Chapter 1446 - An Ambiguous Answer


In the end, Ye Rong let out a long sigh. She no longer staunchly refused, but rather, requested three days to think things over.


This was already an excellent result. The Hermit Emperor’s trip wasn’t in vain.


“Then I’ll just wait for your good news,” said the Hermit Emperor. He smiled, then turned to leave.


Ye Rong sat in her chair, her gaze solemn as she stared straight ahead.


Xuan Ji stood beside her, her eyes flashing. After a bit of hesitation, she started to speak. “What a surprise. To think she was also….”

 “There’s no need for you to say anything. I’ll spend the next few days carefully weighing the pros and cons, and I’ll send people to investigate and confirm the Hermit Emperor’s words. In three days, I’ll definitely explain myself to you,” said Ye Rong flatly.


“Hey, what are you saying? Do you doubt me and the Hermit Emperor….”  

“I don’t suspect you of anything,” said Ye Rong with a helpless sigh, but her eyes were gentle. “But surely you realize I know exactly what you’re thinking inside? Didn’t you follow me to convince me in the first place? You were sent to persuade me, but you performed poorly and let me persuade you instead, that’s all.” 


“Isn’t that because I was worried about you?” Xuan Ji pouted her lips.


“Yes, yes, you’re right.” Ye Rong couldn’t help but nod and chuckle. She leaned into her chair, then said, “It’s just, I’m really surprised!”


Xuan Ji nodded along, and her divine sense slowly pushed Yang Jian’s lingering divine sense away.


He’d already learned everything he was sent to find out. After this was their private conversation, a talk between friends. She wouldn’t let Yang Jian eavesdrop any longer.


“How is it? The Hermit Emperor already left.” Pu Jingwan frowned.


Yang Jian was still squinting in concentration and listening in with all his might until he felt Xuan Ji push his divine sense away. Only then did he visibly relax. A grin spread across his face.


This time, he didn’t explain anything whatsoever to Pu Jingwan and the others. He met their gaze, grinned crookedly, then looked down and started typing.


Erlang Shen: I’m back!


Ye Zichen had been waiting for Yang Jian’s next report. His expression instantly shifted; this news was of the utmost importance, as it would determine Xue Mo’s life and death.


Based on the results of Yang Jian’s earlier investigations, Ye Zichen already had some sense of what to expect.


If Ye Rong agreed, naturally, everyone would rejoice. If, after learning this news, she still refused to let Ye Zichen share his starlight with Xue Mo, he’d have no choice but to disobey her. He’d sneak out, contact the Hermit Emperor, and rescue Xue Mo.


If he was discovered, she’d at worst lock him up. If he pleaded and wheedled, his mom would forgive him eventually. It most likely wouldn’t cause too many problems. 


In any event, he couldn’t possibly just sit back and watch as Xue Mo died.


Only Idealism: How is it? Did anything change on my mom’s end?

 Erlang Shen: She said she needed three days to think it over. The Hermit Emperor said he was waiting to hear her good news.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: So aren’t you basically saying that she agreed?


Monkey King: We can’t be certain yet. She needs three days to think, but her decision remains unclear. She might still refuse in the end.


Ultimate Charmer: That’s right. In the past, when I did business, I feared nothing more than a client saying they needed a few days to think things over, as that almost always meant a less than ideal result. But that’s due to the nature of client/provider relationships. Zichen, you understand your mother better than any of us. Why has she asked for more time? You ought to know, right?


If this was the Modern Realm, for Ye Rong to say something like that meant there was an eighty or ninety percent chance she’d agree.


But right now, she was the Lord of Seven Stars, and it had been almost a hundred years since they’d lived together as mother and son. He didn’t dare say for sure that her personality hadn’t changed over time. 


Besides, earlier, Ye Rong had seemed completely determined to refuse.


A long time passed. Finally, Ye Zichen responded. 


Only Idealism: Hard to say. 


After all that time, his response was ambiguous. 


Invincible Adorable Beauty: I don’t think there’ll be any problems.


Ultimate Charmer: I agree. Aunt Ye dotes on you. Even if she doesn’t care about Xue Mo, she has to agree, if only for your sake. If Xue Mo dies, it won’t help you at all. It’ll only bring you unpredictable trouble.


Erlang Shen: It seems you all understand her status. I don’t, though. What’s so important about it? 


Monkey King: Eesh. What moron let you be the Star of Slaughter?


Xiao Yumei and Pu Jingwan froze in unison. They turned and took a few good looks at Yang Jian.


“He’s the Star of Slaughter?” Their eyes widened with undisguised disbelief.


When Yang Jian saw this, his eyes widened. “That’s right, I’m the Star of Slaughter. What of it?”


Invincible Adorable Beauty: This moron is the Star of Slaughter? I’m going to die of laughter!


Ultimate Charmer: It really is a shock!


Monkey King: Nevermind him. He’s simple-minded, a fool!  

Watching these messages flash by, Yang Jian’s face was practically green. He no longer responded in the group. Instead, he roared, “I can see you, you know! If you want to insult me, you could at least have the decency not to do it to my face!”


Invincible Adorable Beauty: It’s unbelievable! Yang Jian can actually tell we’re insulting him!


Ultimate Charmer: What a shock!  

Monkey King: We’re actually complimenting you @ Erlang Shen


“Don’t @ me, you’re all in this together. I can tell you’re doing it on purpose!” roared Yang Jian.


Monkey King: The nitwit’s lost his temper.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: How adorable! @Erlang Shen, looking at you reminds me of my pet husky. He’s stupid and cute too.


Ultimate Charmer: What a shock!  

Only Idealism: Enough already, stop teasing him. Yang Jian is just a bit single-minded, that’s all. I can’t stand to see you talk about him like this. On what planet does he resemble a “stupid but cute husky”? 


Erlang Shen: Ye-zi, at least you’re still on my side. (Crying Emoji)


Only Idealism: Don’t overthink things. I’m saying that a husky’s smarter than you.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: Ahahaha


Ultimate Charmer: (Muffled Laughter Emoji)


Monkey King: Hahaha!  

Erlang Shen: You guys! You’re all working together to bully me, huh?


For some inexplicable reason, this type of group chat had a certain magic to it. For people who spent their days carrying enormous burdens, the chat group was a rare chance to completely let go and set aside their concerns for a while.


All of them laughed in delight, their smiles completely sincere.


Ye Zichen was no exception. As he read the messages, he felt a smile tug at his lips. 


At that moment, however, his door creaked, then swung open.


Ye Zichen was still grinning foolishly at clutching his phone when he heard this. He immediately shoved his phone under his pillow.


This new arrival was naturally Ye Rong. She glanced at his pillow and noticed that Ye Zichen’s gaze was a bit nervous.

 “Are you done talking things over?” asked Ye Zichen.


“That’s right, and you already know the result, don’t you? I hadn’t expected the Hermit Emperor to throw such a thorny problem at me. I’m still a bit hesitant and need time to think,” said Ye Rong.”


“You…. How could I possibly know the result? You locked me in my room, and my divine sense can’t get through the barrier at all. But it’s true that I’m just itching to know your decision. Can you tell me? What did the Hermit Emperor say to you, that you need more time to think?” said Ye Zichen. He was determined to play dumb.


“You know that moms don’t like it when their children lie, don’t you?” said Ye Rong. With that, she walked directly up to Ye Zichen’s bed, reached under his pillow, and grabbed his cell phone. “How about I confiscate this?”

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