Chapter 1388 - A Tour

In the blink of an eye, half a month went by.


Fortunately, Xuan Ji put a quick stop to the trading company branch’s demolition, so it didn’t take too much damage. The branch consisted of multiple buildings, and only one was destroyed.


It’s worth mentioning that, in this period of time, the Upheaval Alliance came into view of Heavenly God City’s countless factions.


Remember, this was the territory in range of the God Statue, the home of the LIghtning Emperor. It had always been the focus of attention. Many people came here from other divine mountains to look around and experience the God Statue’s mysteriousness for themselves.


Add that to the fact that the Upheaval Alliance had caused quite a stir, and that Xuan Ji was supporting them.


All of Heavenly God City’s factions, both big and small, gradually caught wind of the Upheaval Alliance, and quite a few paid a visit in person.


For the past two months, Ye Zichen had been as busy as could be.


He’d already brought Wei Jie and the others over from the Northern Divine Mountain, and he’d summoned all the yao of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. He’d even called back the Earth Supreme yao servants he’d left in the Lower Lands, leaving only a small portion of them to protect Anti-Upheaval’s bases down in the Lower Lands. 


When Upheaval’s members in the Lower Lands heard that their gang had established a new headquarters in Heavenly God City, it only stimulated their desire to increase their cultivation and ascend.

 Undoubtedly, before long, the first group of the Lower Lands’ Upheaval Gang would ascend to join the Upheaval Alliance.


Ye Zichen had been busy this whole time, without a moment to himself. He didn’t even consider paying the Divine Martial Academy a visit, especially since Xuan Ji herself had said that the Anti-Upheaval Society was doing just fine. He simply immersed himself in building up the Upheaval Alliance. 


However, although he didn’t go visit his classmates, they came looking for him.


“Boss, there’s someone outside.” Just as Ye Zichen was supervising their work, Wei Jie came rushing in. “He calls himself Jiang Wei, and there’s a few others with him. He says he’s your friend and he’s here to see you.” 


“Jiang Wei?” 


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but be surprised. Yes, the Upheaval Alliance had caused quite a stir, and he wasn’t at all surprised that his friends from Skyspan Academy had heard about it. If Jiang Yong or the others had come, he wouldn’t have been shocked at all. But now Wei Jie was telling him Jiang Wei of all people was here to see him? He found it a bit hard to believe.”


“I’ll go take a look.” 


Jiang Wei and the others had already been led to a reception area, and Xiao Yumei was personally welcoming them.


Ye Zichen and Wei Jie arrived through the hall’s front door and saw none other than Skyspan Academy’s student society leaders, as well as Jiang Wei of the Navigators. He was currently nodding and thanking Xiao Yumei. As usual, he clutched his rusted sword.


“Zichen.” Xiao Yumei was the first to notice his arrival. As soon as she greeted him, the others rose and looked towards him.


Ye Zichen nodded gently at Xiao Yumei, who smiled back and left them to chat alone.


The group gathered around him. Jiang Yong even pounded him on the shoulder a few times. “Brother Ye, you’re sure something, huh? We’re still back at the academy playing student society head, while you…. We really can’t compete, huh!?”


“Why are you even trying to compete with Zichen? In terms of intelligence alone, he’s many times better than you.” Murong Xue rolled her eyes.


“Brother Ye, your faction’s name is quite interesting. The Upheaval Alliance! It’s a bit of a strange choice for someone from the Anti-Upheaval Society,” teased Xu Chao.


Ye Zichen had actually considered this when he first joined the Anti-Upheaval Society.

 It left him rather speechless; his faction was the Upheaval Gang, yet Xue Mo had to lead a group called the Anti-Upheaval Society of all things.


Ye Zichen smiled bitterly and shook his head, then said, “Don’t make fun of me! This is the faction I made back in the Lower Lands. It was called the Upheaval Gang then, but now that I’ve ascended to the Divine Mountains, it sounded a bit too small potatoes, so we’re the Upheaval Alliance. But it does seem a bit like I’m fated to be at odds with Xue Mo’s Anti-Upheaval Society, doesn’t it?”


Everyone burst into laughter.


They chatted about trifles for a bit, but all of them wanted to look around the Upheaval Alliance’s base. Ye Zichen agreed right away, but their base was so big. If they traveled on foot, they wouldn’t even be able to see a third of it even if they took the whole day, so they had no choice but to take to the skies.


“This stretch is all group housing for our members.”


“This is where our pill refiners, artificers, talisman makers, and our handful of formation experts work.”


“This is our colosseum…..”  

“This is our collection of secret texts….”


“This is our business district….”


Over the next hour, Ye Zichen took his old friends from Skyspan Academy and showed them around, introducing the base’s situation.


“That’s the gist of it, but we aren’t done building. I’d planned to finish construction before inviting you here of my own accord.” Even though cultivators had incredible craftsmanship and efficiency, the base was huge. Although weeks had passed, they’d only barely finished a third of it.


Even so, the alliance’s grandeur was readily apparent.


Just based on how Ye Zichen had divided up his land, Jiang Yong and the others trusted that the Upheaval Alliance would one day occupy a spot at the top of the God Realm. 


“You’re amazing, Brother Ye, truly,” Pang Zheng exclaimed in awe. The others nodded, ave for Jiang Wei, who seemed to be preoccupied with something else.


“En, not really.” Ye Zichen chuckled.


“How about, going forward, those who graduate from the Grizzly Bear Society come here and work for you?” laughed Pang Zheng.


After accepting that he and Ye Zichen weren’t even on the same playing field, Pang Zheng had long since given up any animosity he one had for him. This was especially true now, after seeing the sheer scale of his new faction. He was devastated, but he also felt a deep longing.


He wanted to stick to Ye Zichen’s side and move up in the world. This absolutely wasn’t fake.


If he could get in with Ye Zichen, then he had essentially had the Profound Pavillion, Saints Palace, and the Sea of Innocence backing him up.


The Pang Family was a decent sized faction on the Northern Divine Mountain, but compared to the aforementioned major powers, they were nothing. Furthermore, based on the scale of Ye Zichen’s new base, it was clear that his faction would one day rise to the top. It might even one day rise to the level of a peak-level faction. 

 Pang Zheng definitely couldn’t go wrong following him!


When Ye Zichen heard this, he was stunned. He struggled to understand Pang Zheng’s thoughts, but in a way, they made sense.


Pang Zheng couldn’t stay at Skyspan Academy for the rest of his life. He’d have to leave sooner or later, and he’d taken a shine to Ye Zichen’s strength, and more importantly, his potential. He was an ideal choice as a potential backer. For Pang Zheng, joining the Upheaval Alliance was an excellent way forward. 


When he heard Pang Zheng’s suggestion, Ye Zichen seriously considered it.


The current Upheaval Alliance had a severe shortage of manpower. Even after calling almost all his yao servants back, compared to a peak-level faction like the Xiao Family, there was an enormous difference. 


If, after graduation, the Grizzly Bear Society members all came over and joined the Upheaval Alliance, that was tantamount to an endless influx of new blood and young talent. 


This would undoubtedly be to their advantage.


Perhaps because he’d taken too long to mull things over, Di Long hurriedly laughed, “Pang Zheng, you sure are clever: you sure know how to find yourself a good backer. But don’t you see how many yao servants there are walking about? With the Yao-Sealing Pagoda on hand, do you really think Brother Ye needs your tiny little student society to boost his numbers?”


Di Long said that to make the situation less awkward, but when Ye Zichen heard that, he only grew more agitated. “Who said I don’t need your help? Of course I do, I’m desperate for manpower…”

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