Chapter 1421 - A Touch of Obsession

The crowd was stunned.


Ye Zichen’s heart meridians were in tatters, yet he’d women up. Pu Jingwan and Xiao Yumei took in his majestic figure, their eyes wide with shock.


However, as soon as Xiao Yumei recovered from her shock, astonishment gave way to delight. “Zichen! You’re awake!”


Xiao Yumei called out his name, but it was obvious that although Ye Zichen was only a few feet away, he couldn’t hear her at all.


He simply stared intently at Bai Jinsheng, not so much as averting his gaze, his hands locked onto his arm.


In stark contrast with Xiao Yumei’s delight, when Pu Jingwan saw this, she knit her brows.


She’d been a bounty hunter back in the Outside, and spent roughly eighty percent of her time out and about on missions. In her line of work, injuries were all but inevitable, so in her spare time, she studied medicine. As time went on, she became renowned for her medical skills in addition to her strength. 


She was absolutely certain that Ye Zichen’s injuries were severe. His heart meridians were damaged, and he had similarly broken meridians throughout his body. Even his organs had been knocked out of place. Medicine alone couldn’t heal wounds on this level. His only hope was comprehensive, systematic care.


Before healing his wounds, nevermind waking up; even surviving was uncertain. His life hung by a thread.


And yet, even in this state, he’d woken up, taken a blow meant for them, and even grabbed Bai Jinsheng’s arm.


Bai Jinsheng and Bai Mingli were patriarchs of the Bai Clan! Just how strong were they? Even fully intoxicated, the God of Wine only barely endured a hundred rounds. Pu Jingwan was also an imperial-level ruler, and there was no way the patriarchs didn’t know it. If they’d attacked her, there was no way it was a casual attack.


Ye Zichen was just a diviner, yet he’d stopped the patriarch’s attack and showed no signs of pain.


How had he done it? What power was he relying on?


Both Bai Family patriarchs wore solemn expressions. The purple light emanating from Ye Zichen’s eyes was like a beam. It was terrifying, and behind him….


There was an illusory figure, so tall, its head pierced the clouds. Its eyes glowed with the same terrifying purple light as Ye Zichen’s.


An oppressive, imposing aura billowed off of it, and beneath its terrifying gaze, the temperature plummeted, as if they’d been plunged into an endless abyss. 


Bai Jinsheng felt it the most directly; beneath Ye Zichen’s stare, he felt something stirring deep within him. It was both familiar and strange.


It took him a while to identify just what he was feeling...


It was fear!

 He felt himself trembling from the very depths of his soul!


Even he had forgotten how long it had been since he’d last felt like this. The youth before him, whose presence indicated that he was a diviner at most, had struck fear into his heart. The Bai Family members surrounding and sieging the yao servants all stopped, their eyes filled with terror as they looked towards Ye Zichen. The illusory devil behind him was so oppressive that they felt their skin prickling all over. They hadn’t even touched the devil, and yet, under its intense pressure, they felt fragile, even brittle. 


“Don’t touch her!” Ye Zichen was raving like a madman.


“Zichen?” By now, Xiao Yumei could sense that something was off about him. She gently called out his name, and looked at him in concern.


The Bai Family Patriarch didn’t dare so much as move. He stared at Ye Zichen, only to hear him say again, “Don’t touch her.”


The two patriarchs looked at each other. The next moment, Bai Mingli viciously attacked Xiao Yumei. Ye Zichen, still clutching Bai Jinsheng’s arm, appeared in an instant and attacked. “Don’t touch her!”


When he saw Ye Zichen attack, Bai Mingli stopped his attack halfway through.


Just now, he’d had no real intentions of killing Xiao Yumei. He was just testing the waters.


Based on Ye Zichen’s performance, the patriarchs now understood what was going on. “He’s not fully conscious or acting of his own volition. This is just single-minded determination, an obsession.” 


They’d lived for countless years, so they’d naturally seen a lot. They’d seen people like this: people waking up on the brink of death, completely unconscious, supported only by the single-minded obsession to protect their loved ones.


This could only happen when the source of their obsession, whether it was a person or a cause, was sufficiently important to them.

 This was Ye Zichen’s current state. He was acting completely unconsciously.


But what about that figure behind him?


A supreme dharma body?


The Bai Family patriarchs couldn’t help but look at each other. They were familiar with all one hundred and eight supreme dharma bodies. Could it be that this particular dharma body wasn’t in the records?


But could something like this really exist beneath the heavens?  

It was fully one hundred thousand feet tall, and its aura was so oppressive, even they felt pressured!  

“Zichen!” Xiao Yumei cried out, only for Pu Jingwan to pull her back and shake her head. By now, Pu Jingwan fully understood what was happening to Ye Zichen.


Despite his injuries, when he sensed Xiao Yumei’s peril, he let his obsessive need to protect her take over his body.


“Jingwan, what’s happening to him?” Xiao Yumei’s gaze was full of worry. 


Pu Jingwan took in her worried expression, then glanced at Ye Zichen with undisguised admiration and sighed. “He really loves you. You don’t need to know the rest. Just remember that.”


So, people like this really existed!  

Pu Jingwan couldn’t help but sigh. Ever since arriving in the Third Era’s God Realm, she’d encountered far too many new things, things she’d never seen before, but that she’d heard of from her elders.


The ancient era was a time of peerless experts, with ultimate passions and ultimate love sometimes resulting in…..



“Ye Zichen, you’ve really taught me something today.”




“Hmph. How ridiculous.” Once they realized that Ye Zichen was just hanging on through sheer obsession, the Bai Family patriarchs’ gazes filled with disdain.


Yes, going this far was worthy of respect. Ultimate faithfulness, loyalty, and love. Any one, taken to extremes, was worthy of respect.


But the way they saw it, it was ridiculous. Especially Bai Jinsheng; he’d actually been intimidated by this trivial little diviner. To him, this was a form of humiliation. 


A cold sneer flashed across his face, and nine flying swords appeared over Ye Zichen’s head. He didn’t just want to kill Ye Zichen; he wanted to do so in the most brutal way possible.


“Zichen!” Pu Jingwan and Xiao Yumei leaped forward almost in unison, only for Bai Mingli to block their paths. He tapped the sky before them and placed a seal.


For someone in Ye Zichen’s current state, anyone who carried enmity for him was an enemy. Conversely, if someone didn’t feel any enmity, Ye Zichen couldn’t act against them.


Just now, Bai Mingli had acted to stop Pu Jingwan and Xiao Yumei, but he did so without enmity for Ye Zichen, so Ye Zichen didn't react. 


Overflowing killing intent hovered around Ye Zichen, but he didn’t seem to sense it in the slightest. Pu Jingwan and Xiao Yumei frantically pounded the barrier, unable to contain their agitation. However, to their surprise, just as Bai Jinsheng was about to attack and have his swords cut Ye Zichen to pieces, something sent all nine flying swords flying.


Shortly after, they saw Bai Haoyu rushing over.

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