Chapter 1436 - Determination and Disagreement

Inside her body, all Xue Mo’s meridians were ruined. She was incredibly vulnerable, so if they directed any power into her body, even the slightest mistake would send her divine power into turmoil. Xue Mo wouldn’t be able to take it. She’d simply explode and die.

 If they used medicine to heal her from within, just as her meridians knit back together, they’d be vulnerable. It was just like how newborn babies needed protection. However, the backlash of her bloodline power wouldn’t hold back. It would attack her newly-formed meridians and destroy them once more.


It didn’t matter whether they started from the inside or the outside. There was no way of fixing her situation. 


That was why, even though the Hermit Emperor had come in person, all he could do was help stabilize her situation and slow the backlash of her bloodline power.


However, this was merely delaying the inevitable. Xue Mo was still doomed.


As the old saying goes, getting sick often enough or long enough makes a patient into a doctor.


Although Ye Zichen had never really researched medicine, he’d been injured so many times, experiencing injuries both big and small. As such, although the Hermit Emperor had only explained a little, he could sense how troublesome Xue Mo’s injuries would be to treat.


He racked his brains, but couldn’t think of anything that might help her.


He hesitated. He didn’t want to just stand there and watch Xue Mo, but he hadn’t guessed that when he asked the Hermit Emperor for advice, he’d get an answer like that. So he was Xue Mo’s only hope?


“Me?” Ye Zichen thought about himself and his abilities, trying to figure out what he had to offer her. “Do you want me to contact Emperor Hades and ask him to resurrect her from the River Styx after she passes?”


As soon as the words left his lips, however, Ye Zichen rejected this possibility.


Nevermind that he wasn’t all that close to Emperor Hades, that his only real connection to the man was Su Yiyun, and that he’d only spoken a few words to the eccentric old emperor before. 


If that was their plan, Xue Yang’s real body was already holding down the fort at the River Styx. If they wanted to resurrect Xue Mo, Xue Yang could naturally ask Emperor Hades himself. Xue Mo’s cultivation wasn’t all that high, so resurrecting her wouldn’t cause too much backlash from the River of Time. He trusted Emperor Hades could withstand it.


But they clearly hadn’t chosen that path. There must be a reason for it.


As expected, the Hermit Emperor lightly shook his head. 


“Then how am I supposed to...Wait, could it be…. You want starlight?” After thinking it over, Ye Zichen’s eyebrows shot up. This was the only other possibility he could think of.


“That’s right. She needs starlight,” said the Hermit Emperor.


“If you need starlight, I can help.” Ye Rong walked into the room. When she saw Xue Mo lying in bed, she couldn’t help but frown. “Bloodline backlash and ruined meridians. The poor thing’s injuries are really serious.” 


She sighed, then drew on her connection with the starry sky.


“Lord of Seven Stars, I appreciate your good intentions, but the Hermit Emperor isn’t talking about the light of the Big Dipper,” said Xue Yang. He and the other great emperors stepped into the room.


Even with all of them gathered here, the room didn’t seem crowded.


Ye Rong glanced at Xue Yang and the Hermit Emperor. “Of all the stars in the night sky, the seven stars of the Big Dipper have the purest light of all. If even that isn’t good enough, you must want the power of the king stars.”


“It has to be the Emperor Star specifically,” said the Hermit Emperor. He rose from his chair and said, “The only thing that can save this girl now is the light of the Emperor Star.”


“Ye Zichen, I’ll tell you the truth,” said Zhao Qianhe with undisguised urgency. “We sent so many people to the Bai Family in order to bring you back here. The Hermit Emperor already said that only the Emperor Star’s celestial fate could save Xue Mo now. However, we’ve only heard Xuan Ji say that you might be the Emperor Star. We still don’t know for sure. Now, we need you to confirm it. Are you the Emperor Star, the master of the North Star? Tell us!”


“I am.” In the face of their intense, pressing gazes, Ye Zichen nodded without hesitation.


He couldn’t leak his status on the outside, but these people were most likely all on his side. Furthermore, Xuan Ji had likely already told them all, or at least hinted at it, which meant they were all trustworthy.


“So it really is you!” Bi’an stared, wide-eyed, his emotions in obvious turmoil.


“Bi’an.” Chao Feng glanced at his brother.


Just now, Ye Zichen had clearly sensed Bi’an’s enmity. His heart had clenched in response, but when he heard how Chao Feng addressed him, he understood.


Great Emperor Bi’an.


He had worked all this time to win the approval of the Emperor Star, but in vain. Now, his dreams had turned to ashes and blown away in the wind. After waiting countless years for the Emperor Star, in the end, it had chosen someone else. Ye Zichen understood his feelings.


“All of you, wait up.” Ye Rong suddenly interrupted them and stretched out her hand. “You don’t know what you’re saying. The Emperor Star’s celestial fate? The North Star, the Emperor Star, is the emperor of the hundreds of millions of stars of the night sky. Its starlight is supreme; it would be no exaggeration to describe it as downright unnatural and despotic. This girl is so weak already. If we pour the light of the Emperor Star into her body, how could she possibly endure its domineering power? You want to use starlight to help her recover? Wouldn’t the Auxiliary Star, the Lunar Star, be better? Or, if you can’t find them, I know the Lord of the Six Stars of the Southern Dipper. His starlight is relatively gentle!”  

“Actually, I am the Lunar Star,” said Su Qingyan suddenly. She passed through the crowd and walked up to the front.


The other emperors stared at her, wide-eyed. Ye Rong looked at her and scrunched up her brow. 


“No wonder I sensed a whiff of celestial fate around you. If you’re the Lunar Star, why can’t you heal Xue Mo’s wounds?”


“I talked about it with the Hermit Emperor, but he refused me,” said Su Qingyan.


The Lunar Star. It was affiliated with yin, and water. It represented the home, wealth, mothers, wives, daughters, and the female sex. Its celestial fate was the gentlest, and was likely to be the most compatible with Xue Mo.


“Lord of Seven Stars, I understand what you’re trying to say. You’re saying that this girl, as a female, is of Yin. The Lunar Star is elementally Yin, too, and its light is gentle. It should, in theory, cooperate perfectly with Xue Mo’s own energy. Under any circumstances, the Lunar Star would naturally be the best choice. However, this little girl’s situation is rather unusual,” explained the Hermit Emperor.


“Her elemental affinity was yin and water. However, now that her bloodline is rebelling, it’s gone out of control. If the master of the Lunar Star, who is also elementally yin, pours her power into the girl’s body, her turbulent bloodline power will only spiral even further out of control and make things worse.”


“Then you’re set on the light of the North Star?” asked Ye Rong.


“The light of the Emperor Star represents pure Yang, and it’s the best choice. So long as your son’s starlight enters her body, this girl will have celestial fate protecting her, and will receive heaven’s favor. Her rebelling bloodline power won’t dare fight head-to-head with the Emperor Star’s celestial fate, either, so it can only wait and watch as it’s devoured bit by bit,” said the Hermit Emperor. 


No matter how logical his words sound, Ye Rong continuously shook her head.


To her, all of this sounded like twisted logic. Who could guarantee that, after the Emperor Star’s despotic starlight entered her body, Xue Mo wouldn’t just get ripped to shreds? 


“Alright, so long as it can save Xue Mo, I’ll do whatever it….” Ye Zichen was just about to agree when Ye Rong dragged him to her and covered his mouth.


Then, she glanced at the others, her gaze brooking no room for argument, and said, “I won’t agree to this!”

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