Chapter 1375 - Yang Jian’s Sob Story

Because of the Battle of Geniuses, both yao and demons could visit Heavenly God City to watch the fights.


That’s why two special transfer arrays were placed in the city, one for each of the other two Upper Realms. The God Realm watched, but pretended not to notice.


An hour later, Ye Zichen and Pu Jingwan left the array. They were now in yao territory.


They had cell phone service even here. It seemed that Zuo Mo’s efforts to create a universal network had extended into the Yao Realm already.


“What’s the situation?” As Ye Zichen left the formation and rushed to reinforce Yang Jian, he sent his friend a message. Before long, Yang Jian’s response appeared onscreen.


“The situation doesn’t look optimistic, but it’s not terrible. The monkey is still on a rampage, but I haven’t been injured,” responded Yang Jian. Shortly after, he sent another message. “Where are you?”


“We’ll be there soon. Stay hidden for now.” Yang Jian hadn’t said anything about hiding, but Ye Zichen figured he had to be hiding somewhere, observing the situation in silence. They knew each other well, so he understood Yang JIan’s nature completely. 


When he saw Ye Zichen’s message, Yang Jian’s face reddened. But he didn’t say anything. He simply put his phone back into his pocket then peered through a crack in the rocks, silently evaluating the situation.


The moon was full, and its gentle, hazy glow blanketed the earth like long, silvery robes.


Two streaks cut through the night sky. About an hour after getting in contact with Yang Jian, Ye Zichen and Pu Jingwan finally reached him.


It turned out that what they saw in that ten-second clip was nothing but the tip of the iceberg. When they arrived and saw the devastation for themselves….


“Isn’t this a bit much?” Pu Jingwan crossed her arms as she surveyed teh snapped trees. A thousand square miles of forest had been snapped and destroyed, fragments sent scattered all over the place. There was no trace of life force emanating from either magical or ordinary beasts. They couldn’t even see any birds. 


They heard a deafening boom not far away, and felt a mad wave of divine power billowing towards them.


At that moment, another streak of light cut through the sky, then landed before them. 


“Bro, you’re finally here…!” Yang Jian’s voice, mixed with sobs, filled their ears. However, there was something off about his voice; it sounded like he was missing teeth, and the air was escaping through the gaps. 


Ye Zichen was stunned. It didn’t seem like Yang Jian had heeded his advice to stay hidden at all. 


His eyes were puffy and swollen, and he’d lost two teeth. When he grinned, it was obvious that the rest of his teeth were so loose, they might fall out any second. 


“You…!”  “Bro!”


Yang Jian reached out and embraced Ye Zichen, wailing. Pu Jingwan covered her mouth and laughed heartlessly. Ye Zichen’s lips quivered, but he didn’t say anything. Finally, he patted Yang Jian on the back as he wailed.


After a while, Yang Jian’s wails died down as he regained his usual calm.


Ye Zichen glanced at his black eyes and said, “What on earth happened to you? Didn’t I tell you to hide?”


He’d given clear instructions, hadn’t he? Yang Jian was supposed to hide and wait for Ye Zichen.


Obviously, he hadn’t done so.


It had been barely an hour, yet he’d been beaten into such a pitiful state.


In truth, Yang Jian’s tears were fake. He’d kicked up a big fuss, but he hadn’t shed a single tear.


Upon hearing Ye Zichen’s question, Yang Jian’s expression soured. 


“It was that blasted monkey, of course.” Yang Jian cursed the monkey viciously, then looked straight at Ye Zichen, his eyes wide, and cried, “Bro, don’t you think I ought to ‘repay’ that blasted monkey? I knew he’s always been obsessed with that Zixia girl, so I helped him find her, and even brought him to see her personally. Now look at him: not only did he not thank me, he even frickin’ beat me! Look at what he did to me!”


He pointed at black eyes and bruised arms, then swore,“What happened to his conscience? Did a dog eat it or something?”  

“Woof, woof!” The Howling Celestial Dog barked, as if objecting to this slander against all canine-kind.

 “Scram! Just looking at you makes me angry. Where were you when I took that vicious beating? Weren’t you just hidden away somewhere, too scared to even fart?” Infuriated, Yang Jian kicked his dog once more.


The kicked Howling Celestial Dog whimpered and wagged its tail pathetically, but nevertheless obediently lay off to the side and stopped barking.


“Don’t vent your emotions on your dog.” Ye Zichen whistled, calling the Howling Celestial Dog back. “Did the Great Sage give you all those injuries?”  

“Who else could it have been?” Yang Jian.


“No way!” Ye Zichen was stunned. He knew how strong Yang Jian was, and he knew how much weaker the Great Sage was by comparison.


Sure, the Great Sage was in a frenzy, but he still shouldn’t have been able to beat a ruler like Yang Jian up so badly. Furthermore, based on Yang Jian’s sullen half-silence, he clearly hadn’t been at an advantage.


“How could you possibly fail to defeat the Great Sage?!”  

“I fell for his tricks,” said Yang Jian in a bid to defend himself. “Don’t look down on that monkey. I’ve always known there was a terrifyingly fierce power hidden within him, and now that he’s gone mad, it’s been fully unleashed!”


“Then is the Great Sage a ruler now? 


Yang Jian nodded silently. Ye Zichen felt even more shaken.


What on earth was happening?


When they left, the Great Sage had only just barely become a diviner. Now, merely a few days later, he was a ruler? And so strong not even Yang Jian could handle him?  

Wasn’t that just a bit too unbelievable?  

If anyone else heard of this, especially those experts who’d worked hard for hundreds or even thousands of years to become rulers, how would they respond? What about those who’d labored for millenia without ever breaking through? How would they feel?


He became a ruler just by going mad? Since when was becoming a ruler so easy?


“Then why did the Great Sage hit you?” Ye Zichen didn’t quite get it. But then he recalled that the Great Sage just wasn’t thinking clearly, so he changed tacks. “Didn’t you say earlier that you couldn’t quite take the Great Sage? Then why did you go looking for a beating?”


Yang Jian coughed into his sleeves. Did Ye Zichen think I wanted to take a beating? 


He actually had hidden himself in a gap in the rocks, but when he stuck out his tongue and shook his head, the Great Sage had flung a boulder directly onto his head.


He’d lost his temper, then decided he absolutely had to teach that blasted monkey a lesson.


The results...well, you already know what happened. He’d gotten beaten up, and heavily at that.


But given Yang Jian’s personality, could he say that out loud?  

No, of course he couldn’t! There was no way he could tell the truth!  

“Why did I take a beating? I was trying to help, wasn’t I?” Yang Jian feigned righteousness, then cursed. “In his madness, that monkey’s hurting heaven himself. That’s why I went up to...try and protect him. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me angry.” 


Yang Jian’s righteous indignation and honorable explanation left Ye Zichen deeply stunned.  

 Was this really the same Yang Jian he was familiar with?


But then, when he considered Yang Jian and the Great Sage’s ambiguous, always borderline murderous, yet supportive relationship, it made sense.


“It’s been hard for you. Has the Great Sage calmed down yet?”




Yang Jian froze. That wasn’t how Ye Zichen was supported to respond!

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