Chapter 1333 - This Humble One is Called Gu Li

When Han Nan said that, a gust of wind inexplicably blew in through the window.


The vegetation shook in the wind. Meanwhile, Han Nan’s eyes flashed with disdain. This was targeted at the God Emperor, Zhou Wu, and his vain hope of stealing the rightful Emperor Star’s celestial fate. 


Destiny was determined at birth. No matter how he struggled and plotted to go against his fate, it was all in vain.


Han Nan’s certainty shook Ye Zichen to the core. In terms of cultivation, Han Nan wasn’t necessarily a match for Zhou Wu, and yet, he could dash Zhou Wu’s hopes and dreams with the utmost confidence. 


The God Emperor wasn’t destined to transcend!


He wasn’t! He just wasn’t!


And that wasn’t all. From Han Nan’s gaze, Ye Zichen could tell the mayor held a certain enmity for someone, almost certainly Zhou Wu. 


Han Nan and Zhou Wu belonged to two different worlds. Han Nan was from the first era, while Zhou Wu was from the third.


Why did he feel so strongly about Zhou Wu? Based on their conversation, Ye Zichen guessed it was because of how the God Emperor had usurped the Five Elements Great Emperor’s fate.


“Han Nan is one of the first era’s Emperor Star’s auxiliary stars,” transmitted Yang Jian. “As for which one he is specifically, I’m not sure. I heard that the first Master of the Star’s death was also because someone usurped his celestial destiny. Although the offender in question is now deceased, as the Emperor Star’s subordinate, how could Han Nan stomach the appearance of someone like Zhou Wu?” 


Ye Zichen’s eyes widened with enlightenment. And here he’d been wondering just how a transcendent like the first Emperor Star could die. So it was because someone usurped his destiny! This had an impact on the Outside’s transcendence as well, and was the reason the Outside had no choice but to ask Ye Zichen for assistance. 


Zhou Wu had stepped over the Five Elements Great Emperor to become the current God Emperor, stealing a throne that should never have been his. So this was why Han Nan detested him so much!


Zhou Wu had it rough, too. He’d plotted and schemed and even given up his very heart in the Time Corridor, all for the sake of usurping celestial fate. In the end, however, he still couldn’t take that final step. Furthermore, as the result of his actions, the Outsiders weren’t friendly with him.


When Ye Zichen obtained the Five Elements Great Emperor’s inheritance, the deceased emperor had asked him to help with his revenge against the God Emperor. 


Ye Zichen had never forgotten, but the God Emperor’s position was far too lofty. He had no choice but to bury that matter deep in his heart. But if he got the Outside involved, he felt he might actually have a chance.


But going against the God Emperor was a story for another day.


The third era was nearing its end. Fighting off the giant primordial beasts required top experts like the God Emperor to hold down the fort until Ye Zichen could transcend.


“Mayor Han,” said Ye Zichen, but before he could finish his sentence, Han Nan cut him off.


“Don’t call me that anymore. If you don’t mind, please call me Ol’ Han or Uncle Han. I won’t lie to you; I was one of the last Master of the Stars’ subordinate stars; I served under the Minister of the Left. Seeing you… reminds me of the Master,” said Han Nan with a bitter smile.


Ye Zichen arched his brows. He hadn’t realized Han Nan was a star bearer too, and not a low-ranked one, either. In ancient times, he was like a grand chancellor’s vice chancellor, a third tier officer. In the Modern Realm, he’d be like the prime minister’s secretary general.


Ye Zichen had thought that, even if Han Nan was a star bearer, he’d be a small fry, but now it seemed…


The outside attached a great deal of importance to him! Of course, he wasn’t of the utmost importance, otherwise the Minister of the Left would have come in person.


Still, they knew how to butter him up. Ye Zichen liked that.


“Uncle Han, tell me then, how should I transcend? Time waits for no man. I’m currently only a sky supreme, and even though I’m close to becoming a diviner, there’s still the ruler realm above that…. And it’s taken me ages to even reach this point. Although my talent is pretty good, if I keep cultivating at this leisurely pace, I’m afraid I can’t transcend in time for the end of the era!”


Ye Zichen seemed to want to say something else, but he held back. Between that at the glint in his eyes, Han Nan naturally understood what he was trying to say. “You’re right. Then how about I enlighten you with ultimate wisdom and help you become a ruler faster?”


Ye Zichen’s eyes lit up. “That’s a great idea. If you can make a ruler, then I’ll get close to transcendence in as short a time as possible. Then if I focus on my cultivation, transcendence might not be so….”


As he spoke, he paused. He’d just noticed Han Nan’s grin broadening.


His excitement faded. 


He’d gotten excited for nothing!


Han Nan was just joking with him.


Ye Zichen’s lips twitched. And here he thought he was about to become a ruler. If he were a ruler, he could open the rest of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Then, between the Yao-Sealing Pagoda and the Xuan-Yuan Sword, he’d be unrivaled on the Divine Mountains.


What would the likes of Zhou Wu, Kui Lin, and the Eastern Emperor Taiyi amount to then?


He’d stand above them all!


But wasn’t Han Nan just joking around with him? It would be difficult to make that dream a reality.


“Don’t taunt me. Just say it already.” 


Sensing Ye Zichen’s frustration, Han Nan couldn’t help but laugh. “There’s something you seem to misunderstand about transcendents. You seem to think they’re above rulers.”


“You mean they aren’t?” Ye Zichen arched his brows.


“Of course they are. Transcendents are naturally much stronger than rulers. However, that doesn’t mean that transcending requires becoming a ruler first, then breaking through. Transcendence….. Can be achieved at any cultivation.”




When he raised his hood, he revealed a handsome, delicate-looking face.


He wore loose cloaks, obscuring his figure, but everyone present could tell he was missing his left arm.


At the diviner level and above, regeneration was no longer difficult. This youth was a diviner at the very least, but he’d never regenerated his missing arm. This seemed strange to the conspirators.  


Losing an arm had a huge impact on both placing formations and combat.


But they were more concerned about what he’d just said...


“What did you say just now?” Kui Lin looked intently at the youth.


“I am this era’s Master of the Stars.” As he spoke, a miniature galaxy appeared in his palm, revolving and hovering in mid-air. Some of the gathered conspirators looked outside and saw that in the starry sky, the North Star, the Emperor Star, was shining in response.


At the same time, they felt a faint sense of pressure and authority.


It originated from the youth. Remember, these were the top experts of their respective realms. They were all rulers, and powerful ones at that.


“This is the power of the stars,” said a yao expert. He couldn’t help but frown. “This feeling of oppression only comes when a star of the nine heavens descends to earth.”


This youth was one of this era’s Master of the Stars, the Emperor Star.


The group looked at him solemnly. Kui Lin in particular stared at him intently. 


“Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” said the Demon Emperor. “You’re a member of my demon race.”


“That’s right,” said the youth, neither humble nor arrogant. “My name is Gu Li.”

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