Chapter 1398 - Action

A demon? Or a god?  

Two distinctly different auras hovered around Ye Zichen, enveloping the entire room. Everyone present’s eyes widened in shock.


They searched their memories, but none of them had ever seen a person with such a bloodline.


Also, those fleshy wings behind him.


The demon race’s Fallen had pitch-black wings, while the gods’ Holy Sons had pure, pearly white wings, representing opposite extremes, holy and unholy.


Demonic Sons and Holy Sons wouldn’t meet lightly, but when they did, one would inevitably wind up chased away.





The Holy and Divine Sons’ wings had both appeared on the same person at the same time.


Yet even so, they could also sense these two starkly opposing auras reacting to each other. And yet, Ye Zichen, who embodied them both, remained completely unharmed.


Speaking of his changes….


His left eye glowed an eerie shade of purple. It embodied every negative, unholy attribute: heretical, cruel, merciless. And yet, his right eye was pure and bright, earnest and gentle, as if it represented every possible virtue. 


“I already know what you’re about to ask me.” Ye Zichen held Murong Xue’s hand and smiled gently. He pressed his lips into a grin, and tenderly wiped away her tears.


“There’s no need to ‘put yourself to work’ or ‘become my slave.’ Xue Mo is my dear friend. Even if you didn’t ask me…. I’d still avenge her.” With that, a fierce wind rose up around him. When it died down, they saw that Ye Zichen was already outside.




Countless figures shot through the sky and gathered overhead. The people in the reception room were all stunned despite themselves.


Then, they saw clearly.


This densely-packed crowd was all the yao servants of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, and they were still holding various tools and materials; mere moments before, they’d been focused on constructing their base. Yet now, all of their gazes were solemn. An unearthly beautiful older woman stood at their front. Two people, one man, one woman, stood behind her. All of them knelt to Ye Zichen in unison. 


“Alliance leader!” Their chorus of voices reached the heavens.


Afterward, the twenty rulers all greeted him with a bow.


As they shouted in unison, the noise was so deafening that everyone in a thousand square miles could hear them. It was just a single title, a mere two words, yet it contained piercing, overwhelming fighting intent.


Everyone in the city stopped in their tracks, then glanced towards the Upheaval Alliance’s base.


“Everyone at the seventh-stage sky supreme level or higher, step forth!”  



Practically one fourth of the yao servants stepped forward in unison. It was just one step, yet it bore down on the surrounding space until it crackled and tore.


“Excellent.” Ye Zichen then turned and glanced coldly at the Holy Maiden of the Nine Li.


In response to his cold gaze, she laughed in understanding. “At your service.”


She naturally understood what that cold gaze was trying to convey. He wanted her to lead them to their destination. She naturally wouldn’t refuse. 


She blurred into a streak of pitch-black light, shot forth, and disappeared over the horizon. Ye Zichen waved his arm, signaling for his troops to follow, and hurried after her.


The experts Ye Zichen had called upon to join him—everyone over the seventh-stage sky supreme level—followed, their leaders at the forefront. Little did they know, after they took to the skies, four more streaks of light, each many times faster than them, shot forth as well. They were second only to Ye Zichen in speed as they cut through the skies.


The sound of experts slicing through the air echoed throughout Heavenly God City. As they flew with all their might, the surrounding space showed signs of cracking. 


The onlookers were, naturally, shaken. Even Jiang Yong and the other society heads, all scions of powerful clans, had never seen anything like this before. 


Dozens of rulers, close to ten thousand diviners, tens of thousands of sky supremes….


Such a momentously powerful army moving all at once, their towering fighting intent threatening to rip even the heavens asunder….


When they closed their eyes, they could sense murderous intents as sharp as swords.




It was complete upheaval!  

There was no doubt about it: if Ye Zichen really led his forces into battle like this, it would throw the entire God Race into upheaval!


Ye Zichen’s choice would implicate the Profound Pavillion, the Star Altar, the Sea of Innocence, the Hermits Palace, the Jade Pond…. All of them would have to make a choice and take sides.


The God Realm was like a stagnant pool, but today, Ye Zichen was stirring it into a muddy mess. 


“You two….”


Jiang Yong was often called a barbarian, and indeed, he could be coarse and reckless sometimes. But when it came to serious matters, he was far more scrupulous than the average person. For instance, when he’d convinced Jiang Wei to lend a hand, he’d pointed out aspects of the issue Jiang Wei hadn’t considered before. That was how he’d succeeded.


It was the same way now. He could already imagine the result of leading out such a powerful force. 


However, although he had a bellyful of aggravation, he couldn’t bring himself to speak. Although he didn’t know why, he could somewhat understand why Jiang Wei and Murong Xue had acted like that.


In truth, at the bottom of his heart, he wanted to support Ye Zichen’s bid for revenge too.

 But whether it was the gaps in their cultivations or the factions backing them, or the factions that Ye Zichen would get involved if he stayed on this path, none of them would permit him to get his revenge. 


Jiang Yong sighed, then silently shook his head.  “Contact Beibei. Tell her… Ye Zichen took action!”




Meanwhile, in the Society of Saints, at the Star Altar.


Ye Rong lived in the Seven Star Star Altar. After joining Chao Feng’s Society of Saints, Great Emperor Chao Feng had granted her this palace, her private residence, personally.


Here, she could directly commune with the stars more efficiently than anywhere else, and guide the power of starlight directly into her body. 


Countless starbearers wanted to come here, even just once, but Ye Rong enjoyed quiet and solitude. Day in and day out, she was the only one occupying her vast star altar.


Yet today…..


Over a hundred people had gathered here. All of them were subordinates Chao Feng had entrusted her with after she joined the Society of Saints. After raising and training them for a hundred years, all of them had become her trusted subordinates.


All of them were starbearers. Most had fused with one star, while a few had fused with two.


A few had merely guided a portion of starlight into their bodies. These people all had saint-level physiques, but that was all.


Even so, on the outside, countless clans would vie for them, going to great lengths to recruit them. Saint physiques were special. 


As for starbearers, even if you only mastered a single star, it would increase your cultivation speed many times over and let you advance quickly. It also improved your ability to comprehend the dao of heaven and earth. Cultivating near them would help others too.


“I’ll ask you one last time. Are you sure? If you want to back out, it’s not too late.” She’d already asked this question three times. What she was about to do wasn’t exactly rebelling against the god race, but it was close. Although these people were her direct subordinates and closest confidantes, she had no right to make such a choice on their behalf.


And yet, even now, no one backed out.


These starbearers were all keenly aware of what Ye Rong planned to do, and they knew the consequences, yet they didn’t back out. 


Although Ye Rong seemed aloof and unapproachable, over the past hundred years, they could also sense her kindness. Ye Rong, the Lord of Seven Stars, had valued them highly and given her all towards helping them develop their talents. She’d been good to them. 


A drop of kindness was repaid with a gushing fountain. How could they back out now?


“Good.” Ye Rong gazed at her determined, unrelenting subordinates and nodded forcefully. She wasted no more words. Instead, she triggered her pure white robes, emblazoned with seven star emblems, over her shoulders. The other starbearers put on their robes as well. 


“Let’s go.” As soon as Ye Rong gave her orders, all of them took to the skies, but before they could take more than a few steps….


“Chao Feng.” Ye Rong slowed. Standing before her was none other than the master of the Star Altar, Great Emperor Chao Feng. 


“Are you going to stop me?” Ye Rong asked.


Chao Feng laughed and shook his head. “You want to lead such a small group against Zhou Wu? Wouldn’t that manage my Star Altar’s reputation?”


Seconds later, countless sounds, like swords cutting through the sky, appeared behind him. “If we’re going to go, we need more momentum. I…. never liked the look of that Zhou Wu guy anyway!”

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