Chapter 1448 - The Situation in Heavenly God City


Meanwhile, on the Central Divine Mountain


Ever since Spirit City’s destruction, a surge of cultivators had entered the Central Divine Mountain’s other cities. 


Heavenly God City had experienced the largest influx, and the price of rooms at taverns and hotels increased fourfold overnight. The city’s various factions all saw their ranks increase as people rushed to take refuge under them.


“Have you finished your investigation?” In the Xiao Family’s forbidden land, the Lightning Emperor, Xiao Ting, sat cross-legged on the floor.


The power of lightning glowed and crackled around him, and the sky above him was overcast. From time to time, bolts of lightning came crashing down from above.


“We have,” said Uncle An. His decrepit figure bent at the waist, and he stood just out of range of the lightning. “Spirit City has been destroyed. The people flooding into the city are all survivors of the calamity.”


“Spirit City?” Xiao Ting knit his brows.


“News has been sealed, which is why we’ve been so slow to get this information. Based on my subordinates’ reports, Spirit City was destroyed when Bai Mingli blew himself up.”


“Bai Mingli self-destructed? So, you’re saying that Xuan Ji and the others went to Spirit City for the Bai Family?”


“That’s right,” said Uncle An with a nod.


Xiao Ting descended from his platform. Several serpents formed of pure lightning followed him, sticking their tongues into the air. He narrowed his eyes, then took a seat, pulled out something that resembled a cigarette, lit it, and took a deep puff. “Has the God Emperor made any moves? He’s been personally involved in developing the Bai Family, yet Xuan Ji and the others pushed Bai Mingli to the point of self-destruction. The Bai Family is undoubtedly gone for good. Surely he’s going to make a move against Xuan Ji and her cohorts?”


“There’s no news yet, and we’ve seen no sign that the God Emperor plans to act against them,” said Uncle An.


“As expected, Zhou Wu is wise and farsighted. He’s strong-minded, too.” The Lightning Emperor smiled indifferently, but although his words were complimentary, his gaze was mocking. 


He was keenly aware of why Zhou Wu had remained calm. There was nothing wrong with his response, given the circumstances. Indeed, he’d actually handled the matter beautifully.


Except, he hadn’t merely refrained from taking this up with Xuan Ji; he’d even tried to mend their relationship.


That was a bad move.


But, considering Zhou Wu’s current plight, even if it was a bad move, he had no choice but to steel himself to go through it. The power the Yuchi and Huangfu families displayed was far inferior to the other Divine Mountains’ Holy Lands.


Of his subordinates, the only ones he could put into play at the moment were the Shen Family. In the near future, he would inevitably contact the Divine Mountains that had yet to take sets.


“Then what about our neighbors?” asked Xiao Ting.


“They’ve yet to take shape. They’re not worth mentioning, and they have no experts to speak of. Xiao Yan is currently attending to their affairs, both big and small,” said An Bo.


“I really had a worthless son. Is there any news about Yang Jian?”


“He went with Ye Zichen to attack the Bai Family, and he has yet to return,” said Uncle An.


“That’s right. That kid only has so many experts, so of course he’d take Yang Jian with him. When they return, keep reaching out to Yang Jian.” Xiao Ting closed his eyes, but to his surprise, Uncle An hesitated. A long time passed, but the elderly page didn’t leave.


Xiao Ting’s eyes popped back open. “Was there something else?”


“There’s someone outside our gates who wants to take refuge under our Xiao Family,” said Uncle An.


“Can’t you handle something like that yourself?”


“He mentioned you by name, and I tested his skills and decided he was worth you making a personal visit.”


“Is that so?” Hearing that piqued Xiao Ting’s curiosity. “Let’s go, then!”




Just as Ye Rong asked, after she left his bedroom, Ye Zichen put his phone away and didn’t so much as glance at it.


Only when morning came and he awoke from his slumber did he reach for it. Without any hesitation, he pulled Yang Jian and the Great Sage into a new chat group, only for them to invite Pu Jingwan and Xiao Yumei.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: What are you thinking? I was still sleeping.


Only Idealism: Are you a pig? What are you doing, sleeping this late?


Invincible Adorable Beauty: Don’t you have a conscience? We thought you might reach out to us again in the night, so we waited for you well past midnight.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: If you don’t believe me, you can ask them!


Ultimate Charmer. Mmhmm.


Erlang Shen: Big Sister Pu is telling the truth, but sleeping late is still a bit much. We’re all rulers! We barely need any sleep at all to stay full of energy.


Monkey King: I, Ol’ Sun, am feeling great!


Invincible Adorable Beauty: ??? What are you two trying to say? @Erlang [email protected] King


Erlang Shen: Big Sister Pu, calm your fury!


Monkey King: Big Sister Pu, spare our lives!


They’d only just joined the chat, but they were already clowning around. Ye Zichen was in great spirits too, so he joked around with them as well for a while before finally getting to the point, the reason he’d made the chat group in the first place. 


Only Idealism: Last night, there was something I wanted to discuss with you, but I never got the chance. Let’s carry on where we left off. 


Invincible Adorable Beauty: (Serious face emoji)


Ultimate Charmer: What is it?


Erlang Shen: Go on and tell us.


Monkey King: You’d best keep your explanation simple, as someone in our midst has an underdeveloped brain. If your explanation is too complex, he won’t be able to understand it. (Wicked laughter)


Erlang Shen: I can’t help but feel like you’re talking about me. (Sinister emoji)


Only Idealism: (Teacher knocking on the blackboard.) Stop messing around. I have serious business to discuss.


The others in the group finally calmed down, their expressions serious. Before long, Ye Zichen sent a message to the group.


Only Idealism: After our battle with the Bai Family, we and the God Emperor are now thoroughly at odds.


Ultimate Charmer: It was unavoidable. The Bai Family was like his right arm, and now they’re gone. Never mind us; he now has a grudge against the Sea of Innocence and other major powers involved too.


Erlang Shen: He wasn’t a good person to begin with. We would have wound up enemies sooner or later regardless.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: You can’t put it like that. Before, although we were destined to become enemies, we kept that fact deep in our hearts. Now, our conflict is out in the open. 


Monkey King: Ye-zi, are you worried about Wei Jie and the others back in Heavenly God City?  

Ye Zichen was surprised that the Great Sage was the first to bring this up. Yes, he’d brought up the Bai Family because he was concerned about the Upheaval Alliance.


The Alliance’s headquarters were in Heavenly God City. He’d chosen this primarily to put pressure on the Lightning Emperor’s Estate, but he hadn’t expected his plans would change so quickly. As a result of Xue Mo’s injuries, he’d obliterated the Bai Family, and at the same time, formed a grudge with the God Emperor.


Heavenly God City was God Emperor Zhou Wu’s territory, and there were currently no experts stationed in the Upheaval Alliance’s headquarters. They’d left only Xiao Yan behind to manage the place.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: I almost forgot! The Upheaval Alliance is back in Heavenly God City! That’s right under Zhou Wu’s nose!  

Erlang Shen: We’ve really offended the God Emperor this time. The Upheaval Alliance won’t….


Ultimate Charmer: I doubt he’ll harm them. Besides, if the God Emperor really made a move against the Upheaval Alliance, we would hear about it.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: It’s hard to say for sure. All of Upheaval’s elites are out of town. Most of those who stayed behind are just earth supremes. Heavenly God City is the God Emperor’s territory, so wouldn’t wiping them out be as easy as turning over his fist?


Monkey King: I’ll go ask about their situation.


Only Idealism: No need. I’ve already asked. 


Before even forming the chat group, Ye Zichen had made contact with Wei Jie and learned that nothing had happened to either the Upheaval Alliance or the Profound Pavilion.

 After hearing that, he’d finally relaxed a little. However, he said nothing to his subordinates about the new enmity between him and the God Emperor.


The Upheaval Alliance was like a grain of sand in the God Emperor’s eyes. If Zhou Wu could bear it, Ye Zichen naturally wouldn’t break this delicate balance. But who knew just what the God Emperor was plotting? He had to be careful, just in case.


Only Idealism: Yang Jian, Great Sage, I plan to send you two back.


Erlang Shen: Back?


Monkey King: But what will you do then?  

Only Idealism: This is the Sea of Innocence; I can’t possibly run into any danger here. And if you go back, you can carry out the act we discussed earlier.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: You mean Yang Jian infiltrating the Xiao Family?


Monkey King: At a time like this? Will that really work?

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