Chapter 1406 - Confirmation

Little did they know, at this moment, a small group stood in the forests outside Spirit City.


One of them reeked of booze. He was currently leaning against a nearby tree trunk, hiccuping nonstop. From time to time, he’d put his gourd to his lips and take a big swing of wine. The smell of alcohol was so strong, it assailed the nostrils even from a distance.


Another man faced him. He was busily sharpening his ax. An elegant gentleman with a folding fan and white robes stood between them, as well as a stalwart, bearded man…. And a mature beauty currently looking into a mirror and applying her makeup.


These… were none other than the Divine Generals Xuan Ji had sent here earlier.


They were all tending to their own affairs, but don’t be fooled: in truth, they were on high alert, and they each had their divine senses spread around the city.


They were extremely cautious; their awareness merely surrounded the city, but it didn’t enter its depths at all.

 This was at Hu Bazi’s request; they couldn’t let the Bai Family get within thirty thousand miles of Heavenly God City. To make this mission simpler for themselves, the Divine Generals had decided to set up camp directly outside the city.


So long as a Bai Family member dared leave, they’d skill them directly.


“What powerful killing intent.” Suddenly, the mustached man narrowed his eyes.


As he spoke, the others stopped what they were doing. Even the God of Wine glanced up despite his drunken stupor.




Two streaks of light cut through the skies.


The Profound Pavilion Divine Generals waiting for Bai Family members to emerge instantly sensed them, discovering Ye Zichen and the Holy Maiden right away.


“Isn’t that kid the boss’ nephew?” The mustached man frowned, and the others nodded.


Although Ye Zichen had never met any of these Divine Generals, he was Xuan Ji’s nephew. As her subordinates, they had to do their private research and stay on top of this sort of thing.


“Why is he coming this way?” The bearded man knit his brows. “He’s the source of all that murderous intent, and the one beside him seems to be a demon.”


The Divine Generals silently glanced at the Nine Li Holy Maiden and watched as Ye Zichen hurtled towards the city, then as the Holy Maiden summoned a doorway and returned to the Demon Realm. 


“I understand.” The elegant man with the fan knit his brows. “The boss made all these arrangements for his nephew’s sake. How about…”


Before he could finish his sentence, they heard several other experts cutting through the skies, followed by countless others, like a rain of swords slicing up the heavens. 


The Divine Generals’ pupils constricted, and the elegant man said, “Did you see that? It’s just as I thought; based on what we’re seeing, that kid is undoubtedly here for the Bai Family’s Bai Yulong. Thirteen, inform Boss and Sir Ba right away. Ye Zichen has already reached Spirit City.”  

“Got it.” The woman with the hand mirror nodded, but to their surprise, the God of Wine rose shakily to his feet.


“No need,” he said, “I already let them know. We shouldn’t wait here any longer. Let’s head directly to the Bai Family estate. It seems the intoxication I’ve been maintaining this time will soon be put to good use.”


Meanwhile, at the northern gate of Spirit City.


Ye Zichen was deeply furious, but even so, the Holy Maiden’s warning had at least helped him maintain the barest thread of rationality. 


When he was a few miles away from the city, he slowed down and spread out his divine sense.


There were two diviners resting in the city guard towers, as well as several teams of guards patrolling the border.


Security looked rather tight, and if he entered the city recklessly, they’d inevitably discover him. 


Bam! Bam! Bam!


He flashed by, leaving afterimages in his wake. In the blink of an eye, Ye Zichen had knocked a nearby squad of guards unconscious. 


He attacked without any room for error. Add his caution to the fact that the guards’ cultivations were far lower than his, and not even the two resting diviners in the tower noticed anything. There was nothing to put them on edge.


It was only after he entered the tower that the two diviners inside opened their eyes. However before they could even speak, Ye Zichen grabbed them both by the throat.


“If you don’t want to die, behave yourselves.”


The diviners couldn’t even tell what Ye Zichen had done or how he’d attacked; they were instantly keenly aware of the gap in strength.


Neither of them resisted in the slightest. When Ye Zichen saw they were obeying him, he relaxed his grip, and they both slammed against the floor.


“Who are you?” one of them reproached him.


Those capable of becoming diviners were always braver than normal. Despite Ye Zichen’s towering murderous intent, he managed to form a complete sentence.


“This is the Central Divine Mountain’s Spirit City. You’re attacking us in the dead of night. What exactly is your goal?”


Ye Zichen had no time to spare arguing with him, nor was he in the mood to waste words.


“Starting now, I’m the one asking the questions. If you dare tell so much as a single lie, if you so much as hesitate, I’ll kill you.” 


The diviners’ hearts quivered.


Ye Zichen’s blazing fury and towering murderous intent were proof enough: although he was a diviner, just like them, there was no doubt he could erase them in an instant should he will it. 


Before they could respond, they hurt the sound of several others cutting through the skies. The diviners glanced outside the tower and felt the pressure emanating from these new arrivals.


“What exactly do you people want?”


Four rulers had appeared before their guard tower, and the two diviners were keenly aware that they were with Ye Zichen. 


Ye Zichen completely ignored their question. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and said, “Let me ask you something. Is there a clan surnamed Bai in Spirit City?”


The two diviners instantly glanced at each other, and the heavier of the two asked, “You’re asking about….”


“Is there, or isn’t there!?”


“There is!” said another diviner.


“Where is their family estate? Is there a clansman named Bai Yulong present, and if so, what is his status? Is he currently inside Spirit City or not? Tell me!”


The heavyset diviner’s pupils instantly constricted. He stared intently at Ye Zichen’s face, and as recognition dawned on him, he pointed and roared, “You… You’re Ye Zi…..” Before he could finish his sentence, Yang Jian grabbed him viciously by the neck. Not even Ye Zichen anticipated the speed of his reaction. Yang Jian simply twisted the fat diviner’s neck. The man instantly lost all traces of life.


But then, killing him was fine!


Odds were, that fat diviner was a member of the Bai Family. 


Otherwise, there was no way he would have made such a face upon seeing Ye Zichen. The Bai Family must have investigated and shared his image in advance.


Yang Jian had attacked viciously to prevent him from spreading word of their arrival and alerting his family.


He casually tossed the fatty aside. Ye Zichen then turned towards another diviner.


The man in question’s eyelids twitched violently. “Your Excellency, the Bai Family estate you’re looking for is in the east of the city. Their family home is quite large, and houses numerous clansmen. So long as you head that direction, you’ll see it. The Bai Yulong you mentioned should be the third master of the Bai Family’s oldest son. He returned to Spirit City yesterday at noon. I haven’t seen him leave since, so he’s most likely there as we speak, in the Bai Family estate in Spirit City.”

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