Chapter 143 A Dandy’s Daily Show-off

Chapter 143 – A Dandy’s Daily Show-off

When Ye Zichen hurried over to Huang Shengmei’s home, he massaged Huang Yi once again. Then, he only clasped his hands in satisfaction after triple-checking that there were no hidden issues.

“Not bad, get up.”

Huang Yi quickly jumped up from the bed after receiving the orders, then walked around the room as if he had ADHD.

“I can walk now, I can walk now…” Huang Yi roared uncontrollably.

Ye Zichen and Huang Shengmei, who were both in the bedroom, couldn’t help but smile when they saw this.

“Zichen, thank you so much,” tears remained in Huang Shengmei’s eyes. It could be said that seeing her little brother be able to stand up was her greatest wish in life.

The reason she chose to become a doctor was to get to know amazing doctors to treat her little brother’s legs.

After waiting for so long, she was finally able to have her wish granted.


Your affability level with Huang Shengmei increased by 50. Current affability level: 580.

Ye Zichen was already completely used to the affability level increasing. When it came to Huang Shengmei, the affability level would just increase that fast…

She randomly became the woman with the highest affability level out of the ones he knows.

If it really was due to the relationship in their past life as Yue Lao said, then Huang Shengmei’s feelings with himself was truly joyous and depressing.

“Then I’m not going to be so courteous anymore,” Ye Zichen patted Huang Shengmei’s shoulders.

Huang Shengmei bit her lips, then leaned into his arms and started to sob softly once again.

“Zichen… ge…”

Huang Yi, who had been running around crazily within his bedroom walked out, then saw the scene.

He scratched his face with a coy, smile, then quietly retreated, “Please continue, I’ll wander around a bit more.”

“Shitty brat, stop wandering around. Zichen-ge is going to take you to a restaurant!” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, then stopped Huang Yi.

Meanwhile, Huang Shengmei also left Ye Zichen’s arms with a blush and nodded, “Yeah, let’s go out and celebrate.”

Ye Zichen took Huang Shengmei and Huang Yi to one of Xiao Hai’s subsidiary restaurants. The moment he entered the door, the manager of the hall immediately hurried over.

“Mr. Ye.”

“Mm,” Ye Zichen nodded his head slightly. When he saw that there were no more spare seats in the hall, Ye Zichen directly asked, “Is there a room?”

“There naturally is one since you came,” the manager acted extremely respectfully. Then he reached out and called a nearby supervisor over. “Take Mr. Ye to Preparatory Room 3.”

“Manager, wasn’t Preparatory Room 3…” The supervisor asked worriedly.

The manager frowned, “I said, bring Mr. Ye over, so go.”

The manager silently cursed the supervisor for being so inflexible. So what if it was booked? Was he supposed to kick the person with the Supreme Card out?

They arrived at Preparatory Room 3. This was a specifically reserved room that the restaurant had left for emergencies.

The room was extremely big, and it could be said that the decorations were extravagant.

Huang Shengmei and Huang Yi were both stunned when they entered, while Ye Zichen walked to the sofa in the room naturally and sat down.

“Sir, would you like to order?”

“Mhmm, a few specialty dishes are fine. Just get your manager to organize it.”

“Sure, just press the bell underneath the table if you have any other requests.”

Huang Shengmei also spoke up when the restaurant supervisor left the room, “Zichen, isn’t it too much of a waste for us to use this room?”

“It is a bit wasteful, but there are no seats outside. Let’s eat quickly, then we’ll just give them back the room after that.”

Huang Shengmei nodded as she pursed her lips.

On the other hand, Huang Yi walked around the room with a look of curiosity on his face, “Zichen-ge, you’re the son of a certain billionaire, right? The manager outside was so respectful towards you, and gave you such a high-class room. Just what exactly is your identity?”

Huang Shengmei also listened intently. After knowing Ye Zichen for so long, she didn’t know what exactly Ye Zichen’s identity was either.

“What billionaire, I just helped the owner of this shop out. I saved their family’s old man just like I helped you treat your legs. That big bro gave me a Supreme Card, that’s why the manager was so respectful.”

“So it’s like that, but Zichen-ge’s medical skills are truly amazing.”

Ye Zichen had merely wanted the manager to order just a few dishes, but this manager was truly generous…

Ye Zichen felt a bit speechless as he looked at the table full of specialty dishes.


“Eat, don’t mind it to much,” Ye Zichen used his chopsticks to pick something up. He didn’t care about so much, if they really couldn’t finish it, then he’ll just take it back home for Lil’ White.

“Young Master Qu, the person sitting inside is our shop’s VIP.”

“What VIP, I'm the VIP, I don’t believe anyone can be more important than me.”

“Young Master Qu, seriously don’t…”

Hearing the commotion outside, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows slightly, while Huang Shengmei and Huang Yi looked towards the door as well.

“Zichen, the people outside seem to be causing a scene for our room.”

“Let them be, we’ll just eat,” Ye Zichen was in no mood to argue with the people outside. What’s more, he believed that the restaurant manager would be able to handle it properly.

He did not expect…


The door to the room was directly kicked open. This completely freaked Huang Shengmei and Huang Yi out, while Ye Zichen also frowned, and put his chopsticks on the rest.

Seriously, why couldn’t he be allowed to eat a meal in peace.

“I do want to see who your VIP is!” A gloomy-faced young man walked into the room, while the restaurant manager stood in front of him and tried to stop him.

However, the manager heard Ye Zichen’s soft laugh, “Let him come in.”

“Mr. Ye…” Cold sweat continuously dripped down from the manager’s forehead, when he heard Ye Zichen’s calm reply.

Young Master Qu did have a high position, and was also one of their frequent guests…

But his position wasn’t above the Supreme Card in Ye Zichen’s hands.

“Heh, move aside,” Young Master Qu pushed the manager away, then walked in front of Ye Zichen with large strides.

Young Master Qu checked Ye Zichen out, then twitched his mouth and smiled at the manager, “He’s the VIP you were talking about?”

Qu Yaoyang was a reputed dandy in Bingcheng, while Ye Zichen’s clothes…

He really couldn’t help but scoff at him.

“Young Master Qu, just go out, I’m saying that for your own good,” The manager advised softly on the side.

However, Young Maser Qu shook his head with a scoff, then walked in front of Ye Zichen and looked at him with a condescending gaze.

“Qu Yaoyang?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Qu Yaoyang smiled timelessly, “What, you’ve heard of I, the Young Master’s name?”


Qu Yaoyang’s prideful look instantly froze as he squinted his eyes and licked his lips, “Grandson, you’re doing it on purpose, right?”

“Zichen…” Huang Shengmei pulled Ye Zichen on the side. From her point of view, these people don’t seem like any sort of good people. She’s just a little doctor, and came from a normal family, that’s why she felt like it was better not to offend these possible if possible.

The eyes of Qu Yaoyang, who was on the side, suddenly brightened, he thought that he has hooked up with quite a few beauties in Bingcheng…

But this sort of beauty wasn’t common at all.

“I’ll give you a chance, leave the woman and go away. I’ll allow you to live.”

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