Chapter 1338 - Dethroned

“It seems news has arrived, right?” Noting the change in Xiao Yan’s expression, a smile tugged at Su Qingyan’s lips.


A piece of green bamboo appeared in her palm. “If I’m going to help you, I might as well be thorough. I’ll send you back, too.”


As soon as the bamboo hit the ground, a patch of bamboo forest grew instantly beneath Xiao Yan and Xiao Hu’s feet. It grew like crazy, tearing a rift in space in the process. The two of them then disappeared from Fox Clan territory.


Afterward, Su Qingyan’s eyes glinted sharply.


“Send people to the Central Divine Mountain. Have them protect Liu’er, Mei’er, and Little Yan in secret.”


“I sent them days ago.” Su Wan nodded. “I also sent someone to fetch Su Zhu.”


“That’s for the best.” Su Qingyan nodded, then married her eyes. “Open the mountain gates. From now on, if anyone wants to seek out our hospitality, we’ll welcome them to the best of our ability!”  

With that, Su Qingyan shed her former warm, gentle demeanor. Her eyes blazed red, and nine fiery tails waved around her.




“Family Head, we’re here.” In the blink of an eye, the bamboo had cut through space and brought Xiao Hu and Xiao Yan back to the Central Divine Mountain.


They landed on the ground. The bamboo thicket transformed back into a single piece of bamboo, then flew into Xiao Yan’s hand.


“The Empress of the Foxes is unfathomable indeed.”  

To create such a treasure meant she was superior to the vast majority of rulers. Few could achieve such a thing.


He clenched the bamboo, then put it away. When he recalled what had happened in the Xiao Family, Xiao Yan knit his brows. “Let’s go home.”


Ever since the former Lightning Emperor had abdicated his seat to his son, Xiao Yan, he’d lived a leisurely, solitary life. He rarely intervened with the family’s affairs.


Everyone thought he’d lost interest in power and status, but not long ago, he’d returned.


He hadn’t just returned, either. He’d summoned all the clan’s higher-ranked leaders, including heads of their subordinate clans, back to the clan’s main headquarters. At the same time, he’d made an announcement: Xiao Yan was to be stripped of his title as clan head, while Xiao Ting would reclaim his former throne. 


This decision came totally out of the blue, just like when Xiao Ting first abdicated to Xiao Yan. No one saw it coming. Everyone was having trouble digesting this sudden change, from the Xiao Family members to their subordinate clans.


But in truth, to the smaller family clans, it didn’t make much of a difference who sat on the throne.


So long as the Xiao Family was the Xiao Family, the number one family beneath the God Emperor, the masters of tribulation lightning, they were satisfied.


But it was different for the Xiao Family higher-ups and larger subordinate clans. 


Changing leaders meant reorganizing the entire clan’s leadership. Their positions would change too.


Yes, Xiao Ting and Xiao Yan were father and son. In theory, after Xiao Ting abdicated, Xiao Yan should have inherited everything. In reality, that wasn’t the case. 


Father and son’s policies and political views were utterly at odds with each other. 


Especially when it came to a certain major incident. That is, when the daughter of the Xiao Family was expelled from the clan. At the time, many clan members supported her exile, but Xiao Yan had been extremely close to her.


When he took the throne, the first thing he did was take action against those who’d kicked his older sister while she was down. He drastically reduced their authority, and spent the next hundred years replacing them with his own confidantes.


Some clansmen were once Xiao Ting’s favored confidantes, while others were Xiao Yan’s. 


Changing the clan head would have a direct impact on said confidantes, as well as their families and subordinate clans.


Furthermore, many of Xiao Ting’s former subordinates had started cozying up to Xiao Yan after he took the throne. In the process, they’d offended Xiao Ting’s die-hard supporters. 


As such, when news of Xiao Ting’s return spread, Xiao Yan’s confidants started contacting him, urging him to make an appearance as soon as possible.


It didn’t matter what the final result was. At the very least, he had to show up as soon as possible.


However, Xiao Ting’s people had been oppressed for too long. They’d already stood forth, and it seemed like the seat of family head was really going to return to Xiao Ting’s hands, just like that. 


“Everyone, step aside!” Xiao Yan roared, and the bustling Xiao Family meeting hall parted, clearing a path for him.


Xiao Hu stood beside him, as well as a tome-carrying youth. They walked slowly and deliberately up to the center of the hall.


Xiao Ting was currently seated on the throne dishing out orders. When he saw Xiao Yan approach, and in particular when he saw Xiao Hu, his eyes widened.


Xiao Yan noticed. It was only then that he was fully convinced of what the foxes had told him.


“Father, you really have betrayed us.” Xiao Yan took in a deep breath and lowered his head. He’d muttered those words quietly to himself; he couldn’t possibly say that in front of so many people.


As a son, he didn’t want his father to bear the title of traitor in his old age, nor did he want to cause a commotion.


It was best to handle this with as few people watching as possible.


A hint of pity and pain flashed through Xiao Yan’s eyes. As the onlookers watched, he walked slowly to the forefront and bowed to Xiao Ting. “Father.”


“You’re back.” Xiao Ting, who’d spent most of his life as an emperor, still had his lofty air and imposing demeanor. That went without saying. 


It was just a simple glance, but it was utterly oppressive. However, Xiao Yan’s scrupulous greeting gave the surrounding people the sense that father and son were at odds with each other.


“It seems that you’ve done well in your past hundred years as emperor. At the very least, you’ve raised a group of loyal subordinates. As your father, I’m gratified to see this. I used to think you weren’t cut out for this. I even wondered how I could possibly have fathered such a son. But it seems you’ve worked hard and done credit to the family after all.”


In the past, if Xiao Yan had received such praise from his father, he would have visibly lit up with delete.


But this time, he looked cold and indifferent.


“Not bad. You really have improved.” Xiao Ting nodded. “But since you’re back, you ought to know the news already, right? I know how hard you’ve worked for the family for the past hundred years, but from now on, you’ve been dethroned. You are no longer our family head. Give me the family head’s golden seal.”


His casual assurance brooked no room for arguments. As he spoke, Xiao Ting glanced at those around him and waved.


Two Xiao Family elders got up and stepped forth. Xiao Ting tapped the table in front of him, indicating that his son was to obediently hand the seal over,


Time passed, but Xiao Yan made no move to hand over his seal. Father and son simply stared at each other.


Those present all sensed the tension in the air. Finally, Xiao Ting broke the silence. He laughed, then glanced at his son’s companion. “Seize Xiao Hu.” 


Although the onlookers didn’t know what was going on, the punishment division members still stepped forth...


“Do you dare?” Xiao Yan suddenly roared in fury, then glared at the punishment division members. “I am not the current head of the Xiao Family, the Lightning Emperor, the Master of Tribulations. Xiao Hu is under my protection. Which of you dares touch him?”

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