Chapter 1459 - Milky Way Diagram


“Eldest Sister!”


Down on the ground, Xue Beibei’s eyes lit up with delight, but before long, she scrunched up her brows and scratched her head. “This isn’t right. You should be here now!”


“Honghong.” Still carrying Xue Mo, Xue Yang knit his brows.


As for the Zhao Sisters, they were stunned, especially when they heard Xue Honghong greet Ye Zichen….


Marry her?


“Were you devoured by your own demonic energy?” Xue Honghong glanced at the vicious, demonic-looking Ye Zichen and sneered, “the man I, Xue Honghong, took a fancy too, wasn’t this pathetic.”


“Hmph….” Ye Zichen cocked his head and glanced at her. He clenched his fist and swung viciously at Xue Honghong’s face.


“Honghong!” Xue Yang and Zhao Qianhe shouted urgently.


Zhao Qianhe was so frantic that she rushed right towards them. The others cleared a path for her, but Xue Honghong merely smiled. She made no effort to dodge. Instead, she looked right into the demonic Ye Zichen’s remaining eye and laughed. “If this fist lands, I might die. Could you bear that?”


The fist instantly pulled back, stopping right before her nose. The illusory devil behind him stopped too. However, although the fist stopped, the wind of its momentum scattered her neatly bound hair and leveled the surrounding buildings.


A trace of fresh red blood dripped down her cheek. He’d stopped his fist, but the resulting wind still cut her face.


The deep red stood out against her pale face, but it perfectly matched her red clothes. 

 Zhao Qianhe stopped in her tracks, and the other great emperors remained in place. Although this situation was extremely dangerous, Xue Honghong’s appearance seemed to have calmed Ye Zichen down a bit.


“As expected, you can’t bear to kill me.” Her fingers traced the streak of blood on her face, forming a stark contrast with her pale skin. She raised her hand and held her finger up so Ye Zichen could see it. “But do you see this? You hurt me.”


“Ah….” Ye Zichen lost his former calm and roared. He forcefully covered his right eye, and his mighty aura burst forth.


However, he soon stopped again.


His demon energy intensified, and when he next looked at Xue Honghong, there wasn’t any trace of emotion left in his gaze.


“Honghong, be careful!” Zhao Qianhe called out a warning, but Xue Honghong merely laughed and took a step towards Ye Zichen. With each step she advanced, Ye Zichen took a step back.


He shook his head violently, then reached out to stop her advance. 


“You’re afraid you’ll hurt me again, aren’t you?” Xue Honghong smiled, her eyes like crescent moons, but she nevertheless took a big, sudden step forward and pulled Ye Zichen into her arms. “You hurt me, yet you want to run away? Do you really think I’ll let you off that easily? Remember this wound on my face. I plan to keep it for life. So long as I bear this mark, you owe me. You owe me, forever and ever, and until you pay me back, you aren’t allowed to let this petty demonic energy devour you. Don’t disappoint me, okay?”


She gently rubbed the blood on her fingers against Ye Zichen’s palm, and the purple glow in Ye Zichen’s remaining eye instantly faded. Xue Honghong didn’t stop there; she pushed him back, and he landed directly onto the prayer mat.


The surrounding great emperors watched this play out, their eyes wide. They were completely tongue-tied. The Starry Sky Formation diagram had magnified Ye Zichen’s demonic nature, stripping him of his rationality. Even the great emperors were helpless to save him, and yet, Xue Honghong’s sudden appearance had changed everything. She appeared out of nowhere, like a holy savior, and brought Ye Zichen’s back to his senses. 


“Four great auxiliary stars, what are you waiting for?” Xue Honghong roared, and four figures appeared overhead with Ye Zichen at their center. They each took up a position in one of the four cardinal directions.


In the East, the Minister of the Left. In the West, the Minister of the Left. In the South, the Literati Star. In the North, the Martial Star.


These were the four main auxiliary stars of this era: Yin Shang, Gou Yuzhan, Su Yiyun, and Su Liu’er.


“Liu’er?” Su Qingyan’s expression shifted; she was the current empress of the nine-tailed foxes, and the bearer of the Lunar Star, yet she’d had no idea Su Liu’er was the current Martial Star.


However, before long, her shock gave way to delight. The Martial Star….


Leaving the future of the Nine-tailed Foxes in Su Liu’er’s hands was truly an excellent choice!


“Yin Shang? That boy….” The elder from the Supreme Hall stretched out his hand. He was visibly stunned; it seemed he was acquainted with Yin Shang, but that he hadn’t known Yin Shang’s identity. When he learned Yin Shang was the Minister of the Left, he was so shocked, his whiskers practically fell off.


“It seems that boy is Emperor Hades’ one and only disciple.” Someone recognized Su Yiyun’s status.


Only Gou Yuzhuan….


He had an ahoge, and he looked slumped and disreputable, as if he hadn’t quite woken up yet. And yet, even looking like that, he stood amongst the four great auxiliary stars, occupying the seat of Minister of the Right.


“Who is that? The great emperors couldn’t help but look at each other. None of them knew who he was.


But the Auxiliary Stars’ mission was serving the Emperor Star. This was especially true of the Four Great Auxiliary Stars. If this youth was the Minister of the Right, there was more to him than met the eye. There had to be something special about him.


All four of them took their positions without wasting any words.


After taking their positions, they raised their hands into their air, and their pupils turned into stars. Starlight shot into the heavens, connecting the four of them.


The stars of the Milky Way illuminated, and the light of the Four Great Auxiliary Stars intensified. The starlight spread out and wrapped around the Emperor Star.


“Eighty-eight stars, activate!” The four great auxiliary stars shouted in unison. As they gave their order, all the stars illuminated with brilliant radiance. 




In the skies above the Xue Family Estate, the Lunar Star, Su Qingyan, felt her starlight rise uncontrollably into the Milky Way. Xiao Yumei felt the Milky Way calling to her as well. A pillar formed of pure starlight appeared above her head.


Even the Lord of Seven Stars in her sickbed and the star bearers of the Star Altar….


Anyone with a connection to the stars, regardless of whether they were consciously aware of it or not, felt their starlight rise uncontrollably into the Milky Way.


On this night, the Milky Way shone radiantly, the stars unusually brilliant.


They formed a beautiful Milky Way diagram.




Another wave of power emanated from Ye Zichen’s body, and a streak of golden starlight burst from the Milky Way diagram and poured into Ye Zichen’s forehead. Before long, Ye Zichen glowed with radiant, holy starlight, and his desiccated, ruined left eye regenerated, good as new.


“Dad, if you want to save my little sister, do it! What are you waiting for?” 


When Xue Yang heard her words, his expression instantly turned solemn. Still carrying Xue Mo, he dashed to the edge of the Star Diagram, then cautiously used his divine power to put her inside.


A streak of silvery starlight stretched from Xue Mo’s chest right up into the clouds.


This starlight was identical to Xiao Yumei’s.


The light of a Fated Star!


However, before long, the connection broke, and the beam of Fated Star starlight broke. The descending beam of imperial starlight split in two. Half of it streamed into Ye Zichen’s forehead, while the other half entered Xue Mo’s chest. 


Instantly, the air filled with the sound of Zhao Qianling’s tears. Imperial starlight had infused Xue Mo’s body. She finally had hope of recovery!


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