Chapter 1393 - Never Would Have Guessed

Liu Qing was, at the moment, deeply irritated.


She’d just received a hateful message, a divine sense transmission so sickeningly cheesy that she felt uncomfortable all over.


Just thinking about that nauseating message made her tremble as if she’d caught malaria.


She didn’t want any more contact with that shameless weirdo, especially now. That girl who was always by his side was on the brink of death, her fate uncertain, yet he was still in the mood to send her such nauseatingly sweet messages? That only made her detest him anymore; he wasn’t just shameless. He was irresponsible too!


She tossed her jade transmission slip into a corner, then fished a cell phone out of her pocket.


She’d obtained it just a few days ago by chance, and she saw it as a precious treasure. She opened her home screen, her face flushed red with curiosity as she opened a “naughty comic” she’d already read halfway through.


She didn’t understand it herself. The images onscreen were dirty as could be, and given her personality, she ought to feel repulsed.


But it was as if she couldn’t control herself and her heart overrode her awareness, urging her to read more and more.


“Oh….” She lay there, flipping through page after page, her little face bright red. From time to time, she hid her face, but even then, she peered through the gaps in her fingers. Her eyes brimmed over with curiosity as she read on.


The jade slip she’d tossed into the corner flashed red….


That nasty guy just didn’t know when to let up. She glared at it, but didn’t so much as get up to read the message. The way she saw it, anything he had to say would only make her sick to her stomach.


“Liu Qing,” said a voice.


Liu Qing, who’d been immersed in the world of her dirty comic, immediately lowered her head to cover her screen, then sat back up, glaring like a startled ostrich.


“Your…. Your Majesty.”


“What are you doing? I sent you a message, but you didn’t respond.”


The one sending her a divine sense transmission was none other than Bi’an, who was physically located in the Northern Divine Mountain’s Sea of Innocence. After Xue Beibei showed up, he’d tried several times to contact Liu Qing.


However, she’d assumed all his messages were just more nonsense from that “nasty guy,” so she’d ignored them.


In the end, Bi’an had no choice but to directly reach out to her with his divine sense.


“You sent those messages just now. And here I thought it was that nasty-......” Liu Qing caught herself just in time, covering her mouth before she could finish her sentence.


She’d started thinking of Ye Zichen as “that nasty guy.” She naturally knew this was insulting to him, but if others heard it, they might misunderstand.


Liu Qing decided not to linger on that. Instead, she asked, “Did you have something to ask of me?”


“I heard that Ye Zichen guy contacted you?”  

“That’s right.”


“He doesn’t know that a Bai Family member hurt Xue Mo, and we don’t want him to find out. When you talk to him, don’t bring this matter up. If he asks, tell him Xue Mo is off exploring a newly-discovered hidden land.”


“How about I just don’t respond?” 


When Liu Qing said that, Bi’an fell silent for a while. “That works too, but I hope you can get better acquainted with him. You ought to understand why. I’ll say no more for now, as I have matters to attend to in the Sea of Innocence. If anything requires my attention in the Four Directions Palace, you can contact me any time.”


With that, Bi’an cut off their divine sense connection. Even if Liu Qing wanted to respond, she couldn’t; she wasn’t at Bi’an’s level. She couldn’t stretch her divine sense all the way to another divine mountain.


She gnashed her teeth and bit her lip, then glanced at the jade slip lying in the corner.


Contact him more?  

Her heart was full of unwillingness, but she still picked up the jade slip and inserted her divine awareness. Ye Zichen’s sickening message was still there waiting for her.


Just hearing it, she couldn’t help but tremble.


Meanwhile, on the Central Divine Mountain….


“You guys are really acting strange.” Ye Zichen cocked his head and examined the society heads’ expressions. They were truly behaving unusually. He couldn’t help but wonder what was up with them.


At that moment, his jade slip lit back up.


Ye Zichen took it out, only to get an ice-cold message from Liu Qing: “What are you doing?”


It seemed that after losing her memory, Liu Qing had no taste for sweet nothings and cheesy affection. Ye Zichen muttered to himself, then responded, “Chatting with you. Can’t I?”


As he responded to Liu Qing, the society heads discussed their next steps amongst themselves. 

 “How are things?” asked the Xu brothers.


“Beibei said she already told Great Emperor Xue Yang, and that the Four Directions Palace will work with us to the full extent of their abilities,” replied Murong Xue.


“That’s good.” Everyone sighed, and the tension on their faces faded away.


Ye Zichen sent his message, then turned around and discovered that their expressions had changed once more. “You guys…. Nothing’s the matter, right?” 


“What are you saying? How could anything possibly be wrong?” Jiang Yong burst into laughter. “We’ve already seen all we need to see, but we have other matters to attend to, so we won’t disturb you any longer.”


“You’re leaving just like that? I was thinking we could eat together first,” said Ye Zichen.


“No need. We have matters to take care of back in our student societies. After all, we’ll need some time before we can send you our freshly graduated talent.”


When they brought up their plan, Ye Zichen decided not to keep them any longer. “Alright then, go on and do what you need to do.”


“We’ll be back when we have some free time.” The student society heads all left the Upheaval Alliance’s new base.


As Ye Zichen watched them leave, he couldn’t help but frown.


These people….


They came here out of nowhere, and now they’re leaving out of nowhere. They’re acting so mysteriously….


“Are we really leaving just like this?” said Di Long shortly after they left the base.


“The longer we stay, the greater the odds we let something slip,” said Pang Zheng.


The others nodded. They’d already completed their task and done all they could. Liu Qing’s behavior was out of their control, but they figured Great Emperor Xue Yang definitely had his means of contacting the Four Directions Palace. There most likely wouldn’t be any problems, so there was no point staying any longer.




At that moment, the heavy-hearted group suddenly bumped into a passerby, a black-cloaked figure. They hurriedly apologized, but she didn’t seem to care. She merely nodded, then left.


The others didn’t pay the incident much heed. They simply chatted about just how long they’d have to keep up this ruse.


But suddenly, Murong Xue stopped in her tracks, frowned, and looked behind them.


“What is it?”  

“Don’t you think that woman we bumped into looked rather familiar?” Murong Xue furrowed her brows.


“Familiar?” Jiang Yong arched his brows. Just now, he really hadn’t paid any attention to that person’s features.


Jiang Wei had been silent this whole time, but when he saw the woman, his expression shifted. He whipped his head around, then chased after her. 


Just as the others wondered about what he was up to, they heard Murong Xue say, “That seemed like the demons’ Holy Maiden, and she was heading toward….”


“The Upheaval Alliance!” All the society heads reacted at once, looked at each other, then shouted, “Stop her!”


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