moment the car exploded, Ye Zichen had activated Unbreakable Body.

Even so, his body still suffered tremendous amounts of damage.

The only reason he could stand and continue to walk towards the mansion was due to his determination.

He had to hurry over in the set time and save Su Yan as well as Xia Keke.


Four short-haired women in skin tight suits blocked the way in front of the mansion.

Ye Zichen looked up and scanned his gaze across them, then snorted with his croaky voice, “You’re going to stop me?”

No reply.

However, the four girls instantly dashed towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen chucked Hao Wen to the ground, then the light in his eyes faded, while being replaced with an intolerable anger.



Ye Zichen directly punched one of the women. The woman, who endured Ye Zichen’s raging strike, instantly flew out like a loose kite, before coughing up blood and falling onto the ground.

The other three looked at each other, and saw the wariness in each others’ eyes.

However, due to Di Tian, they couldn’t help but force themselves forward.


Another woman flew out.

“Stop forcing me. I don’t want to hit women, but if you are going to come over. Then, die!”

Ye Zichen stomped the ground forcefully with his right foot, causing a huge crack in the granite ground.

The pupils of Di Tian, who was in the room, contracted.

False Spiritual Body.

He smiled slightly and looked up at the time once more.

One minute.

Di Tian lifted the walkie talkie and said one phrase, which rang out in the Bluetooth ear pieces of the four girls.

“Stop him for one minute, regardless of the cost.”

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