Chapter 144 Got face-slapped, right?

Chapter 144 – Got face-slapped, right?

The moment the restaurant manager heard this, he instantly felt extremely troubled.

This can’t be settled peacefully now.

Qu Yaoyang licked his lips with an invasive gaze as he checked Huang Shengmei out.

Hearing Qu Yaoyang’s words, Huang Yi instantly became very angry, and stepped forward.

“Watch your mouth when you speak to my older sister.”

“Yo, brother-in-law,” Qu Yaoyang smiled playfully.

Hearing that, Huang Yi clenched his fist and was about to wave it, but was stopped by Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen stepped forward with a smile, then glanced at Qu Yaoyang, “I changed my mind.”

“Hmm?” Qu Yaoyang straightened his neck and snickered. “Do you want to give that woman…”


Ye Zichen slapped Qu Yaoyang, then rubbed his hand, “Originally, I wanted to finish eating quickly and give the room to you, but, you pissed me off. I’m very unhappy.”

“Grandson, f*ck…”


Ye Zichen directly kicked Qu Yaoyang, then pointed to the manager, who was on the side, “Hold him down there. If you don’t hold him down, then you don’t need to be a manager anymore.”

“Young Master Ye, aren’t you just troubling me!” The manager was truly on the verge of tears, he couldn’t afford to offend Ye Zichen, but he couldn’t afford to offend Qu Yaoyang either.

“Then you want to trouble me?”

The manager called over a nearby waiter after a brief hesitation, “Hold Young Master Qu down.”

One person dominates another.

Mr. Ye, who was in front of him, was pressuring him, so he could only pressure the waiter.

No matter what, he wasn’t going to take responsibility for it.

“I want to see which one of you dares to touch me. If any of you dares to do anything to me, then I’ll make it so that you cannot live in Bingcheng anymore.”

All of these waiters and waitresses had heard about Qu Yaoyang’s ability. He definitely wasn’t just scaring them, he could definitely do it.

All of a sudden, the waiters stopped.

Ye Zichen sighed, it seemed like making the waiters do it was troubling them.

It seemed like he had to do everything himself.

Ye Zichen strode over to Qu Yaoyang, and glared at him.

Then, he stepped on him with one foot, and pressed him down onto the ground.

“Little brat, I won’t let you off,” Qu Yaoyang cursed on the floor, while he struggled to stand up, only to feel that a ton of weight was on him, causing him to be unable to move.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and dialed Xiao Hai’s number.

Meanwhile, Xiao Hai sat on the sofa in his office, while his secretary handed him the recent plans. He looked over to receive it, then smiled, “Zichen, why did you think of suddenly calling Hai-ge?”

“Hai-ge, this does count as me only going to you when I have some business,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, and swept his gaze across everyone in the room. “I’m eating in one of your restaurants. There is a grandson called Qu Yaoyang who pissed me off. I’m rather unhappy!”

“Who is Qu Yaoyang?” Xiao Hai was stunned. Due to his level, he didn’t know a small dandy like Qu Yaoyang at all. “However, since he offended you, then that grandson is unfortunate. Hai-ge can’t go in person, but Huang Ming often plays with those little dandies, so I’ll tell him to go over.”

“Then I’ll be troubling you, Hai-ge.”

The manager on the side continuously wiped sweat off his forehead the moment Ye Zichen made the call. He knew that this Mr. Ye had called their big boss.

Qu Yaoyang, who was being stepped on by Ye Zichen, no longer struggled as much. Instead, he asked worriedly, “Who did you call just now?”

“Have a guess?” Ye Zichen laughed softly and signaled the manager to bring a chair over to him.

Then, he just sat down on the chair, while putting his left foot on Qu Yaoyang.

Approximately half an hour later.


The door to the room was forcefully pushed open. Then, Huang Ming hurried in. When Qu Yaoyang, who was lying on the floor saw him, the former quickly shouted, “Young Master Huang, you’re finally here…”

From his tone, it was as if Qu Yaoyang was also waiting for Huang Ming’s arrival.

“F*ck you!” Huang Ming lifted his leg and kicked Qu Yaoyang’s face, instantly causing a section of his face to bruise, while teeth flowed out with blood from his mouth.

Huang Ming furiously spat on Qu Yaoyang, then raised his hands and arched his back, “Ye-dage.”

Ye Zichen nodded, then raised his foot from Qu Yaoyang’s body.

Then, he stretched lazily with a frown, “It really isn’t easy to eat a meal at your place.”

“Ye-dage, how do you want to handle this grandson?” Huang Ming kicked Qu Yaoyang.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and shrugged, “Your choice, just deal with him however you want. I got Hai-ge to tell you to come over because I want to eat a meal peacefully, understood?”

Only then did Huang Ming notice Huang Shengmei, who was on the side. He nodded slightly towards her, then grabbed Qu Yaoyang by the collar and cursed, “You dare to disturb Ye-dage’s meal. I think you’re sick of living.”

Huang Ming nodded towards Ye Zichen, and was just about to hurry from the room when he heard Ye Zichen speak up once more, “Oh yeah, the brat you’re carrying swore so many times, and even spoke unreservedly towards the lady beside me…”

“Ye-dage, I will handle it properly,” said Huang Ming, before respectfully closing the door to the room.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen turned around and smiled towards Huang Shengmei and Huang Yi, “Now we can eat properly.”

However, due to the incident just now, the meal went by rather awkwardly.

When they quickly finished eating, Ye Zichen said apologetically, “Next time, Zichen-ge will treat you guys to another meal.”

“Sure, but don’t treat us. If we’re going to eat next time, let’s just eat at home,” since the incident that happened just now was still fresh in her mind, Huang Shengmei did not want such a situation to occur the next time they ate.

“That’s good too.”

When Ye Zichen thought of the earlier situation, he didn’t really have anything much to say. He really was unfortunate to bump into this sort of thing when he just wanted to have a meal.

Ye Zichen sighed softly, then looked towards Huang Yi.

“How is it, how about Zichen-ge take you to see that team?”

“So fast?” Huang Yi frowned and scratched his face. “Zichen-ge, my leg was just healed, I don’t want to join the team so early, since that would mean I have to sit down all day again.”

“Sure, then just contact me when you want to go,” Ye Zichen patted Huang Yi’s shoulders a few times, then left the room with them with raised eyebrows.

The moment they walked out of the door, they saw Huang Ming standing at the entrance of the room with a cigarette in his mouth. The moment Huang Ming saw Ye Zichen come out, he immediately walked up and wanted to say something…

“Go back first, I’ll chat with him a bit.”

The moment Huang Shengmei and Huang Yi left, Ye Zichen looked towards Huang Ming, “Say it, what do you want to tell me?”

“Ye-dage, I already dealt with that grandson, Qu Yaoyang.”

“Mhmm, and…” Ye Zichen nodded. He could clearly that that Huang Ming did not only want to tell him that.

“I really couldn’t hide it from Ye-dage,” Huang Ming scratched his head and laughed idiotically. It was very hard to imagine that this brat was someone that was beyond vicious when he saw Ye Zichen only a month ago.

“Alright now, if you have anything, just directly say it,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Huang Ming hesitated for a moment, then clenched his teeth, “I want to buy a Great Recovery Pill from Ye-dage, or even that peach!”

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