Chapter 1450 - Someone Was Here

As soon as this message appeared, Pu Jingwan’s divine sense located Ye Rong.


She explained the situation, then told the others through the chat group. Yang Jian and the Great Sage rushed over


When Ye Rong rushed over, seven stars appeared over the roof. They interwove and connected like a celestial lock, sealing off Ye ZIchen’s room.


Xiao Yumei finally understood. No wonder she couldn’t break the seal no matter how hard she tried. No wonder she couldn’t produce even the slightest ripple!


She hadn’t expected Ye Rong to go so far as to use the power of the seven stars just to keep Ye Zichen in his room.


“Honestly, was that worth it? Is the person trapped in there your son, or a prisoner? The power of seven stars…. Wicked cool!” Xuan Ji had come with Ye Rong, and when she saw the celestial lock surrounding the room, she couldn’t help but give Ye Rong a thumbs up.


Even if she was worried about Ye Zichen running off, she needn’t have resorted to the Seven Stars Lock, right? 


“Seven Stars, unlock!” The lock shattered beneath Ye Rong’s shout, and the seal around Ye Zichen’s room vanished. Ye Rong immediately pushed open the door and rushed inside, the others hot on her feels.


Ye Zichen lay on the floor of his room, completely unconscious. The clothes on his upper body were undone.


“He’s dressed awfully casually,” said Xuan Ji. Despite the extreme tension in the air, she couldn’t help but cluck her tongue before coming inside to take a look around.


“He just fell unconscious. Put him to bed to rest.” After confirming that Ye Zichen had no serious injuries, Ye Rong relaxed. Yang Jian and the Great Sage put him to bed, then they all walked up to Ye Rong and Xuan Ji.


“Who discovered that Zichen was unconscious?” asked Ye Rong.


“It was me.” Xiao Yumei took a step forward. They’d all sent Ye Zichen direct messages, only to get no response. She’d felt a little ill at ease, which was why she rushed over, then peered through the windows to see Ye Zichen sprawled out on the floor. 


“When you got here, did you sense anything out of the ordinary?” asked Ye Rong.


“Nothing at all.” Xiao Yumei shook her head.


“Why are you asking her? Isn’t that a waste of time? She was completely focused on your darling son. When she saw him unconscious, how could she be in any mood to pay attention to anything else?” said Xuan Ji.


Xiao Yumei blushed, but Xuan Ji really had seen right through her.


Even if there were something out of the ordinary, Xiao Yumei hadn’t been paying attention. Seeing Ye Zichen unconscious had thrown her into a panic. 


“Aunt Ye, you’re asking this because….” Yang Jian knit his brows.


“Someone was here,” said Xuan Ji.


“Yes, someone was definitely here.” Ye Rong nodded.


There was no sign that anything in the room had been moved, nor were there any traces of an intruder. 


But the lingering smell in the room let the cat out of the bag. The intruder had done their job well, but there were still traces of an outside scent in the corner.


“Someone was here?” Xiao Yumei was visibly stunned. She’d personally witnessed Ye Rong’s celestial lock. Furthermore, before Ye Rong got here, she’d attacked the seal without reservation. She’d caused a huge commotion in the process, yet she hadn’t even come close to breaking the lock.


Yet now, Ye Rong and Xuan Ji were saying there had been an intruder...


How did they break silent into Ye Zichen’s room, knock him unconscious without him sensing the threat at all, then silently disappear?


Never mind the rest…. Just the fact that this was the Sea of Innocence, the Xue Family’s estate, made this place almost impossible to invade. You couldn’t just come and go as you pleased.


“The monkey and I will go out and see if we can catch whoever it was,” said Yang Jian. 


He and the Great Sage’s gazes were serious, but just as they prepared to run off, Xuan Ji stopped them. “Who exactly are you planning to chase? They’ve long since run off. Besides, if you two dunderheads run after them, will you even recognize your target? You haven’t even confirmed their aura, have you?”


When they heard that, both Yang Jian and the Great Sage came to a sudden stop. Xuan Ji, meanwhile, crossed her arms and glanced at Ye Rong. “If they snuck inside without breaking your lock, they must be in the same line of work.”  

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!


The sound of several figures cutting through the air emanated from outside. Shortly after, Xue Yang and the other Great Emperors walked inside.


“What happened? Just now, I felt an extremely powerful fluctuation of divine power.” These Great Emperors had been summoned here when Xiao Yumei kicked up a fuss.


Ye Rong glanced at Xue Yang, her gaze blazing with anger. She locked onto him, stunning him. He glanced at Xuan Ji; he wanted to know what was going on.


“Did you know there are holes in your Xue Family’s defenses?” said Xuan Ji.


“How is that possible? The Xue Family Estate doesn’t have any outside retainers, or even anyone with another surname. Furthermore, two elders, both top-class experts, and I formed a seal around the entire mountain. If so much as a grain of sand crosses the barrier, we’ll sense it,” said Xue Yang confidently.


“If I said there’s a gap, there’s a gap.” Xuan Ji glanced at the unconscious Ye Zichen. “Look, there’s already been a victim.”


Xue Yang and the other great emperors suddenly grew serious, especially Xue Yang and Zhao Qianling.


They were both hoping to use Ye Zichen’s imperial starlight to save Xue Mo’s life, yet now, he was in a coma. Furthermore, based on what Xuan Ji had just said, it sounded like this was the result of a sneak attack.


“Lord of the Big Dipper….”  

“Don’t bother explaining,” Ye Rong directly cut him off. “I didn’t bring Zichen directly back to the Star Altar, and instead followed you to the Sea of Innocence, purely due to my confidence in your Xue Family. This incident has disappointed me greatly.”


“This… this shouldn’t have happened!” Xue Yang knit his brows. 


“Six hours have passed since Ye Zichen fell unconscious, but no one in the Xue Family sensed anything was amiss. Of course, there was negligence on our part too, so we shouldn’t be standing here throwing blame around. Still, at the end of the day, this is the Xue Family’s estate, your territory. The whole Sea of Innocence is under your jurisdiction,” said Ye Rong in obvious fury. She seemed to have more to say, but she suppressed it.


But when she thought about the Seven Star Lock she’d left behind, and how someone had still stealthily slipped right past it and injured Ye Zichen, she knew she couldn’t fault Xue Yang for this.


“I’ll go out and investigate,” said Xue Yang.


“With what?” Ye Rong’s temper rose unbidden to the surface, but before long, she suppressed her fury once more.


“It’s alright,” said Xuan Ji. “Despite a string of misfortune, at the very least, the other party didn’t really want to kill Ye Zichen. But then, it’s still impossible for us to know what their true intentions were, or whether or not they’ll come back. We have no way of finding out.” She stopped and looked around the room.


“Them?” The other Great Emperors quickly realized what she was getting at, and how serious it was.


“It wasn’t just one person. There were at least three of them…. Otherwise, why would the Lord of the Big Dipper be so angry? Xue Yang, your Xue Family’s defenses really are full of holes. Otherwise, how could so many people with ill-intentions slip inside without you sensing anything, and without any of your subordinates reporting it? I advise you to…. Never mind, it’s not my place. This is your Xue Family’s private business,” said Xuan Ji. She seemed to have more to say, but she repressed it.


However, her hesitation, as well as what she’d said at the end…. 


What she wanted to say was simple: some people of the Xue Family already weren’t surnamed “Xue” anymore!

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