Chapter 1379 - The Demonic Saint Physique Reappears

“Afterward, Lady Providence suspended the match personally. I’ll never forget that wanton, unbridled grin on his face as he dragged Momo by the hair and slammed her into the dirt, nor will I forget the look in his eyes, as if nothing and no one else mattered to him.”


“I can’t forget how far he went to torture Momo. He tortured her to the point that she was barely recognizable.”  

“I want to get revenge, but I’m not strong enough to do so.”


“Ye Zichen…. If you can get revenge for Momo, please, kill that Bai Yulong yourself. If you do, I, Murong Xue, will do anything. Put me to work, make me your slave, it doesn’t matter…”


Murong Xue knelt to the floor, her face wet with tears. Even Jiang Yong and the others, who’d tried to stop her earlier, fell silent. When they heard her repeat her story, they gnashed their teeth and looked away but made no further attempts to silence her.


They’d seen it too. They’d watched that scene of unbearable, heart-wrenching cruelty play out on Divine Martial Academy’s cloth screens. 


They’d been overcome with heaven-shaking fury too. They, too, wanted to kill Bai Yulong and vent their hatred. 


But when they considered the vast gap between their cultivations, they’d had no choice but to swallow their bitter fury.


They clenched their fists and glowered, taking in Bai Yulong’s arrogant disdain.


If they were strong enough to fight, even if they couldn’t outright suppress him, they would have given it all they had with no thought of the consequences or the Battle of Geniuses’ rules. They would have fought to the death if need be.


“Enough.” Ye Zichen coldly interrupted her, and his fury surged out of him.


She’d said all that, but Ye Zichen had only really processed a few words:



 And torture!


At the end of the day, that Bai Yulong had merely tortured Xue Mo without killing her was also because of his disdain for her.


Xue Mo had activated the power of her bloodline, so there was no way Bai Yulong didn’t know she was from the Xue Family. Yet he’d held nothing back even so. Obviously, he’d done it on purpose. Torturing her was proof that he didn’t fear the Xue Family or the Sea of Innocence in the slightest. 


Every time they closed their eyes….


They pictured what had happened in that hidden realm. They remembered Bai Yulong torturing Xue Mo to the point that she begged for death, but was helpless to even kill herself.

 “Ha…. Haha...ha…..” Ye Zichen covered his face, the veins bulging on his hands and arms. If you peered through the gaps in his fingers, you’d see that his black eyes contained a vicious smile, like a demonic grin.


Bai Yulong? Disdain?


Ye Zichen’s aura changed, becoming turbid, and the air seemed to distort around him. Purple-red smoke rose up, billowing out of his pores.


A faint, illusory devil surfaced behind him, and it seemed that wings were sprouting from his back, growing beneath his skin.


His pupils turned purple and glinted with terrifying light.


Everyone in the room stared in shock, especially Xiao Yumei. She was right beside him, so she felt it the most directly.


This was a devil’s aura.


Everyone was shocked save for the nearby Holy Maiden. She merely arched her brows, then chuckled.


In but a single breath of time, the room, which was large enough to seat dozens of people, was full of reddish-purple gas. That, combined with those eerie, glinting purple eyes sent shivers down the society heads’ spines.


“Brother Ye!” Jiang Yong gulped, forced down his terror, and met Ye Zichen’s gaze. “Don’t be reckless! Xue Mo is gravely injured, but it shouldn’t be fatal. Great Emperor Xue Yang already brought her back to the Sea of Innocence for treatment. Given his means, she should make a full recovery. It’s just a matter of time.”


“Brother Ye, don’t be reckless. Whether it’s Bai Yulong himself or the Bai Family backing him, you’re not their match,” said Xu Chao.


“Where there’s life, there’s hope.”  

“You’ve only been on the Divine Mountains for a few years, but you’re already a half-step diviner. If you wait just a bit longer, you’ll definitely be strong enough to get revenge.”


Everyone from Skyspan Academy couldn’t help but try and convince him to stop, but no matter what they said, Ye Zichen didn’t react in the slightest.


“Jiang Wei, hurry up and talk to Brother Ye. Bai Yulong…”


“Brother Ye, go on ahead. I support you.” To their shock, Jiang Wei didn’t even attempt to persuade Ye Zichen. Instead, he said with the utmost seriousness. “In your current state, you might very well have a chance.”


“How could even you…” Pang Zheng and the others pointed at Jiang Wei, unable to speak. Then they looked at Murong Xue.


The two of them had fought the hardest to keep this secret under wraps. Why was it that now that they’d been exposed, they were the first to support Ye Zichen and encourage him to go get his revenge? 


“You’re all insane! Just how high is Bai Yulong’s cultivation? Don’t tell me you don’t know!” roared Jiang Yong. 


But despite Jiang Yong’s anger, Jiang Mei and Murong Xue’s gazes seemed to affirm Ye Zichen’s decision.


Murong Xue’s desire was simple: she, too, wanted revenge for Xue Mo!  

Jiang Wei, on the other hand, had thought this over to himself. Given Ye Zichen’s current state, although he didn’t want to admit it, it was true: Ye Zichen might not beat Bai Yulong, but he could at least give him a good fight.


Furthermore, as fellow swordsmen, he knew better than anyone how important it was to follow your heart.


The direction of the heart was the direction of the sword. 


If Ye Zichen had made up his mind, no matter how hard they fought to hold him back, it was pointless. In that case, they might as well let nature take its course.


The only thing that left Jiang Wei feeling frustrated was that he’d had no idea that there was such a huge gap between him and Ye Zichen.


But that didn’t matter. He’d catch up sooner or later!



In response, Ye Zichen continued covering his face and laughing hysterically. The eerie sound gave those who heard it goosebumps. His aura continued to expand, and the fleshy, half-formed wings on his back were on the verge of breaking through his skin.




His aura exploded outward, stirring up fierce winds. The tables and chairs were sent flying, and they shattered into fragments. In the face of the powerful gusts, Jiang Yong and the others couldn’t help but close their eyes.


They hurriedly placed seals around them, separating themselves from the purple steam.


That was when they saw it: 




A full six pairs of twelve alternating black and white wings unfurled on Ye Zichen’s back, stirring up intense winds.


When they looked at Ye Zichen, they could tell from his aura that his cultivation had increased.


He was a diviner!

 And a demon at that!

 “Long time no see.” Ye Zichen lowered his hands and muttered to the wings on his back. He’d almost forgotten, but he…. Was the son of a demon and a saint, the bearer of a Demonic Saint Physique.


He laughed coolly, then opened his hands and sensed how his body had changed after breaking through.


So, this was the diviner level!  

It was as if he’d fused with heaven and earth, as comfortable with the dao as a fish in water. No wonder only diviners were truly strong enough to reign over their own territory. 


He spread his wings. Each was two meters long, and fully extended, they took up an enormous amount of space. 


He slowly walked up to the still-kneeling Murong Xue and reached out his hand. Purple smoke still billowed around him, and every inch of him gave off a demonic air. And yet, underneath it all, she sensed a saintly aura so pure, just sensing it seemed to cleanse the soul.


Half his aura was utterly vile, and half was pristine and pure.


Ye Zichen’s aura contained these two opposing forces at the same time. Murong Xue was stunned, but she gave him her hand.


Who cared about all that?  

Even if Ye Zichen were a demon, if he could get revenge for Xue Mo…

 What did that matter? 

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