Chapter 1386 - A sudden burst of inspiration

The Xiao Family’s lightning pool was absolutely a variable!  

If the number of bolts in a tribulation was really entirely under the Xiao Family’s control, then what if the thirty thousand clansmen responsible for sending tribulations all went mad at once? What would the other experts of the God Realm do then?

 No matter how profound their cultivations, could they really resist an unlimited number of lightning bolts coursing through them?


“What a fun toy they’ve got. Might we perchance be able to steal it?” This bandit-like thought suddenly rose up in Ye Zichen’s heart.


The lightning pool was just too great a variable, and the Xiao Family was now consorting with demons and yao. If they left the pool under the Xiao Family’s control, it would do Ye Zichen absolutely no good.


But then, it was just an idea, just like when he’d talked about destroying the Divine Mountains or making new ones. Just the thought was enough to terrify most people, and if he actually tried, his odds of success were fleeting. He was currently stuck at the half-step diviner level. If he really wanted to achieve those goals, he’d likely have to wait until he transcended!


Even if stealing the lightning pool was nothing but a pipe dream, he ought to be able to insert someone into the upper echelons of the Xiao Family, right?


After thinking it over, Ye Zichen suddenly glanced up at the sky, where Yang Jian and the Great Sage were fighting. Although neither of them had lost, Yang Jian was obviously at a disadvantage.


They’d likely fought on the spur of the moment. The Great Sage was just itching to teach Yang Jian a lesson, while Yang Jian was no soft persimmon, no easy target. He was determined to butt heads with the Great Sage.


As he watched them fight, an idea rose up in Ye Zichen’s mind.


“Jingwan, would you mind stopping them? If they go on like this,someone might get killed. And besides, this is Heavenly God City, the capital of the God Realm. My aunt is a high-ranking member of the God Emperor’s Estate, so let’s not make things difficult for her.”


“So, you’re still capable of consideration for your aunt. I really ought to thank you,” said Xuan Ji, smiling but not quite smiling.


Pu Jingwan took to the skies to break up their fight.


The Great Sage, who was at a bit of an advantage, had his nose proudly in the air. As he came back down to earth, he pounded his chest. Although they weren’t fighting physically anymore, his verbal assault was relentless.


Ye Zichen glanced at Yang Jian and saw his obvious displeasure written on his face, but when it came to verbal warfare, at least, he wasn’t the least bit weaker.


For every insult the Great Sage hurled at him, he hurled ten back, every word so vicious that the Great Sage’s eyes practically popped out of his head. It seemed they were on the verge of fighting once more.


Ye Zichen was actually quite satisfied with this; this was exactly the result he wanted.


He knew that the Great Sage and Yang Jian had always been like this, fighting and hurling insults constantly, but he also knew that they were closer to each other than to anyone else.


But Xiao Ting didn’t know that!


“Bro, he really is acting like a toady, right? Just now, I insulted Xiao Ting, and this brainless nitwit cursed at me!” Even as he descended from the sky, the Great Sage didn’t stop insulting Yang Jian.


“Screw you!” Yang Jian glared at him. “I really should have seized the opportunity to cut your head off and stew it while you were still a diviner. I hear monkey brains are highly nutritious.”


Pu Jingwan couldn’t help but facepalm. Even Xuan Ji couldn’t help but stare.


Both of them were rulers, so why did they look more like street thugs?


“Could you please hold your tongues, just a little bit?” As he soothed their anger, Ye Zichen reached out with his divine sense and sent four transmissions, one to each of companions.


In response, their expressions didn’t change, but they solidified the restriction surrounding them for even greater secrecy.


“What is it?” asked Yang Jian.


“I had a sudden burst of inspiration….” Within the restriction’s bounds, Ye Zichen’s hands danced about as he explained his idea. However, his gaze was sharp and solemn, as if he were shouting and berating Yang Jian. Yang Jian also raised his lance and started explaining himself with all his might.

 “What are they saying?” Meanwhile, Xiao Ting sat atop his throne and asked the elderly page boy, Uncle An.


“I don’t know,” said the old man. “They put up a seal, so I can’t hear them. But that Yang Jian just got in a fight with one of them, and they attacked each other rather viciously. During their fight, that yao called Yang Jian a ‘lackey.’”


“Is that so?” Xiao Ting nodded.


“Then, perhaps because that youth didn’t want to see them fight amongst themselves, he sent someone to bring them back down. He brought them into the restriction, but now they’re arguing again.” 


Xiao Ting smiled calmly and took a puff from his cigar. “In the near future, try interacting with Yang Jian. It would be great if we could recruit him to our side. But of course, we can’t trust him too much. It’s entirely possible that they’re just putting on a show for our benefit.”  

“Understood.” The elderly page boy nodded.


After taking another deep puff, Xiao Ting’s gaze wavered, and he snorted, “Hmph. You’re recruiting people with resources alone, without offering a feeling of belonging or allegiance, and you think that’s enough to go toe to toe with the Xiao Family? Ludicrous!”




“Bro, are you sure this can work?” Meanwhile, within the restricted area, the Great Sage furrowed his brows in response to Ye Zichen’s plan. “This is a dangerous ploy. If he lets anything slip, or if the other side senses anything suspicious, isn’t Yang Jian doomed? Besides, given his IQ, do you really think you can trust him with this?”  

“Are you looking down on me?”


“It sounds risky to me too, but… it could work. It’s just, it really will be dangerous.” Xuan Ji nodded after a bit of hesitation. 


Ye Zichen really had come up with this on a whim, so when the others pointed out how dangerous it would be, he hesitated.


“I’ll go!” Seeing Ye Zichen’s expression change, Yang jian said earnestly, “Isn’t it just going undercover? What’s so scary about that? Even if he limits my jade transmission slip, we still have cell phones. If anything goes wrong, you can just come save me. After all, we’re so nearby. I’ll just call for help.”


“Are you sure you want to go?” asked Ye Zichen. “Undercover agents live dangerous lives. Have you ever watched police dramas? Roughly eighty percent of them get killed. They only survive when they’re the protagonist.”


“Then…. I won’t go.” Yang Jian instantly wimped out.


“No, you’d best go!” After thinking it over, Ye Zichen still decided to entrust Yang Jian with this important mission. He needed an informant in the Xiao Family, and at the moment, Yang Jian was his only option. Yang Jian and the Great Sage’s violent spat had inadvertently made him the best man for the job, effectively pushing him right towards the Xiao Family gates. 


If he didn’t take advantage of this situation, it would be a real loss. 


And it was just as Yang Jian said: if the Xiao Family restricted or monitored his jade slip, he could still use his phone. If anything unexpected happened, he could just call; they were right next door.


“Okay, then I’ll go,” said Yang Jian without any more waffling. 


Although he and the Great Sage didn’t get along, the Great Sage was visibly concerned. Yang Jian noted his expression and laughed, then patted him on the shoulder, only for the Great Sage to slap his hand away and smack him with his staff.


“You’re insane!” roared Yang Jian.


“No, you’re insane!” The Great Sage fired right back. “You’re going over to the other side, and they’re definitely watching us already. You heard Zichen’s plans, so what are you thinking, patting my shoulder at a time like this? Do you want to die?”


Yang Jian’s heart clenched, but he instantly got into character and stepped backward. From the outside, it really did seem like the conflict between them had reached the breaking poi


“If Yang Jian wants to go, I, ol’ Sun, won’t stop him. Now then, how exactly should we get him into the Xiao Family?”

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