Chapter 140 Zhuge Kongming’s identity

Chapter 140 – Zhuge Kongming’s identity

Ye Zichen counted up the number of items according to Yue Lao’s list and scanned it over.



Not long later, a bunch of red packets appeared on the chat with Yue Lao. After sending all of the items, Ye Zichen also stretched lazily and prepared to receive the cultivation experience.

“Blackie, why did you come here?”

Ye Zichen didn’t think that there was any special issue being seen by Blackie. Humans and ghosts don’t interact normally, what’s more, Blackie was his subordinate, so he wasn’t afraid of the secret being leaked.

“Just to come and take a look.”

“Take a look if you want.”

Ye Zichen nodded. At this moment, Yue Lao received all the items, then sent another message.

“Sky Sovereign, how much cultivation experience is this?”

“About a hundred thousand or so. I don’t want to calculate in detail, so just give me ninety thousand with the ten percent discount.”



You received Yue Lao’s red packet.

Cultivation experience x90000.


Celestial position increased. Currently a Level 5 Celestial Official.

Celestial Badge: Sky Sovereign Nameless (Cultivation Experience: 91612. Total Cultivation Experience: 102500. Level 5 Official Position)

His celestial position increased once again.

But what exactly was that for?

However, he really did have tons of cultivation experience. Of course, he is still a distant away from buying those secret scriptures from the Treasure Shop.

However, if he tried his luck at the roulette…


You received Heavenly Court Dog Food x1.


You received Heavenly Court Cabbage x1


You received Heavenly Court Soil x1.

Ye Zichen wanted to cought up blood. He got things worth 100 cultivation experience all three times.

It was like opening treasure chests in a video game…

Tons of losses!

Ye Zichen collected his thoughts, and eyed the celestial badge with a frown.

F*ck, he had ninety something thousand cultivation experience just now. Now, he only had sixty something thousand left.

“Celestial sovereign, then let’s chat next time.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and hurriedly stopped him when he saw that Yue Lao wanted to leave immediately after getting the products.

“Wait a moment!”

Yue Lao, who was about to go and sell the products within the celestial halls, suddenly paused, then asked in confusion.

“What other requests does celestial sovereign have?”

“How is that geezer Old Lord Taishang…”

Ever since Ye Zichen deleted Old Lord Taishang from his friend list, the two of them never talked. Ye Zichen had deleted Old Lord Taishang on an impulse. It was also because he felt that his business in the Heavenly Court would definitely be through the roof, and also due to him learning Old Lord Taishang’s special medical skills!

Ye Zichen thought that he wouldn’t require Old Lord Taishang’s pills.

However, he could have never imagined that reviving Liu Qing would require Old Lord taishang’s Three Striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill.

Most importantly, this was a celestial leveled pill…

Ye Zichen wanted to see the situation from Yue Lao to see if he could request the pill from Old Lord Taishang.

“About Old Lord, the old daoists that refine pills all have a stubborn temper. I chatted with him about it, and asked him if celestial sovereign would step back, he could… However, he said that he won’t have any interactions with celestial sovereign in the future. That’s why, about half of the stuff I asked for are the stuff he wants.”


It seemed like the situation wasn’t good.

Ye Zichen scratched his head and sent a message in annoyance.

“Then does Yue lao know who I can purchase the Three Striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill from?”

“Three Striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill?”

Yue Lao couldn’t help but to be shocked when he saw the name of this pill. This was a celestial leveled pill. There wasn’t anyone else could possibly provide it outside of Old Lord Taishang within the Heavenly Court.

“Only Old Lord Taishang has it. However… Three Striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill is a celestial leveled pill, even that geezer…”

The road to revival was truly filled with trouble. From Yue Lao’s words, it seemed like even Old Lord Taishang might not be able to provide it.

If even Old Lord Taishang, one of the Three Pure Ones, could not provide it, then…


“How about this. Yue Lao, just help me ask Old Lord Taishang. Recently, I really need this pill.”

“Then, no problem.”

“Sure, that’s it. Find me when you need to stock up.

Ye Zichen never thought that revival would be easy, but he didn’t think that reviving someone would be so hard.

Ye Zichen scratched his head in frustration. When he raised his head, he saw that Blackie, who was behind him, was completely shocked.

“Do you feel like it’s rather amazing? I feel that it’s amazing as well,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled. “You’ve been in supermarket, what do you think about the kid, Zhuge Kongming?”

“Pretty nice, quite obedient.”

“I feel like the kid is quite obedient as well, but him continuing to stay here isn’t going to work,” Ye Zichen did not suspect Blackie of being on Zhuge Kongming’s side at all. He merely sighed, “I have plenty of secrets on me, he’ll find out sooner or later if he stays here. Never mind, stay here properly and protect Kongming, do you understand?”

“Understood,” Blackie immediately nodded.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen waved his hand towards Blackie, “Alright, go back up.”

Ye Zichen sat with Zhuge Kongming for a while longer. He only patted Zhuge Kongming’s shoulder when the night arrived, then left the supermarket after giving Blackie a cue.

The moment the supermarket door closed, Zhuge Kongming raised his eyebrows and smiled, “What secrets does Zichen-gege have? You should have seen it right? Tell me quickly.”

Zhuge Kongming did not appear to have any ill intentions at all, it was as if he was purely curious about the secret.

“Boss, he…”

Blackie continued to hesitate. He was a true, loyal soldier while he was alive, and had never done any double-agent sort of thing.

“I definitely won’t tell anyone else, and won’t cause trouble for Zichen-gege. I’m just curious, so tell me.”


“If you don’t say it, then I won’t help you nurture your soul ever again.”

Seeing that Zhuge Kongming truly got hold of his weak spot, Blackie clenched his teeth after a brief thought, “Actually, Boss…”

Blackie did speak, but even though the sound of him moving his lips could be heard, no sound came out of his mouth.

“Ghost Controlling Sigil,” Zhuge Kongming frowned, then searched Blackie. Not long after that, a sigil appeared in his hands.

“Now speak.”


Blackie straightforwardly talked about what he saw underground.

Hearing that, Zhuge Kongming couldn’t help but smile, “I knew Zichen-gege was someone from our side. I expect for him to be able to contact the ones in the Heavenly Court, he should be someone from the Nine Hidden Families, but…”

Zhuge Kongming frowned. He looked at the Ghost Controlling Sigil in his hands…

“This thingy should be a treasure from the ghost servants of the Underworld. Why would someone of the hidden renowned families stick such a precious sigil on you,” Not long later, Zhuge Kongming was stunned as he realized. “Wait, the person that has this Ghost Controlling Sigil stuck on them cannot betray their master. You wanted to reveal Zichen-gege’s secret just now… Zichen-gege stuck this sigil on you?”


“Why didn’t you say so earlier…”

A hint of franticness appeared on Zhuge Kongming’s face. By ripping this sigil off…

“Ugh, why am I so stupid!”

Zhuge Kongming hit his head. Ye Zichen brought this ghost over, of course he stuck the sigil on.

Why didn’t I think of that when I ripped it off!

At the same time, Ye Zichen, who was standing at the side of the road and waiting to take a taxi back to school, felt a sudden pain from his chest.


A mouthful of blood spurt out from Ye Zichen’s mouth uncontrollably.

Liu Qing, who was floating beside Ye Zichen, was instantly stunned when she saw this.

“Ye Zichen!”

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