Chapter 139 Got silently rejected by immortal Lady He

Chapter 139 – Got silently rejected by immortal Lady He

Pursue your ass!

This geezer, Yue Lao, truly doesn’t say too many things that are unrelated to this job. His very first question was whether Ye Zichen wanted to pursue her!

Does he, Ye Zichen, dare to pursue her? If he did, then wouldn’t Han Xiangzi beat him to death?

He’s one of the Eight Immortals, and he’s a mere mortal…

“I don’t want to pursue Immortal Lady He, I just want to request an item from her. Help introduce me.”

“That’s alright.”

When Ye Zichen saw this message, he was speechless once more. What the hell? So Yue Lao wouldn’t allow him if he really wanted to pursue her?

“One moment, celestial sovereign.”

It seemed like Yue Lao went to find Immortal Lady He. Thus, Ye Zichen put his phone onto the table and stretched lazily.

Zhuge Kongming was very weird. He didn’t have the bad habits that children his age should have.

He was very quiet and obedient.

If Ye Zichen didn’t call him, then he would quietly sit at the entrance and look at the sky, thinking about unknown matters.

“Kongming, it’s pretty boring staying at the supermarket every day, right?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and asked.

Zhuge Kongming turned over, and instantly frowned, while his eyes seem to be on the verge of tears, “Zichen-dage, do you want to kick me out….”

I really do have this intention!

Ye Zichen thought to himself. However, he couldn’t help but sigh when he saw the child’s pitiful look.

“Where are you going to go if I chase you away? I just wanted to ask if you’re bored. If you are, then I’ll bring a laptop over for you, so you can play games when you have nothing to do.”

“Really? That’s great!” Zhuge Kongming’s eyes brightened. “If Zichen-ge can buy me a computer, that’s obviously for the best.”


So direct.

Without saying any words of wanting to decline.

“Sure, then I’ll bring it over for you next time,” Ye Zichen smiled, while Zhuge Kongming also nodded with a smile. “Oh yeah, want to tell me about your family and that engagement partner?”

“Don’t mention it,” Zhuge Kongming twitched his mouth. “There isn’t much to say about my family. They count as small rich businessmen. As for that engagement partner…”

“What about your engagement partner?”

“I heard that the girl is quite a few years older than me. I’ve never seen her. I don’t even remember her name. She seemed to be called Xia something…” Zhuge Kongming thought about it for a while. However, it seemed like he couldn’t recall it, causing him to wave his hand. “Never mind, but this isn’t important. I have seen her photo, she’s kind of pretty, but she’s not my type.”

Ye Zichen had no doubt that she was pretty.

Children of large families like theirs would often look quite good, especially girls…

Even if they weren’t born that way, it can be altered! Technology is so advanced now, the hospitals can satisfy you even if you want to turn into an alien.

“Why types can a little brat like. What do you know?”

“I just don’t like her,” Zhuge Kongming frowned.

At this moment, the phone Ye Zichen had put onto the table rang.

He picked up the phone, and gave a cue for Zhuge Kongming to go on the side, before opening his WeChat.

The first thing he did was to see if anyone added him. However, he didn’t see any friend requests of Immortal Lady He.

“Celestial sovereign!”

“Celestial sovereign what? Where’s Immortal Lady He?”

Yue Lao was too inefficient. Immortal Lady He didn’t find him!

“Celestial sovereign, I spoke with Immortal Lady He just now, she…”

“What about her?”

“Never mind, let me send you a screenshot.”


Yue Lao sent over a screenshot, which Ye Zichen took a look at…

Yue Lao: Lil’ He!

Immortal Lady He: I’m here!

Yue Lao: How have you been recently?

Immortal Lady He: Pretty good, I’m just a bit bored.

Yue Lao: Didn’t you just enter our Heavenly Court chat a bit more in the group if you’re bored!

Immortal Lady He: Yeah, it’s pretty lively.

Yue Lao: Yeah, just chat a bit if you have nothing to do, improve your relationship with other celestial friends. Oh yeah, you saw that celestial sovereign Nameless when you entered the group, right?”

Immortal Lady He: That Only Idealism?

Yue Lao: Yeah, that’s him.

Immortal Lady He: I saw…

Yue Lao: That celestial sovereign is a master. He lives with Taibai Jinxing.

Immortal Lady He: Really? That’s pretty amazing!

Yue Lao: That celestial sovereign wants to get to know you…

That was where the chat log ended, and Immortal Lady He did not reply afterwards.

Ye Zichen looked over it for a while. To be honest, he didn’t feel like there was anything wrong.

Yue Lao had paved the way pretty well, and also told Immortal Lady He about his position. He was unable to feel any dislike from Immortal Lady He’s words…

Why did she stop speaking!

At the same time, at the Eight Immortal Manor.

Han Xiangzi clenched his teeth hatefully as he stared at Ye Zichen’s profile pic in the chat group. Meanwhile, Iron Crutch Li and Han Zhongli, who were playing go, looked towards him and asked.

“What’s with the expression!?”

“The brat who was newly ascended wants to chat up Immortal Lady He.”

“How do you know?” Iron Crutch Li was confused.

Han Xiangzi lifted his phone in his hand and said, “I just chatted with Yue Lao for a moment using Immortal Lady He’s phone, Yue Lao directly said that the celestial sovereign Nameless wants to get to know Immortal Lady He! Think about it, what could it be aside from wanting to chat her up, since Yue Lao asked in person?”

“Ol’ Han, that’s not quite right. It’s not that good that you used Immortal Lady He’s phone, right?” Han Zhongli frowned.

“We brothers know that you’re interested in Immortal Lady He, but didn’t your relationship get broken off before we ascended!? You two are destined to not be together, so what is this for!”

“But I’m not happy about it either.”

Han Xiangzi’s eyes were filled with annoyance. At the same time, Immortal Lady He walked in from the outside with a basket.

Han Xiangzi quickly deleted his chat with Yue Lao, then returned the phone to its original position.

Iron Crutch Li and Han Zhongli couldn’t help but shake their heads when they saw this, while continuing to play go.

It was like nothing happened at all.

“Celestial sovereign, I said pretty much everything I wanted to say, but that Immortal Lady He seems…”

Yue Lao stopped himself. However, it wasn’t like Ye Zichen did not what he wanted to say.

Damn, isn’t that Immortal Lady He too narcissistic?

Does she really think that I wanted to hit on her?

“Never mind, you don’t need to bother yourself with Immortal Lady He? Don’t you want to stock up? I’ll give you ten percent off!”

Yue Lao, who was in the Heavenly Court, smiled. He managed to get ten percent off even when he couldn’t finish the task. He really got a huge advantage.


Your intimacy level with Yue Lao increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 330.

“Thank you so much, celestial sovereign.”

“You’re welcome.”

Ye Zichen smiled, then scrolled up to the list Yue Lao sent before going to the basement.

Zhuge Kongming, who had been staying near the entrance, frowned. Then said towards Blackie, who was floating in midair, “Go and have a look.”

“That’s not too good, right?” Blackie hesitated. No matter what, Ye Zichen was his boss.

“If you’re not going? Then I’m not going to help you nurture your soul,” Zhuge Kongming shrugged, causing Blackie to instantly stop resisting.

Blackie’s soul had condensed a lot more after Zhuge Kongming’s nurturing. Since he had tried the benefits, it was impossible for him to give it up just like that.

“Sure, then I’ll go and have a look, but if Boss Ye…”

“Just go,” Zhuge Kongming lifted his head. “I just want to see what secrets Zichen-ge actually has!”

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