Chapter 1453 - Beibei Delivers Medicine

Ye Zichen had only just been ambushed, so when they sensed someone suspicious outside, the Great Sage and the others assumed it was the same intruder as before.


 None of them would have guessed that the person outside was Xue Beibei. Hadn’t she just left?


“Ouch!” Xue Beibei’s eyes were watery as she looked up at the Great Sage. He’d just kicked the door in without holding anything back; it was easy to imagine just how much force had been involved.


The Great Sage stood there in a daze, unsure of what to do. He wasn’t particularly good at talking to girls.


Especially young women like Xue Beibei. When he saw she was about to cry, he froze, uncertain.


Xiao Yumei and Pu Jingwan rushed over to her in his stead, then carefully examined her. Fortunately, she’d only suffered a few scrapes. Her divine power would quickly heal her on its own, even without medicine.

 “What are you doing?” said Xue Beibei, finally losing her temperature.


Xiao Yumei gently blew on her wounds, then said apologetically, “We overdid it. Ye Zichen was attacked today, so we thought the culprit had come back. Otherwise, we would have never…”


“It hurts!” Xue Beibei scrunched up her nose and rose to her feet. Pu Jingwan and Xiao Yumei helped her into the room.


When she passed the Great Sage, Xue Beibei pursed her lips and glared viciously at him.


The Great Sage could only smile apologetically and scratch his head, then nod at her.


“Beibei, why did you come back? Didn’t you just leave?” asked Ye Zichen when he saw who it was.


Without a single word, Xue Beibei took out a glass bottle and tossed it to him. Ye Zichen reached out, caught it, and opened it. A dense, medicinal aroma drifted out into the air.


“This is?”


“Ointment for your wounds,” pouted Xue Beibei. “I saw how serious your wounds are and went back to fetch this for you. My dad went to the Western Sea just to bring this back for me. It’s for external use only, and it’s precious. I couldn’t bear to use any of it myself, but I decided to give it to you, and yet you….” As she spoke, Xue Beibei’s watery eyes overflowed. She wept, sounding utterly wronged.


“Don’t cry, Beibei. The monkey just doesn’t know how to hold back,” said Yang Jian. He’d met her more than once, and they’d spoken quite a bit in the daytime, so when he saw her cry, he rushed to comfort her. “Hey, monkey! Hurry up and apologize to Beibei!”


The Great Sage grimaced, then walked over, knelt, and said awkwardly, “I’m very sorry. I used too much force just now. You’re not injured, are you?”  

When he saw that she was still crying, Yang Jian walked up to give the Great Sage a good whack. Of course, he didn’t use too much force. Still, it felt great. He turned to Xue Beibei and laughed, “See, Beibei? I hit the stupid monkey for you, so don’t cry, alright?”  

When Xue Beibei heard that, she glanced over. When he saw that, Yang Jian was even happier. At first, the Great Sage had endured this abuse because he felt bad about hurting Xue Beibei, but now, Yang Jian was clearly enjoying himself, and he wasn’t holding back as much, either. 


The Great Sage reached up and grabbed Yang Jian’s arm, his eyes glinting with golden light. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”


“What do you mean, on purpose? Aren’t I doing this to soothe Princess Beibei?” Yang Jian furrowed his brows.


“That so?” The Great Sage’s eyes flashed even brighter. 


“What, do you want to fight? Do you really think I’m afraid of you?” Yang Jian’s aura billowed outward as well.


One wrong word, and the two of them started whaling on each other. Pu Jingwan wanted to stop them, but when she saw Xue Beibei laughing, she decided against it. She’d already seen those two fight countless times. They’d stop on their own sooner or later.


“You clowns.” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh. They’d obviously just intended to put on a show to help Beibei calm down, but now, they were actually fighting. Now, they’d already taken this outside. 


“Thanks for thinking of me, Beibei,” said Ye Zichen with a warm smile.


“Hmph.” Xue Beibei wiped her eyes, then started playing tsundere. “You got injured avenging my sister, so this is the least I could do. If I’d been able to beat that Bai Yulong myself, I wouldn’t have needed you.”


“You’re right, of course.” Ye Zichen chuckled. 


At first, Yang Jian and the Great Sage had just thrown a few tentative punches to test each other out. It looked like they were having fun. But now, every attack was more powerful than the one before, and the sky rang out with mighty booms.


Even Xue Beibei seemed worried. She pointed up at them and asked, “Are they okay?”


“They’re fine. Beibei, you don’t know them that well yet, but once you two, they fight as often as other people eat meals,” giggled Pu Jingwan.


“Is that so? What a pair of weirdos!” Xue Beibei sneered.


Everyone in the Xue Family Estate sensed the Great Sage and Yang Jian’s fight. The other rulers reached out with their divine senses, but when they realized who was fighting, they stayed inside and ignored it.


However, only then did the great emperors realize just how strong the two of them were.


The Hermit Emperor walked outside, glanced at their battle, and sighed before placing new seals around Xue Mo’s room. After that, he ignored them.


That night, the two of them fought so hard, no one got a good night’s sleep.


Xue Beibei watched for a little while, then lost interest. She naturally sensed how strong they were too, but she’d grown up in the Sea of Innocence, and she’d met her fair share of imperial-level experts. This was nothing new to her.


She pursed her lips, then pouted at Ye Zichen. “Today, that moron came looking for me and said you had something you wanted to talk to me about. What was it?”


Ye Zichen paused, then glanced meaningfully at Xiao Yumei and Pu Jingwan. They both placed a few extra seals around the room, preventing any sound from escaping.

 Sensing the tense atmosphere, Xue Beibei couldn’t help but ask, “What are you doing? Is there any need to be so careful?”


“Beibei, what I want to ask you is relatively important. Can you promise me you won’t tell anyone else?”


“I can’t even tell my dad?” asked Xue Beibei.


“No, not even him.” Ye Zichen shook his head.


Xue Beibei batted her eyes, thought it over, then nodded. “Out of respect for my elder sisters, I can agree to that. Go ahead and ask.”


“Then I’ll ask you this,” said Ye Zichen, his expression utterly solemn. “Back when you led me to the dungeons, you didn’t follow me inside. Is that because you’re afraid of the person imprisoned on the third layer?”


“Who’s afraid? I told you, I just don’t like the smell,” said Xue Beibei proudly.


“Yes, I know you just don’t like how it smells in there,” said Ye Zichen with a nod and a hint of a smile. “But let me ask you this: do you know that there’s someone imprisoned on the third level of the dungeon?”


“Of course I do,” said Xue Beibei, as if it were obvious.


Ye Zichen’s expression turned serious, and he asked with the utmost solemnity, “Then do you know that person’s identity?”

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