Chapter 1359 - The Pill of Fortune

If there were a mirror in front of Ye Zichen and he examined his current expression, he would absolutely throw up last night’s dinner.


He was puckering his lips, clinging to Xuan Ji’s hands, and shaking back and forth. 


That’s right.


He was wheedling like a spoiled little girl.


The onlooking cultivators watched in slack-jawed astonishment. Pu Jingwan’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates. She looked at Ye Zichen several times, as if she couldn’t quite believe her eyes.


“Cough!” Perhaps his unsightly begging had sickened her, but she looked away and pretended to vomit.


Ye Zichen was, for better or worse, a half-step diviner expert. He was, naturally, sensitive to sounds. He picked up on her fake vomiting, and simply turned and glared at her. 


However, when he turned back to face Xuan Ji, he was still pleading like a child. His eyes sparkled like the starry sky as he waved Xuan Ji’s arm back and forth. 


“Auntie…..” Ye Zichen didn’t say anything else. He simply activated his secret attack—the divine art of wheedling—and looked at Xuan Ji expectantly.


From his expression, she could tell he was begging her to suppress this situation. “All you know how to do is make trouble for me.”


She glared at Ye Zichen, then pushed his hand away. Ye Zichen just grinned; he knew that, in scolding him, she was effectively agreeing to help him.


Xuan Ji looked at him and sighed, then called over the guards who’d stopped Ye Zichen. 


“Lady Providence.” Regardless of what they saw earlier, Xuan Ji was the master of the Profound Pavillion. In the face of such a powerful existence, they had to humble themselves. Besides, they had a rough sense of what she was about to say to them.


They took the ancestor of the Wang Family, who Pu Jingwan had beaten into an unrecognizable pulp, and laid him gently on the ground. A jade bottle instantly popped into his hand.


“I put a Pill of Fortune inside.”


When the onlookers heard that, they couldn’t help but gasp. Even Ye Zichen’s gaze filled with desire.


A Pill of Fortune. 


A divine medicine.


Its effect was simple: if fed to someone on the brink of death, so long as they had even the slightest trace of life left in them, it could bring them back. It was arguably the best healing medicine in existence. Moreover, it could increase your fortune, granting you the blessings of heaven and earth, planting the “seed” for breaking through to the ruler level.


If you wanted to become a ruler, you needed fortune, talent, and an opportunity. All three were indispensable. 


There were hundreds of billions of cultivators on the nine Divine Mountains, including at least ten million diviners, yet there were less than a thousand true rulers. From this, it was clear that the odds of a given individual breaking into that level were miniscule indeed. Countless brilliant talents found themselves trapped at the peak diviner level, unable to take so much as a single half-step forward.


This was like the gap between heaven and earth. Breaking through was nigh-impossibly difficult.


But the Pill of Fortune could grant whoever took it an opportunity in the form of a “seed.” If the seed sprouted, it meant an opportunity to break through. Naturally, there was no absolute guarantee of becoming a ruler, but your odds were still much higher than an ordinary cultivator’s. 


Ye Zichen stared at the bottle. He couldn’t help but drool. Not even the yao pill refiners of the second layer of the yao-sealing pagoda could refine such a thing. Only divine pill refiners could achieve such a feat.


This had always been in enormous demand, yet there was none to be had. Not even the Skyspan Trading Company had ever sold one. The pills were distributed only amongst the very upper echelons of the god race.


However, using this pill required that you were seriously injured or on the brink of death.


Otherwise, all it could do was heal your wounds; it wouldn’t grant you fortune.


Was she trying to use this medicine to resolve this conflict?


The captain of the guard’s eyes blazed with desire. He stared intently at the pill, his heart thudding in his chest. It’s worth noting that, by the time someone reached the diviner level, their emotions rarely shifted much. It was difficult for something to throw their emotions into disarray.


But…. This was a Pill of Fortune.


This was no mere medicine: it was a knock on the door to the ruler level. If he could take one and seize the resulting opportunity, he might become a ruler, an existence above hundreds of millions of others.


Nevermind him, anyone beneath the ruler level would react much the same way.


They might even get more worked up.


He licked his lips, his gaze fiery as he stared at that bottle of pills. Could it be...


“This contains thirteen Pills of Fortune. Give two to Wang Zhen right now. Leave him a third to give to one of his clansmen. Please tell him that I ask that he doesn’t seek out my nephew over this. As for the remaining ten, there’s one for every member of your team. Whether you can seize the ruler’s fortune within depends on your luck. As for what I want you to do in exchange…”


“We absolutely won’t take this matter to heart,” said the captain of the guards.


“It’s not enough for you to look past this. I want you to ensure that no word of this reaches the God Emperor. He’s been tired lately, and has no energy to worry about something like this. Do you understand me?”


“This…” The Captain of the guards looked around. If it were just them, Xuan Ji, and the others directly involved, he could make absolutely sure no word of this reached the God Emperor’s ears.


But there were so many people present; it would be hard to keep a lid on this. He didn’t dare make any such promises. 


“All of that is your problem. The Pill of Fortune is right here. Do you want it or not? It’s up to you!” Xuan Ji laughed.


No matter what, the captain of the guards couldn’t give up on a Pill of Fortune. He knew his aptitude was limited; third-rank diviner was likely his limit. However, if he obtained the Pill of Fortune, he’d win the change to ascend to the heavens. How could he possibly give up on such an opportunity?


“Your subordinate will definitely do as you ask.” He nodded assuredly. Xuan Ji said nothing. She simply tossed the pill to the captain of the guards. 


“She really gave it to him!” Seeing this, Ye Zichen felt his heart ache. He even felt the urge to rush in and do something about it. Worst case scenario, he’d just fight it out with Zhou Wu. The Pill of Fortune mattered most!

 But she’d already given it away. Objecting now wouldn’t be of any use.


All he could do was watch helplessly, his heart aching, as the pill fell into the captain of the guard’s hands. 


The captain carefully took hold of it, then clenched it in his fist. He felt an intense desire to open the bottle, but when he considered that Xuan Ji was still here, and that there were countless onlookers, too, he repressed the urge and put the bottle into his spatial divine artifact.


“Lady Providence, is there anything else we can do for you? If not, we’ll be on our way.” The captain of the guards was so worked up, his face was practically red.


Lady Providence nodded, then glanced at the Wang Family patriarch.


The captain of the guards took the hint. Xuan Ji looked away, then grabbed Ye Zichen by the ear. “Come with me! See if I don’t teach you a lesson!”


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