Chapter 133 I don’t need your luck

Chapter 133 – I don’t need your luck

The night passed by quietly.

On the next morning, Mother Ye sent Tiantian to the kindergarten.

Since there wasn’t anyone in the mansion, Ye Zichen also started to busy himself.

He was absolutely determined to revive Liu Qing. Although the treasures needed were pretty hard to find, this was unable to become the reason for Ye Zichen to do nothing.

Ye Zichen had no chance to meet Immortal Lady He.

He was also in a cold war with Old Lord Taishang.

The only thing he could do at the moment seemed to be getting the dragon eye.

Speaking of dragon slaying, the Third Price was definitely a professional. He might be able to get a dragon eye of a thousand years of cultivation.

“Third Prince, Third Prince!”

“What is it, Sky Sovereign?”

The Third Prince’s moe display picture flashed.

“Third Prince has slayed plenty of dragons, right!”

“Of course!” When it came to dragon slaying. If Nezha said that he was number two, no one would dare to admit that they were number one. “I have slayed at least eight hundred dragons, if not a thousand. But why is the Sky Sovereign asking about this!?”

“This sovereign wants to ask for a dragon eye of a thousand years of cultivation from the Third Prince.”

“Thousand years of cultivation,” Third Prince Nezha hesitated for a moment, then replied. “I don’t think I’ve slayed a dragon that has a thousand years of cultivation experience.”


Ye Zichen’s heart instantly turned a bit cold after seeing this message.

If even Nezha didn’t have it, then it was definitely impossible to find a dragon eye of a thousand years of cultivation in the Heavenly Court.

“Oh yeah, when I entered the group, I sent a dragon out. That dragon had a thousand years of cultivation.”

At this moment, Third Prince Nezha suddenly replied.

Ye Zichen subconsciously touched the dragon eye in his pocket.

“You said that dragon had a thousand year of cultivation!”

“Yeah,” Third Prince Nezha replied. “If Sky Sovereign needs it, I can help you ask who got the dragon eye.”

“No need, the dragon eye is with me.”

Ye Zichen quickly replied.

“Mhmm, that dragon eye is one with a thousand year of cultivation. Sky Sovereign, is there anything else?”

It seems like Third Prince Nezha still wanted to go back to sleep. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Third Prince, who has Nine Heart Lotus Roots!”

“Nine Heart Lotus Roots,” The Third Prince hesitated for a moment, before replying. “I don’t have any. The Heavenly Court probably doesn’t have any treasure like this, but Auntie Immortal Lady He of the Eight Immortals might have it.”

“Then can the Third Prince help me ask for it!”

“I can’t, I’m not really familiar with the Eight Immortals. It seems like I’m unable to help Sky Sovereign.”

“Okay, I understand. Third Prince, just go back to sleep.”

He had a thousand year dragon eye in his hand, but he could only get a Nine Heart Lotus Root from Immortal Lady He.

However, the none of the Eight Immortals doesn’t seem to be in the Heavenly Court’s WeChat group.

“Boss, someone seems to have come to find you.”

Lil’ White ran into the room as it stuck out its tongue. Thus, Ye Zichen put down his phone and looked out from the window.

A black Bentley was parked outside the courtyard, while Zu Siliang stood in the courtyard.

“Why did this brat come?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. Then he very quickly thought of a certain possibility as he revealed a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, while shaking his head. “Watch the place properly.”

“Understood!” Lil’ White wagged its tail. “No one will be able to enter with me here. What’s more, if it really isn’t okay, I still have a bunch of underlings, right!”

“You’re amazing!”

Ye Zichen rubbed Lil’ White’s head a few times before walking out of the mansion.

“Ye Zichen.”

After the series of events that occurred the previous night, a hint of respect had appeared from the Zu Siliang’s gaze towards Ye Zichen.

This was a feeling that would only exist when he was treated as an opponent.

“Yang Zhen told you to come find me, right? He’s still so arrogant…”

Zu Siliang didn’t think that Ye Zichen could guess it so easily, so he merely nodded with a smile, “Indeed, Uncle Yang told me to come get you. He’s accompanying Yushi in the hospital, so…”

“Don’t find excuses for him, do you believe what you’re saying?” Ye Zichen snorted. “I think you should know better than me what sort of person he is.”

“About this…”

Zu Siliang stopped. He was indeed clear. If there was no surprise…

Yang Zhen should still be talking business in the hospital!

“Alright, stop wasting my time. Bring me over to have a look. I do want to see whether Yang Zhen can get more caring after this event.”

“Then let’s go,” Zu Siliang also laughed softly.

Within the First People’s Hospital’s special ward.

Several tens of bodyguards in black suits stood along the wall in two rows. All of the medical staff couldn’t help but gulp when they walked past there.

There was no helping it, it truly was a bit too terrifying.

Yang Zhen did not care about his daughter within the ward like other fathers, even after knowing that she was hurt.

His phone calls never stopped from the moment he entered the ward. He had been busy making money.

Yang Yushi was already used to this sort of situation. She wore a hospital gown as she read the latest fashion magazine, it was as if Yang Zhen was not in the room.

They were like strangers.

That was something that perfectly described them.

When Yang Zhen finally finished the call, he hung up with a frown, as if the phone call did not go as he wished.


Just when he was about to speak up, the phone in hand rang again.

Yang Zhen looked at his phone, while Yang Yushi put her fashion magazine to the side.

“Can you take the call outside? I want to rest.”

“Are you blaming me?” Yang Zhen ignored the ringing phone in his hand and replied. “Everything I’m doing right now is for you, for your future.”

“I’m not denying it, am I?” Yang Yushi said with self-mockery as she slowly pulled up her blanket. “For me, it’s all for me.”

“Don’t mess around, why don’t you understand me!”

“Dad, you’re saying I’m messing around?” Yang Yushi, who was covered by the blanket, suddenly sat up and said with tearful eyes.

“Do you know I nearly died yesterday? But what did you do after coming here? Making calls, talking business. You have come to visit my ward for more than six hours. Have you even cared about me with a single phrase? In your eyes, is business more important than me?”

“Isn’t this for you? Isn’t the money I earn going to be left for you? The Zu family is a large family, if I don’t work hard to make enough dowry for you, what if you get bullied by in the Zu family?”

“I don’t like Zu Siliang at all!”

“Say that again!?”

Yang Zhen’s face suddenly looked like a thundercloud.

“I said I don’t like Zu Siliang!” Yang Yushi screamed as her tears begun to flow uncontrollably. “I don’t like everything you organized for me. I don’t want the so-called happiness you left for me, I don’t want it at all! Alright, your client is looking for you. Please go out, I have to rest!”


Yang Zhen raised his hand to hit her, while Yang Yushi sat there without dodging and stared straight at him.


At the very moment when Yang Zhen’s hand was going to fall down, a powerful hand grabbed his wrist.

“Enough, Yang Zhen, let’s go out to talk.”

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