Chapter 1409 - Who am I? That’s None of your Concern!

Not long ago, Bai Yulong received news that the city’s defenses had left the Bai Family’s control. Currently, all four were occupied by a group of yao experts. The family had sent experts to get a handle on the situation, but none had come back, nor had they sent back any information whatsoever.


The family elders were all in seclusion and didn't know the situation, but someone had already gone to inform them.


Now, for the first time, Bai Yulong took a proper look at Ye Zichen.


This person was standing here right in the open, displaying unrestrained murderous intent and killing Bai Family members right in the open. He said he was here to take Bai Yulong’s life, and it seemed those were no mere empty words. Whether it was the four experts standing beside him or the methods with which he’d seized the city….


“Who the hell are you?” Bai Yulong could no longer maintain his former calm. As a direct descendant of the Bai Family, he understood the city defenses and the military force they contained better than anyone. Taking over the city’s defenses so quickly and disposing of all the Bai Family scouts before they could send back word was no small feat.


From this, it was clear to see just how many troops the man standing before him had dispatched throughout the city.


Also, the group standing behind him had casually, leisurely disposed of over a dozen diviners. Those weren’t low-level diviners, either. All of them were top-class!




It was obvious that these people were all rulers, and quite possibly, at the imperial level.


At first, Bai Yulong had thought that Ye Zichen coming here on his own was reckless as could be, but now, he was fully aware of the massive faction standing behind Ye Zichen.

 Who on earth was this guy?


Bai Yulong tried non-stop to guess. Don’t be fooled; although he looked wantonly arrogant, as if he disregarded all others, he was at the very least familiar with the scions of other major clans.


He had an even deeper impression of which factions he couldn’t afford to offend.


But what about Ye Zichen? Bai Yulong wasn’t sure whether this was someone he could afford to offend or not, but since Ye Zichen had come here baring his horns, he was obviously no ordinary person. At the very least, he ought to be affiliated with a top-class faction. And yet, Bai Yulong had no impression of him. 


“Who am I? You don't need to worry about that.” Ye Zichen covered his face and laughed coldly.


 Six sets of alternating black and white wings, twelve in total, unfurled behind him. As he beat his wings, he stirred up the surrounding air, creating gusts so strong they sent the Bai Family estate’s nearest buildings flying. With his wings alone, he was enough to imperil all Bai clansmen beneath the diviner level.


The others watched this play out in astonishment. Then, Ye Zichen lifted his hand, revealing his face and his distinctive eyes. They were deep purple, and glinted with demonic light. Next, he summoned his longsword. The sheathe blurred into golden light and slammed to the ground, leaving an imprint beneath it. The pristine blade caught the moonlight and glinted with sharp, icy light.


The icy glint was dazzling to behold, but if you looked closely, you’d see the characters “Xuan-Yuan” emblazoned on the side of the blade.




The sword buzzed, and when he swung it down, it fired a beam of sword qi, instantly splitting the building below in two. The bisected building soon came crashing down.


“All you need to know is that I’m here to take your life.” 




Ye Zichen flapped his wings, then vanished, reappearing beside Bai Yulong in the blink of an eye, as if he’d teleported. He raised the Xuan-Yuan Sword and swung down.


The instant he took action, Pu Jingwan, Yang Jian, the Great Sage, and Xiao Yumei attacked the other Bai Family members.


“How fast!” Bai Yulong exclaimed internally. Despite his impressive vision, all he saw was the afterimage Ye Zichen left behind. By the time he realized what was happening, Ye Zichen’s sword was headed right towards his nose.


Bai Yulong retreated, flinging himself explosively back.


A streak of silver fluttered to the ground.


Ye Zichen hadn’t really injured Bai Yulong with his attack; Bai Yulong reacted just in time. The blade had merely trimmed some of Bai Yulong’s eyebrows.


But that wasn’t at all surprising.


Setting aside his grudge with Bai Yulong, defeating and torturing Xue Mo even after she activated the power of her bloodline was proof of his strength. If Ye Zichen’s sword attack just now was enough to cut him in half, then Ye Zichen was sure… that Jiang Wei and the others would have avenged Xue Mo long ago. 


It was precisely because of this guy’s strength that the other Skyspan Academy students had no hope of victory and could only give up, burying their hatred deep in their hearts. 


After seeing Bai Yulong’s fast reaction, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but nod.


He really was rather strong, but….


That was all. 


Ye Zichen’s gaze filled with determination. His first attack hadn’t worked, so he attacked again. Bai Yulong, who’d only barely dodged the first attack, clutched a strand of cut hair, his eyelids twitching non-stop.


He’d been fortunate.


Fortunate that he’d reacted in time. Otherwise, assuming he didn’t use divine power to protect himself, that attack really might have been enough to cut him in two.


But he didn’t have time to think things over. He saw Ye Zichen readying his next explosive attack out of the corner of his eye. It was heading right towards him!


Retreat! I have to retreat!


In the face of Ye Zichen’s sharp, vicious attacks, all Bai Yulong could do was retreat. 


Perhaps because Ye Zichen’s attacks came in such rapid succession, Bai Yulong struggled to keep up. He couldn’t manage it all at once. He first had to retreat to ensure his safety.


“Who exactly are you? How have I offended you? This might just be a misunderstanding!” Even as he retreated non-stop, Bai Yulong called out frantically. He still hadn’t attacked, and it seemed he wanted to smooth things over between them.


He still couldn’t quite figure out Ye Zichen’s background, and his father had told him countless times over not to make enemies of other major powers lightly.


They served God Emperor Zhou Wu, so the Bai Family making enemies was tantamount to making enemies for the God Emperor. The current era was nearing its end, and numerous emperors of the Divine Mountains had already stood opposed to the God Emperor. The Bai Family couldn’t add any more top factions to their already-long list of enemies.


Bai Yulong knew that he kept a fairly high profile, and he might very well have offended someone he shouldn’t inadvertently.


But he could make up for it. Furthermore, the elders hadn’t left seclusion yet. He at the very least had to stall until they got here.


“A misunderstanding?” Ye Zichen grinned maniacally. 


He found it difficult to imagine. Even now, at a time like this, Bai Yulong thought there was a “misunderstanding” between them?


The diviner guarding the city tower had recognized Ye Zichen at a glance, but Bai Yulong, the Young Master of the Bai Family, still hadn’t figured out what was going on?


Swords came raining down from above, filing the skies.


Furthermore, everyone present heard the sound of countless people cutting through the skies as they approached at top speed. The Bai Family clansmen and retainers could tell that this was the sound of experts, all at least sky supremes, flying.


Soon, they blotted out the skies and covered the earth.


Bai Yulong subconsciously looked away from Ye Zichen to examine this new group that had just flown in. It was hard to guess exactly how many of them there were, but he could tell that there were at least ten thousand of them.


Furthermore, their cultivations were all high. Even the weakest of them was a seventh-stage sky supreme.


There were quite a few diviners, too, and there were six rulers leading the group.


“Those people… could those be the people who seized the city?” Bai Yulong was struck with terror. He was certain that there were still numerous experts maintaining their hold on the city defenses, so this was most likely on a small portion of their ranks. 


This was a standard deployment for a top-ranked faction, but what caught him completely off guard was the fact that they...


Were all yao!


Although there were a few gods mixed into their ranks, the vast majority of these invaders were yao. If so many yao invaded all at once, the gods would undoubtedly know of it. God Emperor Zhou Wu couldn’t possibly have let them enter Spirit City.


Yao! Yao!


When he saw the yao experts descending like a rain of swords, Bai Yulong’s thoughts raced.


The Yao-Sealing Pagoda!


Those are absolutely, undoubtedly the yao servants of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda!


This was the heart of god race territory. It should have been impossible for so many yao experts to appear without the Bai Family hearing about it. 


There was only one possible explanation: these yao experts were yao servants from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. 


Then this youth….


“Master.” The yao servants hovered in the air and knelt, and when they greeted Ye Zichen, the chorus of voices was deafening.


Ye Zichen stood proudly in the air, his gaze utterly cold. Bai Yulong’s heart shook. He reached out and pointed at Ye Zichen, then roared, “You… You are…. You’re Ye Zichen!”

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