Chapter 1376 - The Straightforward and Forceful Pu Jingwan


Yang Jian looked directly into Ye Zichen’s eyes, unblinking, his formerly dry eyes now welling up with tears.


He’d been beaten up, and so thoroughly, too. Yet even now, Ye Zichen was more worried about that blasted monkey!


He hadn’t told his sob story and wept crocodile tears for this! This wasn’t the response he wanted!


“What are you looking at me like that for?” The look in Yang Jian’s eyes made Ye Zichen uncomfortable. “What is the Great Sage’s situation? If you know, tell me!”


“Bro! You’re my bro, right?” Yang Jain grabbed Ye Zichen by the shoulder.


“That’s right!” said Ye Zichen.


“Look at my face, my handsome face, the one that makes everyone in the world wad with jealousy!” Yang Jian spoke every word with such force, he was practically spitting. His bruised eyes were wide open. “That monkey beat me into such a state. Aren’t you concerned about me? Why are you still thinking about that monkey?”


“No…. Aren’t we both here for the Great Sage? Didn’t you get beaten up like that while trying to protect him? Enough already, I know you were just trying to help. You did really well.” Ye Zichen smiled and tried to butter Yang Jian up. “Is that enough compliments? You’re an adult; you don’t really need me to comfort you, do you? Fine, fine. You’re amazing, really, and having a bro like you is the Great Sage’s blessing, the accumulation of eight lives worth of good karma. Now tell me the Great Sage’s situation, if you please.”


Yang Jian fell silent for a while. Finally…..


“That monkey’s still off his rocker.” As he spoke, Yang Jian rolled his eyes in obvious displeasure, then snorted hatefully, “As for how to handle him, I advise you to use your most brutal methods right off the bat.”




Ye Zichen suddenly doubted that Yang Jian was being completely honest with him.


He was clearly just bitter about getting beaten up and wanted his revenge.

 If he were really worried about injuring the Great Sage, he wouldn’t have said that. Ye Zichen looked Yang Jian up and down appraisingly, but he was already raring his and ready to go. All he had to do was wait for Pu Jingwan to agree.


“....” He was absolutely faking just now!


He glanced at Pu Jingwan. If they were to suppress the Great Sage in his current enraged state, they’d need her help. They’d discussed this before they set off for the Yao Realm.


To his surprise, Pu Jingwan, who’d been happily watching Yang Jian embarrass himself, suddenly frowned. “What are you looking at me for? Do you want me to wind up like him? Don’t even think about it.” 


She changed her mind!


“What are you saying? Before we left, didn’t you agree to help?” said Ye Zichen.


“That was then, but this is now. Can’t I change my mind?” said Pu Jingwan.




“Don’t even bother!” Pu Jingwan reached directly out and covered his mouth. “I said I won’t go, so I won’t go.”


“Then do you plan to make me go?” Ye Zichen frowned.


“If you don’t want to go either, just let him vent. When he’s done, he’ll stop on his own. In any event, don’t even think of forcing me to go. We still haven’t finished discussing increasing my salary, but you still want to push me around?” 


“Can you stop being so difficult? You’re really bringing up money now? I’m your boss….”


“But my mission is simply to ensure your safety; I’m not your puppet to order around. Do you think I have to obey your every word? What if you told me to help you ‘continue your family line?’ Would you expect me to just strip and wait for you in bed?”


In the face of Pu Jingwan’s domineering refusal, Ye Zichen’s objections caught in his throat. He naturally hadn’t planned on demanding anything like that. All he wanted was for Pu Jingwan to work with Yang Jian and get the Great Sage to calm down, but from the sound of things, that wouldn’t be possible.


“Don’t worry so much. Didn’t Yang Jian already say it? After your friend went mad, his cultivation shot up,” said Pu Jingwan.


Yang Jian nodded, and Pu Jingwan shrugged, then continued. “Isn’t it just like I said? When I first saw him, I sensed the power hidden in his body. Most likely, someone deliberately sealed it inside him, but in a burst of anger, he gained access to his hidden power. His madness is really just his body absorbing and assimilating all this newfound energy. Once he’s done, he’ll tire himself out and calm down on his own.”


“This isn’t just your excuse for not going, is it?” Ye Zichen sneered.


“Of course not. Everything I said is based on a logical analysis. Besides, if I don’t want to go, I don’t need an excuse. Do you think you can force me to go?”


Her relentless verbal assault left Ye Zichen unable to speak. Han Nan said he’d hired a bodyguard, but clearly, he’d actually hired a little dictator.


He couldn’t offend her, couldn’t argue with her, and yet she was still going on and on about more money.


“Then we’ll just wait, I guess?” Ye Zichen’s tone was inquisitive, but Pu Jingwan only nodded as if it were obvious. 


Ye Zichen and Yang Jian glanced at each other, as if saying, “There’s no point talking to someone this stubborn.”  

If they couldn’t do anything, why had they come all this way? Wouldn’t it have been better for Yang Jian to just hide and wait for the Great Sage to tire himself out on his own? Ye Zichen could have just stayed in Heavenly God City and checked in on Anti-Upheaval’s situation.


Although he’d said that Anti-Upheaval had most likely just washed out of the competition and that the other Skyspan Academy Representatives were celebrating their victories, he’d just said that randomly in an attempt to alleviate his suspicion. It was an excuse to justify leaving to help Yang Jian and the Great Sage.


He’d need to actually see his teammates before he could truly relax. Also, he’d sent Xue Mo a message hours ago, but she still hadn’t responded to him. This worried him.


They were already here, but there was nothing they could do. He’d just have to take things as they came.


Ye Zichen had no choice but to temporarily set aside his concern for the Anti-Upheaval Society. Even if something really had happened, he couldn’t do anything until he got back.


He let out an exasperated sigh. When Pu Jingwan heard it, she scrunched up her nose, looking rather pleased with herself.


Ye Zichen felt irritated just looking at her. He pointedly looked away, then said to Yang Jian, “Why did the Great Sage go mad all of a sudden? Weren’t you here to see Fairy Zixia? Didn’t he get to see her?”


“He probably did,” said Yang Jian after a moment’s hesitation. He reiterated what had happened, then said, “He went in on his own. I have no idea what happened in there, but when he came out, he was already like this.”


“Was he rejected or something?” Ye Zichen furrowed his brows. It seemed possible; Fairy Zixia and the Great Sage had been apart for tens of thousands of years.


All sorts of situations could emerge over the course of so many years. It was possible that during their long separation, Zixia’s feelings for the Great Sage had faded. Even if the Great Sage was still in love with her, it was possible that he was no longer as important to her as he once was. 


If the Great Sage went to meet her, only to hear the ever-familiar polite rejection, “You’re a good person, but….”

 Well, in the face of such a mental blow, it was easy for someone to have a breakdown. That might be why, after leaving her home, the Great Sage couldn’t get a hold of himself and dragged Yang Jian to an uninhibited stretch of land to vent his rage. 


Ye Zichen still thought that, but Yang Jian pursed his lips and shook his head. “I doubt it’s as simple as getting rejected.”


“Do you know what happened?” Ye Zichen’s eyes widened.


Yang Jian grinned in the face of Ye Zichen’s surprise, revealing his missing and loose teeth. “That monkey definitely got cuck-.....”


Before Yang Jian could finish his sentence, he felt something cold press up against the left side of his face.


He glanced over out of the corner of his eye and saw a metal staff right up against his cheek, followed by a peal of cold laughter. “Haven’t you taken enough of a beating? Do you need me, Ol’ Sun, to loosen your bones for you again?”

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