Chapter 135 The Eight Immortals’ red packets

Chapter 135 – The Eight Immortals’ red packets

The Eight Immortals cross the ocean, each reveals their divine powers.

This was a line that Ye Zichen had known since he was young. He had also seen plenty of tv shows about the eight immortals before they became immortal.

Ye Zichen did hold a bit of respect and curiosity towards these deities.

Most importantly…

Immortal Lady He entered the group!

When the Eight Immortals entered the group, the more active members all started to greet them.

For example…

God of Thunder: Am I seeing things? The Eight Immortals came.

Canopy Marshal: I, Old Pig, must join in on this as well.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Wow, the Eight Immortals!

Third Prince Nezha: Wow, the Eight Immortals came.

Erlang Shen: Woof, woof, woof…

There were even some that don’t often speak that spoke out.

Such as…

Wu Gan: The Eight Immortals entering the group shocked me so much that I didn’t dare to chop trees anymore.

Chang’e: You finally stopped chopping trees. It was so annoying that I couldn’t sleep. Cough, cough, welcome, Eight Immortals.

Barefoot Immortal: The Eight Immortals, you guys finally arrived.

It might have be because the people in the group were too passionate, but the Eight Immortals did not dare to speak up after entering the group.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen could only feel anxious, so he directly cleared the crowd…

“Cough, cough, I can understand that all my celestial friends are very excited that the Eight Immortals entered the group, but it’s too much. Look at how you guys scared the Eight Immortals to the point that they don’t dare to speak.”

God of Thunder: Wow, the Sky Sovereign appeared!

Immortality Peach Fairy: Idol!

Third Prince Nezha: Sky Sovereign, you’re here too.

Wu Gang: Isn’t this that great deity?

Chang’e: Greetings to the Sky Sovereign.

The atmosphere in the group immediately changed when Ye Zichen spoke up. He scratched his nose awkwardly, then sent another message.

“Cough, cough, pay attention to the main point! Let’s welcome the Eight Immortals to speak!”

Iron Crutch Li: Err… We finally get a chance to speak.

Lü Dongbin: Hello, everyone!

Sword god.

Ye Zichen, who was holding the phone, became extremely excited. Lü Dongbin, who held the title of the Master of Pure Yang, had always been his idol when Ye Zichen was younger.

Of course, the reason why Ye Zichen had such a deep impression of him was still because of the sentence…

A dog biting Lü Dongbin, unable to recognize good will.

Immortal Lady He: Hello.

Canopy Marshal: Hello, Immortal Lady He! <insert a row of lecherous emojis>

God of Thunder: Canopy Marshal, you have been exposed.

Chang’e: This guy is unable to move due to seeing Immortal Lady he.

God of Thunder: Why do I smell jealousy…

Wu Gang: Who dares to speak of my goddess!

Canopy Marshal: @Chang’e, my heart only has you, not her…

Lan Caihe: Have the relationships in the Heavenly Court been so complicated recently?

Han Xiangzi: Yeah.

Watching the deities chat was rather interesting, but why didn’t they talk about proper matters.

New people entering the group had to give out red packets!

The heck use was chitchatting, red packets are the real deal, alright?

It seems like he still had to rely on himself to change the situation.

“Cough, cough, stop chitchatting. New people that entered the group should send red packets.”

“Who exactly is this great deity?”

In a certain secret location of the Celestial Realm, Iron Crutch Li held a wine gourd and nudged Lü Dongbin, who was wearing white clothes a carrying a celestial sword on his back.

“You’re asking me, but how am I supposed to know? However, that deity seemed to be rather popular in the Heavenly Court, could he be newly ascended?”

“I think that’s possible.” Elder Zhang Guo came over. “We know the old deities in the Heavenly Court, this new person might really have ascended recently, while we’re not in the Heavenly Court.”

“Then should we send it or not…”

“Of course we should,” Lan Caihe squinted his eyes and smiled. “No matter what, we can’t break the customs. Am I right, Immortal Lady?”

“I have no opinion!” Immortal Lady He stroked her hair.

“Then let’s go,” Han Zhangli finally decided.

“Cough, cough, don’t fret celestial friend. We’ll send it right now.”

Iron Crutch Li was the clear spokesperson for the Eight Immortals, so he would speak always be the first to speak.

The moment he said that, a bunch of red packets appeared with a ring.

Ye Zichen was fully focused on the screen as he waited to snatch red packets, the moment they appeared.

He didn’t believe that the internet speed of 4G could be slow.

But he never could have imagined…

“What the hell!”

Ye Zichen was completely dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of a wave of red packets.

Who’s should he snatch?

He had wanted to get Immortal Lady He’s, but after a long while, he couldn’t find it, causing him to waste all his time.

He’ll just click whichever one he sees!

Unfortunately, no matter which one he clicked on, they had already been snatched away.

Canopy Marshal: Haha, I, Old Pig, got 4.

God of Thunder: Just passing by, I got 6.

Immortality Peach Fairy: I got seven.

Wu Gang: Heh, 1!

Chang’e: 3!

Ye Zichen wanted to cry as the deities showed off how many red packets they got.


He didn’t get a single one.

When the people at a nearby bus stop saw Ye Zichen, who was sitting on the flowerbed, alternate between excitement and depression, they all moved far away from him as if he was mentally ill.

At this moment, Liu Qing also sat beside him and comforted him, “Don’t be unhappy, deities are definitely better than us mortals at snatching red packets.”

“Can I be happy?” Ye Zichen sighed. These were red packets from deities, especially when they’re from the Eight Immortals…

He might have gotten some sort of treasure.

What’s most important was Immortal Lady He’s red packet, if he was lucky, he might be able to get a Nine Heart Lotus Root, so it would save him a lot of trouble.

Even if this was just him trying to get lucky.

“Hmm, aren’t you really amazing in the Heavenly Court! You can ask them for private envelopes, we have so many delicious and fun things, just exchange it with them!”

Liu Qing floated behind Ye Zichen and put her hands on his shoulders.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard her words.

This little girl, after he’s been with her for so long, she has already udnerstood most of his ideas.

When he thought of the fact that she wouldn’t always be with him like this every day after she gets revived, he really was a bit reluctant.

“How about not reviving her…”

The moment Ye Zichen had the idea, he quickly shook his head.

He must revive Liu Qing.


At this moment, the phone in his pocket rang. Ye Zichen took his phone out and had a look at the caller ID.

Fatty Bai.

“Fatty Bai, what is it?”

Bai Dahai, who sat within his office behind locked doors, paced around his office several times.

He finally spoke after ensuring that there were no surveillance cameras or recording devices.

“Young Master Ye, Hao Wen just contacted me.”

Ye Zichen smiled, it seemed like this fatty has decided to follow him.

“You have decided to come over completely?”

Bai Dahai, who stood within the office, gulped. He did struggle several times in order to make this decision.

“Young Master Ye, can you promise to save my wife and daughter?”

“Fatty Bai, are you doubting my abilities?” Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile. “If you want to follow me, then I can promise to try my very best to save them. If you don’t, then it doesn’t seem like Hao Wen would let them go.”

Basically, Ye Zichen’s words had one meaning.

You have no choice.

“Alright, I will follow Young Master Ye!” Fatty Bai also understood that Ye Zichen was right. “Just now, Hao Wen told me to start preparing, he’s getting ready to make the move.”

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes upon hearing that.

“Alright, keep cooperating with him. Leave the rest to me.”

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