Chapter 138 The Spokesperson Yue Lao

Chapter 138 – The Spokesperson Yue Lao

When Bai Dahai took his wife and daughter away, Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled when he thought back to the scene of them meeting, “Hai-ge, thank you so much.”

“You’re still treating Hai-ge like an outsider,” Xiao Hai frowned slightly unhappily. He poured a cup of tea for Ye Zichen and said, “Taste it, this is Da Hong Pao that Hai-ge asked people to buy at a very high price.”

“You know that I don’t really understand tea,” as Ye Zichen gave an excuse, he took a sip from his tea cup. “Not bad.”

“You only know how to say that,” Xiao Hai shook his head with a smile. Then he quickly retracted his smile. “Are you sure you want to do this? The person behind Hao Wen is not normal. I feel like you already earned enough by removing the unstable factor of Bai Dahai.

“People are greedy,” Ye Zichen rotated his neck meaningfully, then crossed his legs. “If I allow Hao Wen to continue on like this, he will be a worrying unstable factor for me. Since he has someone supporting him, then it isn’t completely awful for me to contact the person behind him.”

Xiao Hai sighed. He could feel Ye Zichen’s determination just from his expression.

Although Ye Zichen kept on calling him Hai-ge, Xiao Hai did not think that he understood Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen was mysterious, and capable.

Nothing about him could be seen through.

Xiao Hai nodded with a smile as he finished his cup of tea, “Then Hai-ge won’t try to talk you out of it. Just decide it by yourself.”

“Haha, Hai-ge has no need to worry, I’m not a child,” Ye Zichen chuckled. When he suddenly thought of Zhuge Kongming, who was in the supermarket, he couldn’t help but ask. “Hai-ge, has there been any reaction to the news I asked you to spread in your circles?”

Xiao Hai was confused for a moment. After quite a while, he finally understood and said, “You’re talking about that child called Zhuge Kongming?”

“Yes,” Ye Zichen nodded.

This child had been by his side for too long. Although it wasn’t much for him to feed this child, Ye Zichen had too many secrets, so allowing the kid to carrying on staying there wasn’t going to work.

What’s more, the parents who lost their child would worry!

“No news,” Xiao Hai shrugged. “Both Dongfang Wenyi and I spread the news in our circles, but we didn’t hear which family in the capital had a child that ran away from home.”

“Then could he be from other places?”

Ye Zichen knew the reason for that kid to run away from home, so that child might have intentionally made up a false address in fear of Ye Zichen using it as a way to find his parents.

“You should be clear about how your Hai-ge does things. I did think that maybe he wasn’t someone from the capital, but I didn’t hear any news of children running away from home from other provinces.”

This time, it was Ye Zichen’s turn to get stressed. Just what did this kid, Zhuge Kongming do?

From the looks of him, he seemed like the child of a rich family, but there was no news about him in the circles.

Could Zhuge Kongming’s family’s circle be different to Xiao Hai’s…

Or did his parents not realize? If that’s the case, then these parents are too neglecting.

Xiao Hai raised his eyebrows when he saw the troubled look on Ye Zichen’s face, “How about I help you ask in other circles!”

“Then I’ll be troubling Hai-ge.”

Ye Zichen rubbed his head while being uncertain of what to do after leaving the Xiao family.

Xiao Yumei was a workaholic, he could barely see her free at the jewelry store, so he didn’t want to go and disturb her…

Su Yan and Xia Keke both have lessons in the afternoon.

Thinking about it, Ye Zichen seemed to be only able to go to the small supermarket.

“There hasn’t been anyone that has come to cause trouble at the supermarket, right?” Ye Zichen sat in the chair at the cashier’s counter and smoked. To be fair, it was pretty nice having the little shopkeeper, Zhuge Kongming around.

At least someone cleans up the supermarket pretty nicely.

“No one came to cause trouble, but there were a few that wanted to buy stuff. However, I just sent them away by telling them the supermarket haven’t opened yet.” Zhuge Kongming took out a can of coke form the fridge, then muttered after a sip. “Zichen-ge, I have always been really curious, what’s the point of opening this supermarket if you’re not selling?”

Ye Zichen immediately rolled his eyes when Zhuge Kongming said this.

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t.”

“Oh,” Zhuge Kongming twitched his mouth bitterly, then ran out of the supermarket to look at the sky.

Ye Zichen was also troubled as he looked at the entire supermarket, which was full of goods.

He didn’t know what was going on with the Heavenly Court, but no one came to ask him to stock up. This wasn’t quite like the mass sales he imagined.

Ye Zichen looked at Yue Lao’s moments, the daily advertisements were very on point.

But why wasn’t Yue Lao coming to him to stock up!

On the other hand, there was no need for him to think about Monkey Bro, Bajie and Erlang Shen.

According to Ye Zichen’s recent observations, the three of them weren’t cut out for this.

However, the more troubling aspect was Immortal Lady He….

Ye Zichen stared at Immortal Lady He’s profile picture in the chat group for a long time. Only she had Nine Heart Lotus Roots.

Yet, he didn’t know her, and this immortal lady just entered the group.

If he just casually adds her, it might have the opposite effect. What’s more, the Eight Immortals might not want stuff like soft drinks from him…



Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated several times at that moment.

Someone spoke up in the spokesperson group.

Yue Lao: Great deity!

Yue Lao: @Only Idealism, great deity!

Since this geezer sought him out in the spokesperson group, could there be sales?


“Great deity, stock up!”

At that moment within Yue Lao’s home in the Heavenly Court, Yue Lao, who’s hair was completely white, seemed like he hasn’t rested for a long time. However, his eyes revealed an excited light…

That was a light that would only be revealed when a businessman notices profits!

“Do you want to be an agent!”

“Yes, I want to be an agent.”

“Sure, private chat.”

Not long later, Yue Lao and Ye Zichen started in their own chat.

Yue Lao: Great deity, this time, I need…

Yue Lao listed a long list of products and the required quantity. From the looks of it, it seemed like Yue Lao was about to open a supermarket in the Heavenly Court.

Ye Zichen calculated it approximately, it would require at least a hundred thousand cultivation experience.

This was definitely a huge deal for him. Normally speaking, he would directly send everything out.

However, he had a slight issue…

“Do you know Immortal Lady He!”

“Immortal Lady He of the Eight Immortals?”

“Yes, that’s her. Do you know her?”

“Of course I do, I was the one who screwed up her relationship with Han Xiangzi back then.

So it was this geezer’s fault.

Ye Zichen knew about Han Xiangzi and Immortal Lady He since he was young, he felt rather sorry for them since they didn’t end up together. He never would have expected Yue Lao to have been the one to screw it up.

More importantly, screwing up someone else’s relationship…

They shouldn’t be in that good of a relationship, right?

“Then are you on good terms with Immortal Lady He?”

“I’m on amazing terms with her,” Yue Lao suddenly replied.

Ye Zichen was a bit confused when he saw this message!


Screwing up their relationship, yet being on good terms.

“You’re not lying to me?”

“How would I dare to lie to great deity, my relationship with Immortal Lady He is truly amazing.”

“Alright,” Ye Zichen smiled. “Then introduce me to Immortal Lady He. If you succeed, then I’ll give you twenty percent off whenever you need to stock up from me in the future!”

“About this…”

Ye Zichen thought Yue Lao would instantly agree, yet, Yue Lao actually hesitated.

After a long while, Yue Lao sent out a slightly testing message.

“Great deity, do you want to pursue Immortal Lady He?!”

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