Chapter 1383 - The Xiao Family’s New Neighbors

Jiang Wei was convinced.


Even if he was utterly unwilling, even if he didn’t want to go against his convictions and resort to trickery, Jiang Yong’s argument had convinced him.


If Ye Zichen found out what had happened to Ye Zichen, he’d definitely seek out that person and get revenge.


It wasn’t that Ye Zichen was reckless. The way Jiang Wei saw it, anyone who preferred using swords had to have at least a bit of heroic spirit. Ye Zichen was just sincere about his friendships. He cared about people.


Jiang Wei had taken note of Ye Zichen since the moment he first laid eyes on him.


In his heart, Ye Zichen had gradually morphed into a rival on the path to sword mastery. They might spar in private and strive to surpass each other, but neither of them wished to see the other injured.


The one who’d injured Xue Mo was just too strong. At the very least, he was far beyond what they could currently handle.


If Ye Zichen let his anger get to his head and ran off in search of fury, odds were it wouldn’t end well with him. And given his shocking background, they wouldn’t just let Xue Yang off for his role in it.


This was easy to explain…


Sometimes, men considered the big picture when making their decisions, but women generally didn’t.


The Lord of Seven Stars was Ye Zichen’s biological mother, and the master of the Profound Pavilion was his aunt. Both of them stood at the top of top factions of the God Realm. Both could change the fate of the entire realm. And both of them were women.


The God Realm was currently fraught with both internal and external troubles. If those two peak-level factions took actions, the situation would only get worse.


Whether it was out of concern for Ye Zichen’s safety or out of concern for the bigger picture, Jiang Wei couldn’t let Ye Zichen throw his life away.


He didn’t hesitate any longer. Now that he was convinced, Jiang Wei followed Jiang Yong to the tavern outside the Divine Martial Academy. Since Ye Zichen had already returned to Heavenly God City, they couldn’t afford any delays. They had to intercept him en route to the academy.


As for how they’d explain and divert Ye Zichen’s attention, that was up to them to discuss.


Little did they know, although Ye ZIchen had returned, he wasn’t heading toward Divine Martial Academy at all. But even if they knew, they wouldn’t think their preparations were a waste of time.


They had to proceed with the utmost caution to prevent unknown incidents.


Regardless of where Ye Zichen was now or why he’d returned to the city, all they had to do was carry out their mission.


Ye Zichen still had no idea that his return had triggered such a series of events. He was currently hurrying to the location Xuan Ji had specified.


As he drew near, he heard a series of deafening booms.

 He turned to the source of the noise and saw dozens of experts hovering overhead, releasing their divine power without holding back in the slightest. Countless buildings crumbled before them, leaving their materials behind; they planned to reuse and recycle them. As soon as the old buildings fell, construction teams rushed out amidst the din and started putting up new buildings in their place.


“Cultivators really can work far more efficiently than mortals. The difference is huge!” 


In just the short time he’d been watching, he saw the new buildings take shape. They weren’t finished, but he could already see the shape of what they were to become. If things proceeded at this pace, the new buildings would be ready in less than three days.


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh. As he stood there sighing, Xuan Ji teleported to his side.


“Auntie.” Ye Zichen put on a pleasant smile and greeted her. The others nodded as well.


Pu Jingwan and Yang Jian were representatives of the Outside and had extraordinary statuses, but even the Great Sage remained upright. He was, after all, an expert capable of suppressing even Yang Jian. It would have been stranger if he knelt and bowed like an ordinary person; it wasn’t proper, and it didn’t make sense.


“You got back awfully quickly,” laughed Xuan Ji. Ye Zichen smiled and nodded.


Could they do otherwise?


After receiving Xuan Ji’s message, Ye Zichen’s heart had thudded non-stop. This step was critical to his future plans and development.


What made his heart pound even harder was that he was now directly facing the Xiao Family. 

 From now on, he and the Lightning Emperor, the master of tribulation lightning, were neighbors. 


Last time he met with Xuan Ji, the favor he’d asked was buying up the space directly facing the Xiao Family to be Upheaval’s new headquarters. He had several reasons for this, but the most important was to put direct pressure on Xiao Ting.


Xiao Yumei and Xiao Yan were now on his side. Xiao Ting planned to betray the god race, and he would naturally guess that Ye Zichen, the person protecting his children, had already learned of his secrets.


Ye Zichen deliberately built his base here to say clearly and openly….


“Xiao Ting, I already know all of it! I’m here to keep an eye on you. Don’t try any funny business! You’d best behave yourself!” 


But nevermind the fact that the Lightning Emperor was consorting with yao and demons and planned to betray the god race. They’d had a grudge against each other since long before that.


That alone was a grudge in need of settling.


Having a base here meant that Ye Zichen didn’t need to live in constant fear. He finally had sufficient power, so he’d jumped right up to the forefront to butt heads with the Lightning Emperor directly. 


This was an enormous milestone for Ye Zichen. Naturally, he was overcome with excitement!


“I did just as you asked and bought up all the surrounding territory. Here’s a list of my expenses. Take a look, and remember, you promised to replay me twofold.”


She stuffed a jade slip into Ye Zichen’s hands. He inserted his divine sense and the numbers flooded into his consciousness. It took him a moment to comb through and process it all, but that too proved just how heavy a price Xuan Ji had paid to purchase all this. 


A few breaths of time passed before he could fully take in the information. As he scanned the records, Ye Zichen could barely speak.


What a terrifyingly enormous expenditure! It was so terrifying that he didn’t even want to think of the total. Just how many zeroes were tacked onto the end of that enormous number? 


“Don’t think it’s overpriced. This is the area surrounding the God Statue. No one would want to sell territory here. You’re the one who wanted to build your base right across from the Xiao Family. I didn’t just have to pay an arm and a leg for this; I had to call on old favors and push with all my might, too. Don’t forget, you owe me double….”


“I know.” The Xiao Family was the top faction in Heavenly God City. It was natural that their location was extraordinary.


When he asked Xuan Ji to buy space for his new base, he was already prepared for an enormous expenditure, although seeing it written like that, he still struggled to stay calm. Fortunately, he had the Outsiders’ support. It would have been fine to spend even more. All that mattered was buying the necessary property.


“A few minor family clans and a Skyspan Trading Company branch were here earlier. In truth, their homes were well built, but considering that you plan to put a new faction in their place, I ordered my people to tear down and rebuild. Of course, the style is similar to my Profound Pavilion. That’s not a problem, is it?” asked Xuan Ji.


“No problem, no problem.” Ye Zichen nodded. “Have you torn down the Skyspan Trading Company branch yet? If not, leave it. I can use it.”  

“You dabble in business too?” Xuan Ji arched her brows in surprise, then laughed inexplicably. “We can talk about that later. Your new neighbor is here to see you.”

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