Chapter 1332 - The Condition Necessary to Transcend

According to rumor, the Xiao Family’s foundations were deeper than any other family’s. Other peak-level clans had sneered in response to these rumors, but now, they were starting to believe it.


The giant primordial beasts, the ends.


The condition necessary to transcend, the celestial fate of the Emperor Star.


Xiao Ting knew all of this, yet they’d never heard a word of this before.


“Emperor.” Xiao Hu lowered his head and clenched his fists. Why? Why was the former clan head, the Lightning Emperor, acting like this? He was acting so friendly with both yao and demons, and now he was sharing all the secrets of the Xiao Family.


Some of this was information not even the God Emperor had heard. Why was he sharing it with other races?


No one was paying attention to Xiao Hu or his imminent mental breakdown anymore. All of them were immersed in what Xiao Ting was sharing with them.


“Brother Xiao, is the ‘Master of the Stars’ you’re talking about the Emperor Star?” asked Kui Lin.


“That’s right!” Xiao Ting nodded. “According to legend, in every era, the Emperor Star will choose its master, the Master of the Stars. The Master of the Stars is the only one with any hope of bringing his people into the next era. When the first era faced destruction, it was their Emperor Star who led them into transcendence and formed the current Outside.”


“Then the second era….”


“The second era can be considered to have transcended, it’s just that they didn’t fully succeed.” Xiao Ting narrowed his eyes. “Bi’an, Chao Feng, the rest of the nine sons of the Dragon God, the head of the nine-tailed fox clan, and you, Kui Lin. All of you are survivors of the second great era, aren’t you?”


Kui Lin’s gaze darkened, and when he looked at Xiao Ting, his expression was more solemn than before.


No one was supposed to know about this. They were survivors of the second great era, but they hadn’t made their appearance until they were well into the third great era. 


“Some of you survived, which can be considered a success. However, not everyone survived. You didn’t all survive, but that was just because your era’s Master of the Stars sealed the former Demon Emperor and became a part of the starry sky. That’s why only a few of you survived, yes?”


Kui Lin’s expression shifted, but after a while, he smiled. “Brother Xiao, you know far more than I’d ever imagined. But now, we’re all on the same boat. We’re all in this to transcend the end of this era. Since you’ve already said all that, I won’t keep this hidden any longer. I admit it. I am indeed a person of the second great era.”


If Kui Lin himself admitted it, this information was definitely authentic. 


The others stared at the Demon Emperor in shock. They never would have guessed anyone from the last era had survived.


Xiao Hu reacted the same way. His resentment at Xiao Ting leaking their secrets faded to the back of his mind. He lay there, sprawled on the ground, listening to their every word.


“Brother Xiao, since you know so much, do you by any chance know who this era’s Master of the Stars….”


“It’s me!” There was an arrogant chuckle from the mouth of the cave. The crowd looked over and saw a cloaked figure appear, seemingly out of nowhere. 


He slowly walked up to the gathered experts, lowered his hood, and revealed his face.


“I…. am this era’s Master of the Stars!”




In stark contrast with his earlier, domineering attitude, after putting everything out into the open, Han Nan practically knelt.


Ye Zichen stared blankly ahead in a daze. He still needed time to process all that he’d heard; it was too much to digest all at once.


The Master of the Stars had fallen.

 The Outside was on the brink of discussion.


The Master of the Star’s son had a prophecy from his father saying that he, Ye Zichen, was to save the Outside from its predicament.


Am I some sort of messiah?


Ye Zichen asked himself this.


No, of course he wasn’t.


He’d poured himself into his cultivation and becoming stronger, but what he wanted was to take his loved ones with him back to the Modern Realm.


That was what he’d always wanted. Yet now, he knew their era was about to end.


He naturally didn’t want to return to the Modern Realm only for the era to end shortly afterward, resulting in all their deaths.


He didn’t want to watch monsters devour his friends, lovers, and family. Naturally, he didn’t want to get eaten either.


“What do I need to do?” said Ye Zichen after a moment’s hesitation.


“You agree?” Han Nan’s eyes lit up. 


Seeing the mayor’s excitement, Ye Zichen couldn’t bear to disappoint him, but he also didn’t want to give him too much hope.


“If I can really help you, I’ll of course try my best. But don’t hope for too much. I can’t promise I can save my era, much less help you as well… but nevermind that. Tell me, what do I need to do?”

 “Transcend!” said Han Nan in a low voice.


Ye Zichen froze, stunned.


“The only way for your era to transcend the laws and survive is for you to break past the ruler level and take that final step into transcendence. The power of a transcendent is beyond your imagination. So long as you’re alive… the primordial giant beasts can’t harm you or your world in the slightest,” said Han Nan solemnly. 



 What exactly was this guy trying to say?  


 Did Ye Zichen need him to explain how powerful transcendents were? He naturally knew that their power was beyond imagination. It was the level above rulers. Of course they were strong!


But he needed to know how exactly to go about transcending!


There was no way it was easy. Just look at the current Upper Three Realms: all had their fair share of rulers, but in countless years, no one had transcended.

 Even though he was the Emperor Star, he couldn’t transcend just like that!


But most likely, Han Nan and the other outsiders didn’t know how to do it either. If they did, they wouldn’t need his help.


It seemed he’d have to rely on his own intelligence and search for answers on his own….


“We can help you transcend,” said Han Nan.


The room fell incomparably silent. In the face of such intense silence, even the sound of their breathing seemed deafening.


Ye Zichen stared, wide-eyed, and Han Nan. “Do you know how to transcend?”  

Han Nan nodded.

 Ye Zichen was speechless. “Then what do you need my help for? If you know how to transcend, hurry up and find some expert with a high cultivation and have them to it. I’m just a sky supreme. How long will it take for me to cultivate to the level needed to transcend? My era is about to end, and yours can’t hold on much longer. Should I just take my time cultivating? I might not even get strong enough in time to save the upcoming fourth era from destruction!” 


“No one else will do!” Han Nan shook his head. “Your Yao, Demon, and God Emperors are all peak ruler experts, and they’ve been at that level for a long time. If they were talented enough to take that final step, they would have done so long ago. But do you see any of them transcending?”


“There’s a condition for transcendence?” Ye Zichen furrowed his brows.


Han Nan nodded lightly. “That’s right. It requires celestial fate, specifically, that of the Emperor Star.”


“Couldn’t you ask Zhou Wu instead?” Ye Zichen asked in confusion. “He has the Emperor Star’s Celestial Fate too, and he should be the closest to transcendence. If you ask him, given what I know of his personality, he’d be more than happy to work with you. Then, at the time, you can use some conditions to restrict… no, wait, if he transcends, you can’t restrict him. Is it that you think little of his character and don’t want to work with someone like him?”


“That’s part of it, I suppose.” Han Nan nodded and didn’t deny it. “But more importantly….” 


“Transcendence requires celestial fate. Only the chosen of the Emperor Star can succeed. The God Emperor thought that usurping the Five Elements Great Emperor’s fate would be enough to take that final step, but unfortunately….”


“He wasn’t fated to succeed!”

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