Chapter 1401 - Scrupulous Arrangements

The God of Strength was born in the uncultivated wilderness, and he used his divine strength to intimidate the masses.


He was more brawny than brainy, and he thought like a warrior. He wasn’t used to scheming, and his thoughts were far simpler and more direct than a tactician’s. 


But he’d lived for so long that, even though he was the straightforward and honest type, he was at least somewhat capable at reading between the lines and guessing others’ thoughts. The two standing before him were none other than the Sea of Innocence’s Xue Yang and the Jade Pool’s Zhao Qianling. If the two of them had shown up here, at a time like this, they were likely part of an alliance. That meant they were his allies. 


And yet, Xuan Ji was staunchly denying admission to their subordinates. Furthermore, neither the Jade Pool’s Palace Master nor the Sea of Innocence’s God of the Sea seemed the least bit displeased with her. 


“Strange. ” After hearing her orders, the God of Strength was still confused. His befuddlement was readily apparent in his gaze.


Xuan Ji noted his confusion, but she simply maintained her calm, indifferent smile and said, “You don’t need to think anymore. Just carry out my instructions.”


Members of the Sea of Innocence and Jade City naturally couldn’t enter the city.


Before they arrived, they’d discussed the matter. Since God Emperor Zhou Wu wanted to break up their current peace, he naturally had a complete, scrupulously thought-through reason behind it.


Bai Yulong was a member of the Bai Family. Before the Battle of Geniuses, no one in the God Realm knew there even was such a family. Only after Bai Yulong injured Xue Mo did the Bai Family appear in the open. Xue Yang, Xuan Ji and the others had gradually investigated, locating both their main base and all of their branches.


Remember, the Bai Family was also one of the factions Zhou Wu had raised up.


Since Zhou Wu had a Bai Family member injure Xue Yang’s daughter, he naturally had a high number of informants keeping watch on the Sea of Innocence. If the Sea of Innocence tried anything, they’d give themselves away. Furthermore, if the Sea of Innocence dispatched too many troops, they might lose their holy land.


And the Jade pool?


The Jade Pool’s Palace Master, Zhao Qianling, was Xue Yang’s ex-wife and Xue Mo’s mother. Others might not know this, but at their level of influence, everyone knew that.


As the old saying goes, “one night as husband and wife, a hundred days of lingering affection.” Also, Zhao Qianling’s relationship with Xue Yang aside, Xue Mo was the one who’d gotten hurt! There was no way Zhou Wu would be so stupid as not to keep an eye on the Jade Pool.


As such, the Jade Pool couldn’t recklessly take action either. 


But it was enough for Xuan Ji to understand all this. There was no point in explaining it all to the God of Strength.


“Your subordinate understands.” The God of Strength cupped his fist respectfully.


“Good. We’ve lingered here long enough. Let’s enter the city. Share my orders, word for word, with your brothers in arms. Don’t add your subjective comments and perceptions either. Just repeat everything I said, exactly as I said it. Got it?” said Xuan Ji.




“Excellent.” Xuan Ji nodded slightly, then entered the city through the eastern gate. She moved steadily but unhurriedly. The other major powers who’d come with her followed directly behind her.


The God of Strength still stood before the gate, bowing at the waist and cupping his fists. Only after they truly entered the city did he straighten his back and watch them disappear.


“What on earth is Boss planning?” he muttered to himself, then carried out Xuan JI’s orders and shared her commands with all the allied Divine Generals currently carrying out their missions in Heavenly God City. 


Without a single exception, when they heard the God of Strength’s description, the Divine Generals didn’t understand Xuan Ji’s plan.


They discussed it but reached no conclusion. Finally, they came to an extremely simple, even downright course, solution: all they had to do was carry out their orders!


Xuan Ji wanted them to guard the gates, so they’d just guard the gates. She said not to let anyone from the Sea of Innocence or Jade Pool in, so they wouldn’t let anyone from either faction in.


They were warriors. They might not understand grand strategy, but they knew that if Xuan Ji proclaimed herself the second best strategist, or the second best master of divination, no one would claim to be first. 


There was no way they’d go wrong listening to the Boss.


After the four Divine Generals charged with defending the city gates received their orders, they started deploying their troops. It didn’t matter whether anyone showed up and tried to get inside or not; they couldn’t afford even the slightest negligence.


“Perk up and focus! The Boss gave her orders. No one is allowed in or out. Aside from foxes and people of the Four Directions Palace and Star Altar, kill anyone who attempts to enter without exception.”


The God of Strength shouted to the other cultivators commanding him, and they shouted back, the noise deafening. Nerves taught, they spread out and occupied the gate completely.


As soon as he gave his orders, the God of Strength was stunned.


The Star Altar.


So, Great Emperor Chao Feng was involved in this too.


“Lady Providence.”


Cultivators of the Profound Pavilion were spread throughout the city; they were everywhere. When they saw Xuan Ji, all of them greeted her. 


When they saw the seemingly-abandoned, empty capital, the experts accompanying Xuan Ji couldn’t help but ask, “This city…” 


“This city is currently under my command, although I don’t know if it’ll stay that way for long.” Xuan Ji laughed as they raced through the city streets, all of them empty save for members of the Profound pavilion. “I issued stay-at-home orders for everyone’s benefit. This is to avoid implicating the innocent.”


The others nodded slightly. At that moment, Great Emperor Xue Yang’s jade transmission slip lit up.


In the past, he’d never really used it. Given his cultivation boundary, he could directly contact anyone anywhere in the God Realm. He carried it now in case Beibei needed to contact him. 


He’d brought it just in case. He hadn’t thought he’d really need it…


The others all noticed, but they didn’t ask. They simply continued ahead after Xuan Ji.

 After checking the message inside, Xue Yang took a few steps back, and his expression had darkened. “All of you, stop.” 


They stopped. Xue Yang had already returned the slip to his pocket. He met their gazes, took a few steps forward and said….


“He already left.”




Zhao Qianhe’s eyes widened. She was agitated out of her wits. Of course, this was in no way out of concern for Ye Zichen’s well-being.

 Yes, he was most likely the Master of the Stars. Zhao Qianhe knew that.


She was from the First Era, so she was keenly aware of how important transcendence was to the entire Third Era. She knew they couldn’t afford for anything to happen to Ye Zichen at a time like this.

 But that only mattered to the Third Era.


She was from the First Era, which had long-since transcended. Worst case scenario, the Third Era was destroyed. If that happened, she could simply go back home. 


No, she was more concerned about what the Hermit Emperor had said: only the Master of the Stars could save Little Mo now. For Xue Mo’s sake, she refused to let anything happen to Ye Zichen.


She felt so agitated, it was as if her hair had caught on fire, but to her shock, the others remained perfectly calm. 


Even Xue Yang merely knit his brow in response to the news. He didn’t seem overly frantic. 


“He must have gone to the Bai Family’s branch in Heavenly God City,” said Xuan Ji.


“Beibei didn’t say. All she said was that Ye Zichen had left with the Nine Li Clan’s Holy Maiden, taking tens of thousands of yao servants with him,” said Xue Yang. 


“Let’s hurry directly to the Bai Family's local branch. I sincerely doubt they went to their main base. If they did, my people would have sent word,” said Xuan Ji calmly.


“Lady Providence, your plans truly account for every possible detail. You made such scrupulous arrangements all on our way here!” said Zhao Qianling.


“I have no other choice. I’m working right under Zhou Wu’s nose; I have no choice but to think everything through.” With that, Xuan Ji turned to Su Qingyan of the foxes and Bi’an of the Four Directions Palace. “Your people ought to take action too.”

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