Chapter 1431 - My Gift to You, the Destruction of the End of Time

“Star Altar!”  

“Profound Pavilion!”


As soon as the Master of the Laws spoke, Xuan Ji and Ye Rong called out in unison. Subordinates from both factions acted without hesitation and directly started slaughtering the Bai Family.


“Master of the Laws.” Zhou Wu continued staring, his eyes wide and he fixed his gaze up at the Master of the Laws overhead.


His fury overflowed, and his mighty aura billowed outward.


Xue Yang rushed over, and several imperial-level presences locked onto Zhou Wu. Zhou Wu only had the Divine Arbiter by his side. She, too, unleashed her aura and locked onto the great emperors.


Up in the sky, the Bai clansmen let out one blood-curdling shriek after another. The star bearers of the star altar were like wolves among sheep. The skies flashed with starlight as they harvested the Bai Family’s souls.


The souls’ collective resentment lashed out, and mournful howls echoed through their ears.


The two patriarchs' eyes bulged as if they were about to burst. They could only watch helplessly as their clansmen were slaughtered and their past ten thousand years of work went to ruin.


“It’s your fault! It’s all because of you!” Bai Mingli stared, eyes bloodshot, up at the Master of the Laws. She was the one who’d sentenced his family to death.


Killing intent surged from him and Bai Jinsheng, so thick, it was almost tangible. It cut into the female Master of the Laws, and she couldn’t help but glance at the two Bai Family patriarchs.


“Why?” They roared in fury, “The Master of the Laws exists to maintain the balance between the factions of the God Realm. Don’t you think your decision is a bit biased?”


Bai Mingli shouted with all his might, and his aged face was distorted with intense hatred.


He glowered at her, expression hideous.


In truth, even if the Master of the Laws stayed out of it and even if the God Emperor did all he could, with the star bearers of the Star Altar present, their fate was sealed.


Ye Rong’s domineering nature meant that the moment she arrived, the Bai Family was condemned to death.


“There’s no special reason. I just don’t like the look of you people, and don’t want a family clan like yours to continue existing. What of it?”


This time, the Master of the Laws’ words contained too many of her personal feelings. Masters of the Law were supposed to maintain the balance of powers, and shouldn’t make decisions based on emotions like this.


But not only had she said it, she even said it so forthrightly and unabashedly.


“You…. you….”


When he heard that, Bai Mingli was so angry, his hands started quivering. He clutched his fists and looked at Zhou Wu in a bid for assistance. However, to his abject despair, Zhou Wu refused to even glance at him.


He knew that the God Emperor wouldn’t stand up for their Bai Family.


Without Zhou Wu’s support, it would be difficult to save the family in the face of so many Great Emperors.


“I want you dead!” At that moment, a vicious roar emanated from behind the female Master of the Laws. Bai Jinsheng lit up with bloody light, his silverly hair stained faint red. He shot towards the Master of the Laws like an arrow with obvious intent to kill.


In the chaos of the fight, no one noticed when or how he’d gotten there. By the time the Master of the Laws reacted, Bai Jinsheng was less than one hundred meters away.


To a ruler, a hundred meters was nothing. They could traverse it in less than a single breath.


“Die!” His hands sharpened into claws and aimed for the Master of the law’s skull. The top experts facing off with the God Emperor felt their hearts sink.


“Time…. Stop!” Despite their concern, the young woman merely leisurely spoke an incantation. In the blink of an eye, everyone froze around her. Bai Jinsheng’s hand slowed a few centimeters from her skull, then stopped completely.


“Pitiful man, here is my gift to you: the destruction of the end of time!”


Bai Jinsheng hovered, frozen in the air. Then, both his face and body underwent a dramatic transformation.


He gradually started to age. Wrinkles spread across his face until it resembled tree bark more than skin. His teeth loosened, then fell out, and his arms shrunk and withered.


“Is this time acceleration?” the emperors couldn’t help but transmit and discuss amongst themselves. 


The Grand Dao of Time was one of the Nine Grand Daos. All of the great emperors had once tried to glean enlightenment into it.


The Grand Dao of Time was split into three stages: time acceleration, time-freezing, and time reversal. Time reversal came last, and successfully doing so proved that you’d already condensed a dao heart. It was also the strongest ability of the three.


This Master of the Laws’ control over the Grand Dao of Time made them sigh with appreciation.


There was no need to mention her ability to stop and reverse time. She could use them both freely. As impressive as that was, what really shook them was her ability to accelerate time.


In general, time acceleration was used to speed the flow of time around oneself to increase the speed of one’s attacks.


So when someone who’d gleaned enlightenment into the Grand Dao of Time fought someone who hadn’t, they could attack at double their opponent’s speed. Or, if their mastery was sufficient, they could accelerate time even more, attacking at three, four, or even ten times their natural speed. This would throw an opponent unversed in the Grand Dao of Time out of whack, making it difficult for them to retaliate. 


This was the most common usage: accelerating yourself.


Using it on an opponent was a relatively advanced application of time acceleration, but it had its uses. For instance, if an opponent was about to land a blow on your vitals, if you accelerated time just so, you could make them attack too quickly and miss their target.


All of these were ways of speeding the flow of time within a set space, but this Master of the Laws….


She was using accelerating time to burn through Bai Jinsheng’s lifespan.


This was unprecedented, unheard of.


It was said that rulers lived forever, but they merely had long lifespans. They seemed as if they could live forever, but eventually, their lifespans ran out too. No one was truly eternal. Not even the era itself was eternal. Even this world would one day come to an end.


Even so, it was undeniable that rulers lived an absolutely ridiculously long time. They could even outlive their respective eras. And yet, that girl was using the power of accelerated time to fritter away Bai Jinsheng’s lifespan, and so quickly, they could see the changes even from the outside.


Just how fast was time moving around Bai Jinsheng….?


A hundred thousand, a million, ten million times faster than normal….?


Or perhaps the time around Bai Jinsheng flowed even faster than that, but the Great Emperors didn’t even dare consider that possibility.


So this was the power of one of the Nine Grand Daos!


Even Xue Yang and the other great emperors had never imagined that great daos could be this domineering. If all the Masters of the Laws mastered the Grand Dao of Time, how could anyone possibly kill one?


Or you could say, if a Master of the Laws mastered the Grand Dao of Time, who could possibly kill them?


They could do nothing but watch as Bai Jinsheng went from a hale, hearty elder to a decrepit old man. Before long, he bitterly closed his eyes. His flesh eroded, and then…. He crumpled into grey ash and scattered to the winds, dispersing over heaven and earth without so much as leaving his soul behind!

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